Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1029

You can see the leopard in the tube. If the twelve ancestors are complete, the twelve capital heavenly demon array will be arranged. The condense Pangu body is directly equivalent to the invincibility below Saint, let alone at that time. In the eyes of the Great Desolate clans, it’s just a bloody Human Race. Even the Monster Race don’t want to get any benefits. Even if it’s still injured, it won’t be a wedding dress for the Human Race, and even the entire Witch race has withdrawn from the Great. On the stage of Desolate, the remnants of the witches can only hide in the nether and seek shelter from the Empress.

As for the Great Battle of Witch and Demon this calamity, it is not just Human Race that ultimately benefited. In addition to the opening of the era of Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, even the Three Purities, which was the Hongjun dísciple at the time, Each created a teaching, and the emergence of human education, Section Cult, and interpretation education, ushered in the era of Xuanmen that truly respected Hongjun!

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan was shocked in a cold sweat.

Hongjun’s plot against, the plane is too terrifying…

When he is not strong enough, he can sit back and watch Witch and Demon Races compete while secretly laying out sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits. Although the Human Race is promoted, it suppresses the authenticity, and shares the Heavenly Dao Saint status with the three emperors, suppresses the emergence of humanity, and waits to completely suppress the other two. Only then did he really reveal his fangs, he fits Heavenly Dao, and became the master of Great Desolate World Supreme!

It’s not over yet. After all, in the eyes of the Wu people, Human Race Monster Race is indistinguishable. After all, Nuwa is a Monster Race Saint, and the Human Race she created is much like Monster Race. Discord, but in the eyes of the Wu people, they should be killed. Later, Chi You came up to fight against the Flame Emperor, which caused chaos in the world. The Yellow Emperor also took advantage of the situation and cut Chi You in Qingqiu, becoming the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan who overwhelmed the world… …

Lin Yuan:?

Lin Yuan suddenly paused.

Zhan Chi You Yu Qingqiu?

Why… Qingqiu?

The Huangdi and Chi You fought the last battle in Qingqiu. After that battle, Qingqiu scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Although Qingqiu is a place like hidden land of peace and prosperity, it is still a demon country. Even if the people of Qingqiu are indifferent to the world, the Great Battle of Witch and Demon runs through the entire Great Desolate World. To measure the calamity, logically speaking, as long as you are in the calamity, you will not be spared!

See how the Section Cult, which is known as the “Wanxianlai Dynasty”, is scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in the enlightenment of the gods. Only one holy mother who has never been contaminated with the evil spirit is spared?

No matter how strong Qingqiu Monster Race is, can it beat Section Cult?

So at the time of the Great Battle of Witch and Demon, the ancestors of Qingqiu Monster Race must have participated, so Chi You had no reason to flee to Qingqiu, because he was a witch, this Innate factor Here, Qingqiu Monster Race is impossible to have a good impression of him, and will not help him. Therefore, Chi You can only be driven all the way by the Yellow Emperor. Then the question is, why did the Yellow Emperor decide the place of the decisive battle? In Qingqiu, and the battle between the two armies directly destroyed Qingqiu!

Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan …Apprentice Guang Cheng Zi… Guang Cheng Zi is one of the twelve Golden Immortal.

Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning mean?

No, it means Hongjun!

Then trifling Qingqiu Monster Race, what is worthy of Dao Zu Hongjun’s aim?

At this time, Hongjun should be still in the layout. It is precisely because of the destruction of Qingqiu that Su Clan, as one of the Fox Race bloodline of Qingqiu, will hate the Yellow Emperor, but the Huangdi does not have Su Clan that can be charmed. When Su Daji became a Nine-tailed Fox, the King of Humans was already Di Xin, and the introduction to the God-Liang Jie was actually laid out during the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors period.

But why is Qingqiu?

Why is Fox Race?

Because the fox patriarch is so good-looking, is it natural to be charming?


Among the great Desolate races, there are more races that are born to look good. The merfolk in the sea and the flower demon in the deep mountains, which one is inferior to the Fox Race?

So Qingqiu Fox Race was targeted because of the existence behind Qingqiu Fox Race that Hongjun wanted to deal with.

The pure foxes and the two fox demon with Su Clan said that they are Yangmei Old Ancestor behind them, and Su Clan is a branch of Qingqiu. Moreover, Yangmei Old Ancestor has always been low-key. Why did you form Liangzi with Hongjun again?

So, Yangmei Old Ancestor is the power behind Qingqiu Fox Race?

Yes, it should be like this!

Qingqiu Demon Country is an uncontested place, where there are many races that are invisible to the outside world. Looking at the overall situation, it was considered after the Witch and Demon Races war, Three Sovereigns In the era of Five Emperors and Five Emperors, the battle between the lords of the Human Race, the residual battle between the Human Race and the Monster Race, and the Three Sects battle for the Taoist incense, it can be said that the entire Great Desolate World is full of wars. Why can the Qingqiu Desolate Country survive the world? Contention?

Because behind them stood a Heavenspan’s complete power, a power that was enough to make all powerhouses fearful at that time!

Think carefully!

More importantly, I have now been targeted by Hongjun. This man has almost run through the entire history of Great Desolate, who can step on countless shocking and stunning people of Great Desolate clans. Yes, do you know tiger’s head and snake’s tail hastily? It’s really just a projection of consciousness, and if you can’t kill yourself, just leave it straight away?

“Want my acknowledge allegiance to you? You, also deserve it?”

As Lin Yuan is brainstorming, Jiu Jianxuan who is the Asura King is snort disdainfully .

As a born Asura, although Jiu Jianxuan does not have the wisdom of the fierce person who was introduced into the Asura Path after death in Lin Yuan’s previous life, he is a generation of Sword King of the Ten Thousand Swords Dynasty, even without his life. He still retains his arrogant memory.

What is a sword?

it would rather break but cannot be bend!

“refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.”

Lin Yuan muttered, next moment, the pseudo·Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation was launched, manifesting three Hundred zhang or so long body, rich and majestic Monster Qi almost formed a gray cloud above his head, Desolate Demon Realm’s eighth level imposing manner broke out, like a big mountain moved towards Jiu Jian Xuan .

Jiu Jianxuan roared, his body shape changed again, and he actually grew more than a hundred pieces out of thin air. Between the surge of Asura demonic energy, a sea of ​​corpses formed behind him.

That was the scene of hundreds of thousands of Martial Dynasty troops besieging him after Lei Qiusheng usurped the throne.

The blood that was killed in the battle was flowing into a river, although he did not save anything after all. For example, the god Martial Dynasty still replaced the Wanjian Dynasty, and his fame was also broken by the army of the god Martial Dynasty. Lei Qiu Sheng’s subordinates were obstructed for too long and ordered to slaughter the city for three days in anger. Even if he had no memory of his life, he still felt the monstrous anger in his heart when the bloody sea of ​​corpses appeared.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

It’s like a dream-like chattering, and then it sounds like Hong Zhong Dalu’s.

The corpse mountain and blood sea behind Jiu Jianxuan are gradually solidifying. At the same time, the monstrous killing intent on his body is also constantly climbing. Thousands of arms are gradually retracted into his body. At this moment, Jiu Jianxuan seems to be still Deformed, but compared to Asura, it looks more like those Titans who can activate All Gods turn to Dusk in the Western mythology of Lin Yuan’s previous life!

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