Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1025

I originally didn’t want to be a god of darkness, because I would be bound by the will of the world, unable to go to the Great Desolate World, let alone return to the previous world.

But with the method of sanctification, everything is different.

Isn’t he scented in an authentic fit and dominating reincarnation?

From another aspect, Lin Yuan is also satisfied with the Pluto system. If he can find the world of the previous life, Lin Yuan can merge the two worlds. Anyway, the world of the previous life does not know what it is. What the system does is the exhaustion of the true Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi. Since Lin Yuan can remember, he has been in the period of the end of Heaven and Earth, let alone True God, even mortals with a cultivation base can’t see it. To a few.

Combining the two worlds, Lin Yuan can directly dominate the underworld. There is nothing to be at the worst if you commit a taboo. Even if you can’t bring your loved ones back to life, you can arrange a better family for the afterlife.

Of course, the prerequisite is that Lin Yuan can fit in the real way and completely control the netherworld.

Ping Xin Empress is a lesson from the past, and Lin Yuan is the teacher behind Lin Yuan.

The will of the world is certainly not as big as Hongjun’s ambitions, but on the side, Heaven, Earth and Human are the three ways of world will derivation, even if Lin Yuan fits the real way not to use Tianwu like Hongjun Beings in the world are regarded as slaves and prisoners, and will be disliked by the will of the world, just in case it is always right to hold all the nine authentic Saints in their hands.

“Change the formation, turn from the sleepy formation to Killing Formation. When the king comes out, he will directly activate the formation and clean up all the starving ghosts in this place.”

Lin Yuan flies by. Then, the voice was loud, and it was instantly transmitted to the ears of the nearby college dísciple and black liquid army.

At the same time.

A red glow dashed from the forest of hungry ghosts. When the blood light was still, hundreds of hungry ghosts fell down, and the injuries on these corpses did not begin to heal. The blood flames squirmed continuously on the wounds cut by the sharp weapon. As the blood flames became vigorous, the bodies of the starving ghosts began to dry up gradually.

Afterwards, the blood light manifested a silhouette of a young man in his twenties, with a clear eyebrow and a vaguely visible look of Jiu Jianxuan when he was young. He wore this set of scarlet armor with a convex chest. The round sphere raised up, the round sphere slowly opened, and it turned out to be a huge, bloodshot eye with Bairen and black pupils!

As the huge eyes opened, the blood flames on the starving ghosts became more and more vigorous. After a while, all the starving ghosts turned into flying ash, and one after another gloomy gray air appeared, like a rushing stream. Like the sea, all of them were submerged in that huge eye, and the aura on the body of Jiu Jianxuan at this time was obviously stronger!

Asura tribe is a very strange action, male Asura is extremely ugly, it can be said that various deformities, the common image is Nezha kind of natural Asura Three Heads Six Arms, or four eyes and four arms, more There are also nine heads, one thousand eyes, eight feet, nine hundred and ninety hands, like Jiu Jianxuan, who retains the appearance of his front, his torso turned into armor, and a pair of giant eyes grow out of his chest, which is actually the whole The Asura clan is a rarely seen handsome man, although this look still makes people feel weird and evil.

“Slaying the heavens, the ground, and the sentient beings, to kill the way of one’s own self, really is not blowing.”

Lin Yuan’s voice suddenly sounded.

The huge eyes on Jiu Jianxuan’s chest turned slightly, his body turned, facing Lin Yuan who suddenly appeared behind him, his right arm shook, and it turned into a sharp sword. Its texture is similar to bone and non-bone, but there are a lot of black red demonic energy and blood energy wrapped around it. This alone is enough to make Lin Yuan raise the spirit to deal with it.

Asura demonic energy Entering the body is not a joke.

Corroded by Asura demonic energy, physical fitness will be greatly improved, and various cultivation technique cultivation are also god-assisted. It sounds good, that is, the more severe the erosion of Asura demonic energy, the more the eroded Gradually become distorted and deformed, transforming from the original species into the Asura clan, even more terrible than the normal Asura clan. There is no reason at all, and only endless killing thoughts and eternal wills remain in my mind. not stop the desire to fight!

More importantly, Asura demonic energy enters the body, there is simply no way to heal it!

According to Shimen, if you want to treat Asura demonic energy into the body, you need to put down the butcher knife and eat the Buddha. In other words, you must cultivate your body to suppress the desire to kill and fight in your heart, and it is still a temporary treatment. It does not cure the root cause. The so-called putting down the butcher knife to become a Buddha is a deceit. Compared with a butcher who slaughtered countless lives and put down a butcher knife to become a Buddha, it is better to say that a butcher knife controlled by a man can become a Buddha. What is the cause and effect of karma? Can it be offset by knowing how to get lost?

Even if self-cultivation suppresses the Asura demonic energy for a while, the erosion will become more and more serious with the passage of time, and it is absolutely impossible to kill the Asura demonic in this life, otherwise the originally suppressed Asura demonic Once energy erupts, it is out of control!

Lin Yuan doesn’t want to test whether his flood dragon scales can hold the sword of Jiu Jianxuan, let alone try, whether he can suppress the Asura demonic that turns people into demons.能源 .

Because there is a very typical example in history.

Lanling King Gao Changgong, one of the four beautiful men, although he is a famous general in history, he was ridiculed by the enemy because of his handsome appearance when he joined the army in his early years. Even his soldiers were dissatisfied with him. He created a mask for himself that looked like an evil ghost. After wearing the mask, he became the king of Lanling who made the enemy terror-stricken at the news. But as time went on, even if he took off the mask, he It is no longer possible to meet the old gentleman and knowledgeable Pian Pian Young Master. He has completely turned into a ruthless battlefield slaughter. This is also a lesson for the transformation of a person into an Asura. Even a world of outstanding people cannot avoid it.

Compared with Lin Yuan’s scruples, Jiu Jianxuan is obviously much more crisp.

Since the birth of his consciousness, he has been wandering in the forest of starving ghosts, and according to his obsessional actions during his lifetime, he has been continuously beheading the hungry ghosts lurking in this jungle.

Asura does not have the concept of cultivation. The way to become stronger can only rely on killing, just like Lin Yuan kills other creatures and extracts attribute points through the system, except that Asura becomes stronger through killing The efficiency is very low, and the side effects are huge that’s all.

Now when he kills the hungry ghosts, it is already difficult to bring himself up. In other words, the hungry ghosts who are becoming more and more difficult to support under him can no longer satisfy him because As a side effect, he has accumulated more and more desire to fight. If it weren’t for the obsession of his life to be strong enough, he would have left the forest of starved ghosts long ago to hunt down the cultivator in the north!

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