Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1027

Thousands of arms swung and swayed at will, and a bone weapon began to appear gradually. Lin Yuan could even see the pieces of flesh and blood attached to those weapons. But what is more noticeable is the Asura demonic energy surging near the weapon wind blade. At this moment, Jiu Jianxuan looks extremely evil and weird!

“It’s more powerful than I thought, it seems really tricky.”

Lin Yuan’s blue and white vertical pupils turned slightly, a little helpless said with a bitter smile.

Lin Yuan was still hesitating when he launched Zhenhai’s End before. Even though Jiu Jian Xuan became a lot younger after becoming Asura, it’s just a Heavenly Dipper Realm that’s all, but Asura. Path Master is destined to enjoy the fruit status of an authentic Saint. In case he misses his hand and kills Jiu Jianxuan directly, where does he go to find the second Asura, and where does he go to create a stage for it to quickly improve its abilities?

However, since the skills are activated, there is naturally no room left, so Lin Yuan is betting that the first born Asura in the world of wine sword Xuan has strong enough strength, after all, If you stand up, even if your own realm is crushed, it is easy to fall in the sewer and be controlled by the other party.

But didn’t expect Jiu Jianxuan, who turned his head and gave him a huge surprise, or rather, a huge shock!

Lin Yuan has not seen the weak of the Great Desolate creatures so far. Even the dry scorpion, the scorpionfish, and the fox monster are actually some of the famous and ruthless characters in the Great Desolate World. And in such a cruel world, he left his name, how to think that will not be the easy generation.

However, the tone of Great Desolate World is there, which is far from comparable to Smaller Thousand Worlds like Tianwu World.

Not to mention the manifestation of the “rules” like the Three Thousand Ancient Devil Gods, it is the general Innate Lifeform. At birth, there was a cultivation base no less than True God, even if it was the Great Desolate at the time. Human Race, the weakest in the clan, can have a Heavenly Immortal cultivation base with a little serious cultivation.

And the cultivation base like Heavenly Dipper Realm is placed in Great Desolate World, and most of them are ants that’s all that were crushed to death by people casually.

But what about Jiu Jianxuan?

This product not only withstood Desolate Demon Realm’s 8th-level Lin Yuan full power attack, but even more terrifying is that he only got serious under the pain, and directly revealed Asura Race’s body and height. Hundred zhang, a thousand hands and a thousand eyes, this is not what the ferocious-looking, very different-looking Asura can compare.

This is…Asura King!

The huge eyes on Jiu Jianxuan’s chest turned, and thousands of arms held the bone weapon and moved towards Lin Yuan and smashed it down.

Asura demonic energy seems to have completely replaced the original astral qi, whizzing around the bone weapons, and the terrifying sonic boom continues to sound.

At this moment, Lin Yuan even felt that the entire world was shaking, and the surrounding air was constantly compressed. Even Lin Yuan felt like he was trapped in a swamp and was unable to move.

“Can’t escape!”

Lin Yuan quickly made a judgment.

Although he can still move, but with this speed slowed by countless times, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get out of the attack range of these thousands of bone weapons.

Can only be hard-wired!

Lin Yuan’s gaze turned slightly, and the endless black liquid pouring from the gaps in his scale armor, when he landed, he did not become a ferocious Netherworld River creature, but maintained As the liquid gradually solidified, it turned into a weapon made of black ice. At first glance, it didn’t seem to be much smaller than those bone weapons.

Although he can’t mobilize the Weishui water for his own use through a long distance like the fish, but as the deity in charge of the Netherworld River, Lin Yuan can always turn his demon power and incense power into the dark world black liquid, can also exert the power of the king of water and the invisible ice.

As for the Netherworld River biological block knife?

That kind of behavior seems to be no different from the supporting role of Jiang Zhi in the novel.

Asura who relies on killing to become stronger, no matter what it is, as long as it can be killed, it can be turned into its own nourishment. Those starving ghosts transformed by the Netherworld Blood Sea are still in the hands of Jiu Jianxuan. The fragile is no different from ordinary creatures, and there is no chance of rebirth. If you change to Lin Yuan’s Netherworld River creature, there will be no change.

Facing Asura alone is actually the right tactic.

While playing and giving others experience, how much cerebral palsy can do this kind of thing?

pēng pēng pēng pēng bang!

As the bone weapons collided with the black ice weapons, as if metal intersect sound sounded one after another, the terrible air waves caused by the dead gas collision between Asura demonic energy and the Netherworld River also moved towards all directions. , The vegetation all around was withered and wilted in an instant, even if you were replaced by a Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivator here, you might have to be taken away from a lot of vitality in an instant and become a dangling old man!


As the two fight more and more times, the all around space barrier is no longer overwhelmed and bursts suddenly.

The leakage of a large number of Netherworld River death breath and Asura demonic energy immediately attracted the attention of the big players in Sea of ​​Bitterness.

A man with all white beard and hair, wearing a Tsing Yi suit, looks like some kind-hearted old man, slightly startled, and with a wave of his hand, Sea of ​​Bitterness also has ripples caused by space fluctuations. Ten thousand heavenly demons shattered directly, and then they were lightly exclaimed, turning their heads to look at the extremely weak world that even his avatar could not carry.

“Born Asura? Interesting, interesting!”

Yang Mei Old Ancestor stroked his beard with one hand, his gaze turned slightly, said with a smile: “I’m still this kid just not Knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, didn’t expect, this child is really ambitious. In that case, let Old Ancestor help you out!”

The words fall, Yang Mei Old Ancestor right hand Flicks with the finger, a strand of hair drifting down leisurely, suddenly turned into a sharp azure glow and swept into the space fissure of Tianwu world.

There is a saying, Yangmei Old Ancestor is a very casual existence, not everything is worth his attention, even if you offend Yangmei Old Ancestor for some chance, as long as it is by itself, he You can also haha ​​a smile and just say that it is your predestined method, and don’t care too much.

So far, there are not many existences that make Yang Mei Old Ancestor really angry. The first one is Hongjun who fits Heavenly Dao.

But I really want to speak of which, Yang Mei’s Old Ancestor is stronger than Hongjun’s original cultivation base and city government, even Hongjun fits Heavenly Dao and Yang Mei’s Old Ancestor in the long river of time In the First World War, both sides suffer that’s all. If Yangmei Old Ancestor is the same ambitious as Hongjun, then the matter that fits Heavenly Dao and dominates the Great Desolate, in fact, it is simply not Hongjun’s turn.

So Lin Yuan didn’t give him face, he was only slightly angry, far from the point where he had to kill Lin Yuan.

Now that he saw interesting things, he naturally wouldn’t turn a blind eye.

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