Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1028

The other side.

Lin Yuan, who was fighting with the Asura King method, suddenly moved his eyes, because at this time he had seen that a sharp azure glow suddenly appeared in the cracked space. With his dynamic vision, Naturally, you can clearly see what that azure glow is.

A piece of verdant willow branches!

Yang Mei Old Ancestor is out!

I fuck!

Lin Yuan’s heart sank suddenly.

He has not seen Yang Mei Old Ancestor with his own eyes. Naturally, he doesn’t know what kind of temperament Yang Mei Old Ancestor is. In other words, even as the host of the system, Lin Yuan does not think that other hosts must have a harmonious and friendly style of painting.

Great Desolate World is Great Thousand Worlds. Over the years, Hongjun has conquered All Heavens and Myriad Realms. I don’t know how many worlds have been annexed. Celestial Court alone has 33 layers to start. Back, even if there are countless Great Desolate creatures, there are only a handful of people who can become powerhouses, and there are only a handful of people who can achieve great success.

system very difficult to deal with is true.

But in the final analysis, it is only the origin of Great Desolate Heavenly Dao, or the incomplete one.

What can be achieved by relying on the power of system?

Unless it’s the same as Lin Yuan’s good luck to the heavens, does not grow up step by step according to the system’s arrangements, and obtains the method of sanctification that can directly point to the path of Hunyuan Daluo, otherwise According to the arrangement of the system, reaching the extreme is the honorable position of Heavenly Dao Saint that’s all.

And the number of days is extremely high. The fruit positions of the nine Heavenly Dao Saints are right there. How aggressively do you have to kill Hongjun and oust the other eight Heavenly Dao Saints?

Even if you can really do this step, sorry, there are still more than 7,000 system hosts so far, more than 7,000 people are competing for the nine Heavenly Dao Saint’s status, who is it? Can you guarantee that you will succeed?

There are some things that you can’t think far, just think about it and you can feel that the future is a foul wind and bloody rain!

Similarly, they are basically against the existence of Hongjun. Great Desolate like Heavenspan Cult Lord and Yangmei Old Ancestor have the same purpose as the system, but each has its own interests. When people can kill each other, how much kindness can you expect from the original Great Desolate bosses to treat you?

In addition, the two demon foxes before angered Lin Yuan due to the changeable appearance of the bones. Even if they could suppress Heart Demon, they didn’t leave any hands in the anger, so Lin Yuan didn’t even think about it. I must have offended Yang Mei Old Ancestor.

Fighting with Jiu Jianxuan, I forgot about it!

People Yangmei Old Ancestor hasn’t left yet!

The cut of willow branch swayed slightly in midair, suddenly the azure glow masterpiece, this time even Lin Yuan could not see exactly how that cut of willow branch had become. After a while, the whole piece The forest of starving ghosts was shrouded in azure light, and the terror suppressing power brought by the Asura King’s magical aspect disappeared instantly.

Is this…helping me?

Lin Yuan slightly startled, turned his head and glanced at the azure light not far behind him.

There is a vague feeling.

That piece of azure light is like the rain curtain he created with the power of incense before, as long as he doesn’t want to, no one can get in or out.

Unless the other party is willing to spend the power of incense to open a temporary portal.

In other words, this forest of starving ghosts has been completely isolated by this willow branch into an independent little world. At this moment, it is like a bloody arena, unless Yang Mei Old Ancestor has accepted the divine ability, otherwise no one would want to leave this space!

This…is Hun Yuan Da Luo! ?

It is indeed the power to prove a certain’rule’!

Even if you leave the Great Desolate World, you can change a world into what you want with your hands and feet. The so-called world will is not enough in front of their kind of power!

Although I don’t know why Yang Mei Old Ancestor would help him at this time, Lin Yuan’s thoughts turned slightly, and his eyes flashed with joy.

The Asura clan is indeed easy to kill, but don’t think that the Asura clan are all fools. After the Great Desolate World has developed for countless years, the Asura clan created by the Netherworld River Old Ancestor is no longer the original composition. There are countless generals and heroes fighting in the dunya, and many of them are introduced to the Asura Path after death, and these people who have left a lot of color in history, are they likely to be fools?

As an example, Wuanjun of Daqin was born in the Qing Dynasty, who killed and killed all his life, and was called the god of death by the later world honours. Wuanjun of Zhao State, Li Mu, is often referred to as the “turtle general”. But if you don’t move, the Donghu alien race that almost beats it is almost annihilated!

Asura’s desire to fight is indeed strong.

But fighting wisdom is not fake.

Don’t think that confronting Asura is an irreconcilable battle. When Asura thinks that he is not your opponent now, he will still act like running away, unless it is in Asura Path. With Undying Body, it is naturally irreconcilable.

Yang Mei’s Old Ancestor shot to isolate this space. First, he gave Lin Yuan a chance to gossip. After all, so far, Lin Yuan has appeared by his side more than once more than the natives of Tianwu world understand. Power exists, and this time Yangmei Old Ancestor shot directly to isolate Heaven and Earth. Naturally, those outside powerhouses can’t spy on everything that is happening here. Sometimes, once people’s brains are repaired, it’s easy to attack themselves, and secondly, they are isolated. In this world, even if Jiu Jianxuan hadn’t been serious before, and now he broke out with a more terrifying speed, don’t want to leave this battlefield. Lin Yuan simply doesn’t need to worry that Jiu Jianxuan will run away.

“Heaven and Earth are isolated at this moment, and you can only fight with me here. However, the difference in strength between you and me is huge, such as the ratio of fireflies and bright moons, you are born Asura. , It should be the master of Asura Path under the command of this king. If you acknowledge allegiance to this king, this king can give you a way to become holy!”

Lin Yuan took a deep breath, and did not rush to move, but his eyes burned. Staring at Jiu Jianxuan.

Although he has some plans, it is still uncertain whether he can truly fit in and out. If something cannot be done, he will not take the risk, otherwise it will be bad if he eats chicken and eats rice like the earth. After all, the lessons of the previous car are the teachers of the next car. Houtu was designed by Hongjun and turned into reincarnation not only to pit himself, but also to the entire witch family.

Great Desolate World, Witch and Demon Races battle, although Monster Race was severely damaged, and even the ancient Demon Court was destroyed, Eastern Emperor Taiyi and Emperor Jun both suffered, and even Zhoutian Stars Great Array was destroyed. At the end of the battle, the Tianzhu collapsed. Even the Great Desolate World was shattered, but if you look carefully at Grade 1, you can find that neither the Witch race nor the Monster Race benefited from this calamity. Instead, Human Race came from behind and opened the era of Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

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