Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1023

Shun Ning City is now the capital of the north, and it is also a pass between the north and the north. In other words, the border city of the god Martial Dynasty is a pass. These years Lei Qiusheng and Breaking Horizon Mountain Range’s demonic beasts are rushing for the site. They are all built with one level after another. Although from the military aspect, the existence of these barriers guarantees the safety of the northern cities, but from the economic level In other words, most of the reason for the poverty of the North is also attributed to these passes.

This can be seen from the profit Lin Yuan has gained since he took control of the Northern Territory, even if he was jealous of the Tianmen Formation.

The wealthy people who fought all the year round were not very wealthy. It was because of the scarcity of manpower that’s all, and every battle must be conquered, except for some so-called difficult terrain. Places rich in materials, the so-called “backing on mountains to eat mountains, relying on water for draughts”, and the northern border built next to the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, if it weren’t for the demonic beast harassment, might be richer than the southern coastal cities.

As the largest source of demonic beast materials and mountain forests, the Northern Territory should have attracted countless business teams. However, looking at the Northern Territory before, there is no decent Chamber. The of Commerce organization is willing to stand here, but the demon vanquisher guild that fights with the demonic beast is prosperous, and can even establish a yamen mention on equal terms in the northern border with the god Martial Dynasty!

Lanshan City, as the first pass for the Martial Dynasty to resist the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, is also the only way for the northern army to travel. It was originally a demonic transaction established near the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. That’s all, the shop of beast materials and spiritual things, was later stupefied by the large amount of resources accumulated through trading and piled up into the front line of the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range.

But on the other hand, whether you are departing from the northern border or coming to the northern border from other places, you have to pass through one after another pass, and then pay the entrance tax, accommodation fees, and travel expenses. After the transaction, you must continue to pay taxes based on your personal income. The Martial Dynasty tax rate is not the more conscientious tax rate of Lin Yuan’s previous life. For businessmen, paying once is equivalent to taking a knife to cut meat on the body, let alone you No matter what route is taken, at least three taxes must be paid?

So Lin Yuan removed those barriers without the slightest hesitation after he took over the northern border. After all, he didn’t have to worry about the demonic beast and he could not get through, and then established the Chamber of Commerce in the northern border, and most of these transactions They are all included in their own hands. One is that monopolizing the market can get a lot of dividends, and the other is that after the market is saturated, you can adjust the price at any time without worrying about being hit hard by disrupting the market. This is the experience of the past life, far from similar. Businessmen in the feudal era can think of Lei Qiusheng, but he prefers to collect taxes directly than doing business. Anyway, in his eyes, the North is a place of exile. The relationship between richness and poverty has nothing to do with him. Not big.

While passing through the ruins of Lanshan City, Lin Yuan also glanced at the area called the’forest of the starving ghosts’. A large number of black liquid troops were stationed in the vicinity, some dressed in the northern border. The youths in uniforms in the academy walked and stopped under the leadership of their respective teaching, burying a few artifacts or depicting formation marks from time to time.

This is also specifically requested by Lin Yuan.

After all, in the forest of starving ghosts, there is also Asura as Jiu Jianxuan. Now he already knows what these so-called’Undead’ exist. For Jiu Jianxuan, he evolves after death. Asura was still turned into Asura by the alien monster using immortal medicine, and had already made a decision.

The so-called immortal medicine is just the Netherworld Blood Sea that’s all similar to the Netherworld Black liquid has several points of, Netherworld River Old Ancestor, and the Asura clan are all nurtured from it.

Lin Yuan has never seen the real Netherworld Blood Sea, and although Myths and Legends can be used for reference, what he has seen and heard during this period is still somewhat different from what really happened in Great Desolate World. After all, in the “Orthodox” Great Desolate history invented by Hongjun, he would not explicitly tell the people of later generations that the so-called “Enjoying the Gods” was originally a farce, and its purpose was only to suppress the Human Race and that’s all, the same. I won’t specify why the Huangdi was so cruel, and why the Taoist Hongyun was so easy to deceive…

Before seeing it with his own eyes, Lin Yuan would not make any firm judgments.

But in a sense, the Netherworld Blood Sea is indeed a substance similar to the black liquid of the Netherworld.

Those Netherworld River creatures created by Undead and the black liquid of the Netherworld seem to be the same, except that Lin Yuan’s Netherworld River creatures are by his side. Except for the darkness, the cultivation base and spiritual wisdom are both. It is the same as before, but unless there is a large amount of immortal medicine with the unknown active substance stored in Undead, it is like the zombie in the previous life movie. In addition to being indestructible, this kind of brainless monster really does not exist. What to be afraid of.

Of course, Lin Yuan would not think that his dark liquid is more powerful than Netherworld Blood Sea.

After all, in addition to heavenly demon, Netherworld River Old Ancestor can also use Netherworld Blood Sea to create a powerful species such as the Asura clan. The same thing can’t be done by Lin Yuan today. .

Well, the Asuras are not necessarily the dependents of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor. After all, the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva sits in the Netherworld Blood Sea. The purpose is to convert the Asuras into Western religion. If they are dependents, the Western religion Even if it possesses great magical power, it can’t do this. Just like the gray-scale flood dragons under Lin Yuan, even if they are just the pan-believers of Lin Yuan, it’s impossible to easily betray Lin Yuan and switch to other beliefs. Heavenly demon, which has never been recorded, will self-destruct once betrayed, and it is more like a created family.

After all, spending a lot of incense power, it is indeed possible to set similar settings for the dependents.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor, the old monster that has lived for so many years, is not surprising that it has that many incense power.

The probability of Jiu Jianxuan is now 80% born as Asura. Although Jiu Jianxuan has been incognito in the northern realm in his later years, this’Sword King’ can indeed be used when the Dynasty of Ten Thousand Swords was still there. It can be called a lifetime of fighting, if it were not for Jiujianxuan to point the attribute points on the individual military force instead of the way of the army, I am afraid the Three Great Emperors Qingjiang, Wanjian, and Shuangjian are more than the four wars. God is gone.

The conversion of such a person to Asura after death is indeed in line with the Asura Path rules.

As for this World, there is no Asura Path?

But the world will of the is Heavenly Martial world has always been trying to complement itself. Celestial Emperor and Pluto both have choices, and the king of humans is estimated to be about the same. When the three realms are established, it is time to set up something similar to Celestial. Court and Jifu have existed. Is it unusual to arrange Six Paths of Samsara in advance?

So Jiu Jianxuan is a born Asura, Lin Yuan must be earned!

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