Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1024

Although Lin Yuan does not want to be the god of the world of Tianwu, and has since been tied to Heaven and Earth, after having the Sutra of All Living Beings, if he can cultivate the Sutra of All Living Beings, Lin Yuan will It is an existence comparable to the’rules’, let alone the will of the world. Even if the will of the world is derived out of the three ways of Heaven, Earth and Human, don’t think about controlling Lin Yuan’s will. When the price is sufficient, Lin Yuan is in Tianwu world is enough to follow the rules, or to be more appropriate-modify and formulate some rules!

Cultivation has always been like this.

Converting one’s own demon power and astral qi into various’special effects’ is actually to mobilize the power of’rules’, so Great Cultivator can basically speak out the law, that is, slap your hands and shout. What kind of operation, after True God, Lin Yuan will go a step further on this basis, forcibly restraining the transfer of the power of the’rules’, rather than silence, it is more like directly abolishing your one-shot spell, and then With Strength of Fleshly Body alone, Great Cultivator is destined to be inferior to True God, let alone True God can continue to use spell?

There are ants under True God.

The Sutra of All Living Beings is even higher than True God. It is no longer a mere mobilization and control of the power of’rules’. There is still time for True God to control the Great Cultivator and mobilize the power of’rules’ Restriction, but the Sutra of All Living Beings is modified directly. It probably means that when you are an enemy of me, I say that you are a useless person, then you will really become a useless person, unless you also have the ability to modify the’rules’ power.

As stated in the Great Desolate World, the Sutra of All Living Beings is a straightforward way to sanctify!

This is not the saint of Heavenly Dao Saint, but the real Hun Yuan Da Luo!

Earth Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, and True God in the Great Desolate World are already endless life essences, but every time you pass a council, you have to experience three plagues, nine disasters, and five decays, that is, every time Transcending Tribulation is required once in 1.39 billion 9.8 million years. If the Transcending Tribulation can be successful, the new member will be able to continue to live long and happy. If it can’t be passed, the so-called immortal can’t even think of a corpse. Stay!

In previous life novels, those who can leave corpses after death are the power of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, which is indeed not unreasonable.

In other words, in the Great Desolate World, it is not strong enough. It is a luxury to keep the whole body.

Heavenly Dao Saint entrusts the Primordial Spirit in Heavenly Dao. The so-called Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable means that there is no need for Transcending Tribulation at all. Even if you don’t carry it when you walk through the scene, you can still get from the source of Heavenly Dao Reshaping a few times, although every time the reshaping will lose the cultivation base, the Heavenly Dao Strength blessing is not something the restless generations of Great Desolate World can contend.

And Hunyuan Dao Luo, the so-called real Saint, is one certificate forever, and one gets forever. Heavenly Dao Saint left Great Desolate World and survived the cultivation base of Peak Quasi-Saint. , But Hunyuan Daluo is Hunyuan Daluo no matter what world he goes to. Because of this step, Hunyuan Daluo has become a kind of’rule’ rather than saying that he is Saint. Just like Pan Gu, which represents power, Yang Mei, who represents space, and the hour of time.

Cultivating Hunyuan Daluo can surpass everything, change the timeline at hand, reverse cause and effect, and tamper with the past and the future. Those who fought across the long river of time in the novels of previous lives are already regarded as great powers. However, this kind of operation is just one of the basic operations that’s all for Hunyuan Daluo.

However, in the Great Desolate World, few have proven the existence of Hunyuan Daluo. According to the information sharing of the system, Yang Mei is dissatisfied with Hongjun’s imprisonment of Great Desolate sentient beings, trying to reverse the long river of time. Then Yang Mei and Hongjun fought a battle in the long river of time, but in the end no one took advantage. Hongjun was taken away from countless magic weapons. Yang Mei was also badly injured and had to escape from the Great Desolate World.

The battle between Hunyuan Daluo and Hunyuan Daluo has always been so unpretentious, and it takes a long time to fight.

Because Hunyuan Daluo does not have the so-called past and future, no matter what timeline you go to, as long as it is for Hunyuan Daluo, then you are facing the Hunyuan Daluo you have seen. Luo.

Hongjun once said: “The small situation can be changed, the general situation is irreversible!”

This sentence is to warn the Great Desolate sentient beings. Plot against under the eyelids. If you have a certain strength, Hongjun will not mind turning a blind eye and give them better treatment, but if you try to subvert the cause and effect, change the past and affect the present Hongjun, then sorry, dead end !

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan turned his gaze, a wry smile appeared on his face, secretly thought: “No wonder the system says I am good luck. The Sutra of All Living Beings is indeed different from other ways that point to True God. The Heaven Grade cultivation technique, this TND is simply a way of sanctification. If it weren’t for Heaven’s Jealousy, those who have cultivated the sutra of all living beings are destined to prove the existence of Hunyuan!”

But the road has to be step by step, and the meal has to be eaten one bite at a time.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath, turned his head and looked towards Li Zhongsheng next to him, said solemnly: “This king still has something to solve. You continue to lead the army forward. If you encounter Breaking Horizon Mountain Range demonic beast , Then directly clarify the king’s intention, and then the whole army will go directly to the Monster Beast King’s court and wait for the king to come.”


Li Zhongsheng’s two-handed cup one fist in the other hand, the deep voice answered.

Actually, entering the section of the road of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is not dangerous. After all, leaving the boundary of Lanshan City is the demonic beast forest. The demonic beasts and demonic beasts living in Spirit Realm live here. Even the demonic beast is not a wild beast, let alone the northern army today, even if he is alone, he can easily slaughter the creatures in this demonic beast forest.

After entering the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range through this demonic beast forest, Stoneclaw Jungle and Chiyan Swamp are not far away. Those two areas are the existence of the King of the North. According to the information provided by the previous caravan members, Lin Yuan’s territory in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is well. After all, even if he wants to seize the position of the’beast owner’, he will at most block Lin Yuan from entering the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. That’s all. As for Lin Yuan’s breaking point in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, it is impossible. It is tantamount to sending the face to Lin Yuan for a fight.

It’s right to fight for the’beast owner’ to fight for the beast owner, but if you move people’s turf, that is irreconcilable blood feud, just like Lin Yuan before when he did it on the Chiyan Swamp. The Red Flame Crocodile King is dead, it is also normal in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Unless the opponent has a deep background behind it, the war involving the territory will only be over when one party is completely beheaded and killed.

Leaving the northern army, Lin Yuan directly twisted the flood dragon body and moved towards the forest of starving ghosts.

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