Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1021

Five head officials have been promoted to Level 1…

This statement is undoubtedly drawing cakes. First of all, 20,000 people will fight the entire Shuangjian grassland army here. It’s hard to say whether you can win or not. Even if you really survive the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range change, with the help of the northern army, out of the 20,000 people, how many of them can survive, and how many of these people can survive? How about a smooth cut of five or more heads?

He will certainly do what he says, but he knows in his heart that this is nothing more than a method of stimulating morale, and that’s all will not collapse in a battle.

On the battlefield, life and death are split in an instant. Where is that many opportunity to cut off people’s heads and bring them with you?

But this kind of thinking is too powerful. If it is extended to a larger scale, it will be the military meritorious system used by the previous Da Qin to sweep the six nations!

In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Wei Country was the first to reform. The so-called’food for work and reward for merit’ completely changed Zhou’s Imperial Family’s method of selecting people from the’pros and ancestors’ to obtain official positions or military ranks. Wu Qi, who was killed by the nobles of Chu State, made a reform in Chu State, to “make the third generation of the emperor’s sons and grandchildren receive the nobility, reduce the rank of the officials, and then use the reduced nobility to be selected for training.” Law is strong in Chu State, both of these countries are well-deserved powers in the Warring States period.

Then there is the “Military Merit Nobility System” proposed by Shang Yang after the Qin Reform. In Shang Yang’s Reform, anyone who has military merits, regardless of background, class or class, can enjoy Jue Lu, instantly created an old Qin who is a soldier, militant and daring to fight, and then put forward the later “theory of the clan is not military merits, not for membership” and cancelled the privilege of the clan and nobles to obtain high positions through bloodline. This Only then did the great Qin Meng clan, Wang Family and other famous clan emerge, and even the winning clan has many generals who can conquer the battle!

Unfortunately, even if Lin Yuan knew about it, he would not adopt the military meritorious system as the upper standard of the northern military system.

Because the military merit system not only caused Da Qin to sweep the six countries, but also almost destroyed Da Qin!

For example, Li Xin, the famous Daqin general at the end of the Warring States Period. If you carefully study this person’s record, you can see that Li Xin Peak was a famous general with Mention on equal terms in Qin Country. A typical example of successful achievements and careers under the military meritorious system, the war history is extremely dazzling, and he has participated in a series of battles such as the defeat of Zhao, the destruction of Yan, the destruction of Chu, and the destruction of Qi.

But such a person seems to have been forgotten by the historian. Only in the historical materials about Wang Jian can I see Li Xin’s silhouette, but it is not difficult to see that Li Xin is highly valued and trusted by Ying Zheng The general, and the talented and roughly eternal emperor also gave Li Xin enough authority and a stage to exert his talents.

But Li Xin is very risky in using soldiers, and he is also extremely greedy under the military meritorious system. The reason why he is not recorded in the history books is because he is one of the few real people in Yingzheng’s life. stain.

It is recorded in historical books that when Qin Country attacked Chu State, Ying Zheng asked Wang Jian how many soldiers and horses he needed. Wang Jian said 600,000, and Li Xin said that 200,000 was enough, so Ying Zheng was overjoyed. , Said: “The Royal General Army, what a coward! General Li is brave and courageous, so it is.”

This is the bridge segment recorded in the historical records…

And then in the Chu State war, Li Xin vividly gave Ying Zheng a class called “Your uncle or your uncle”, and the tuition was quite expensive, Ying Zheng allocated Li Xin to attack Chu’s second One hundred thousand Qin army was destroyed by Xiang Yan and almost the entire army was destroyed. After that, Li Xin never appeared on the stage of history again. Of course, there are also some historical documents that Li Xin did not die in this battle. It’s just that in all the later battles, Li Xin basically played the auxiliary position, doing work for Wang Jian. In history, Li Xin was also erased, and even the cause of death was not explained.

The irony is that when the 200,000 Qin army was annihilated and the great Qin Country was difficult to take the lead, the historical records once again recorded that Yingzheng invited Wang Jian out, and said in an extremely angry tone: Li Xinguo insults the Qin army without being a general.”

Li Xin was defeated by his own frivolousness, and he was defeated by his own gullibility. However, there is no doubt that Li Xin’s defeat was due to the military meritorious system. Under such a system, a general like Li Xin will be born. If you win, you will win, and if you lose, you will also lose. There is no middle probability.

Although Lin Yuan is invincible, it is only for himself. In the future, the northern border will become bigger and bigger. A god Martial Dynasty or Heavenly Martial Continent is definitely not the end of the conquest. In the not-too-distant future, he will even conquer All Heavens and Myriad Realms like the Great Desolate World, continue to absorb nutrients for himself to grow, and eventually lead his army into Great Desolate, and join forces with other system hosts to fight against Hongjun and his minions!

The Northern Territory is defeated, and Lin Yuan is here, and the Northern Territory can continue to exist.

But in the future war of All Heavens and Myriad Realms, if Tianwu world is defeated, can Lin Yuan still protect the entire world?

This kind of failure to destroy the whole army at every turn is not something he can bear.

Seeing all around, the soldiers all looked excited, as if they wished to rush out of the Great Wall to kill a few Shuangjian barbarians immediately, and the bald head was faintly sighed again, secretly thought this time I was afraid that it was too hard. Up.

After thinking for a moment, he expressed congeals and added again: “However, brothers, there will be opportunities for promotion and wealth in the future. The most important thing is to survive, and although my attitude is here, I have to give you a step down. So, in addition to the reward, I have to set another rule for you. From now on, five people will fight together as a team. If one of them dies, the remaining four will all be convicted and must be killed. The enemy army can atone for the crime. If one person dies, one more enemy army will be killed, and if two people die, two more enemy troops will be killed. The heads you cut off will be subtracted from the number of your comrades who died in battle. The rewards I have set for you, do you understand?”

With the blood and bravery, you can’t win a battle. Even if you win, it’s just a terrible victory. Can’t be considered a victory.

However, the reward is the first and the rules are the second. These little bastards are not going to reap the heads of Shuangjian Barbarians with all their lives. On the contrary, they will truly cooperate in battle. A 10% battle will not only improve the chances of winning, but also It can reduce battle damage, and the probability of dragging to Breaking Horizon Mountain Range will be greater.

The soldiers all around were silent for a moment, and once again agreed.

The rules stand here, not only to give them a step up, but also to protect themselves, so that some guys who are getting promoted and fortune will get out of the battlefield, but also drag them down, and only reward them. No change, they have enough motivation, naturally there is no probability of declining enthusiasm, but a little more cautious that’s all.

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