Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1031

The moment the bone sword collided with the Ice Dragon, there was no loud noise, and there was no wave of Asura demonic energy colliding with the death air of the Netherworld River.

Because the moment the two collided, the huge Ice Dragon quickly melted and turned into a soft and invisible black liquid.

There was a terrified look in the wine sword Xuanqianmu, because the moment the bone sword was immersed in the black liquid of the underworld, he felt that the bone sword made by his right hand had lost contact with him. It seemed that it was cut in half by someone, but there was no pain.

With the passage of time, more and more parts of the bone sword immersed in the black liquid of the underworld. No matter how hard Jiu Jianxuan is, he can’t pull out his right hand, and his heart sinks. But it was not slow, his left hand also turned into a bone sword, and he cut off his right hand directly. Looking at the right hand that was submerged in the black liquid of the underworld, Jiu Jianxuan’s head gradually secreted a layer of blood. Bead-like sweat.

too terrifying!

I didn’t even have the process of fighting, so I broke my arm directly!

This is not over yet. The black liquid of the underworld is like a hungry wild beast. Although I ate some blood, I still can’t suppress my greedy appetite. Moved towards Jiu Jianxuan’s body surged, and Ice Dragon lost the prestige at the beginning, but became inexplicably curious.

Jiu Jianxuan withdrew and violently retreated, extremely fast, the speed of the black liquid in the underworld was already at a speed that the normal Heavenly Dipper Realm could not respond, but it still only wrapped Jiu Jianxuan. The remnants of the Dharma body left in place.

“Run? Where can you go?”

Lin Yuan looked at Jiu Jianxuan, who withdrew and retreated jokingly.

This world Yangmei Old Ancestor’s willow branches are divided, unless Jiu Jianxuan is also in the Hunyuan Daluo realm, otherwise it is impossible to leave this world.


Where can I escape?

After a large amount of transformation of the black liquid in the underworld, it is a disaster of nothing but swallowing, not to mention Smaller Thousand Worlds like is Heavenly Martial World, even if it is placed in those Intermediate Wide Worlds, it is enough to be called It is a disaster of world extinction, just like the great Yu in the myth, just floods and water monsters, almost destroying the world, forcing the Supreme Treasure Nine Heavens Breath Eart, and the cooperation of Rain Dragon and other big guys. , Only relying on the “sparse” way to cure the flood.

What about the more brutal black liquid in the underworld, and the Netherworld River creatures that are difficult to kill by ordinary means?

Even Great Thousand Worlds like Great Desolate World have had a headache for a while.

Of course, compared with the anger of nature, man-made disasters are much easier to solve. For example, now Lin Yuan goes to Great Desolate World to release the black liquid of the underworld, it is estimated that we can’t wait for that. When the disaster became large, he had to be suppressed and killed alive by Hongjun and other big guys!

Seeing the black liquid in the underworld and chasing Jiu Jianxuan, Lin Yuan once again let go of his mind.

It’s a good habit to spare no effort when fighting, but anyone who really has combat experience knows that sometimes subconsciously actions are countless times better than the actions they make after careful consideration, and cultivator The battle between them is also the same. Instead of controlling the black liquid in the underworld to predict where the Jiu Jianxuan will fall, Lin Yuan might as well let the black liquid in the underworld go hunting by himself. In addition to fighting, most cultivators are also pursuing The state of selflessness and selflessness, no matter what the situation is, as long as you are not interrupted, you will always gain when you come back to his senses.

Sometimes, deliberately, it is really inferior to randomness.

Besides, he didn’t really want to kill Jiu Jianxuan. After all, Asura was born with this one. If he accidentally killed it by mistake, Lin Yuan would really have nowhere to cry. Set off a war between the seven dynasties, and then artificially create a batch of Asura, right?

The wine sword mysterious roar continued, and the bone sword in his hand chopped continuously, sweeping away a pool of black liquid in the underworld, but it was contaminated with the black liquid in the underworld, and he had to cut his body away. Although he is only the body of Dharma at this moment, and what he cuts off is not the real flesh and blood, but every sword is a real fight and abolishes his own cultivation base. Until now, the Dharma body of several hundred zhang has only a hundred zhang left. Originally, Heavenly Dipper Realm Peak, the cultivation base of Heavenly Dipper Realm Peak, which could not be as good as the first step, has also fallen into the early stage of Heavenly Dipper Realm. If it continues, he estimates that even the Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base will not be able to keep it!

If it’s just that’s all, after all, he is Asura. If he can get away and kill again in the future, he will soon be able to make up for it.

But the problem is that Heaven and Earth are both isolated on this side. Even if he has the means, he can’t even leave this world.

“Senior stop! I am willing to acknowledge allegiance! Please also senior please accept the divine ability!”

While Jiu Jianxuan tried his best to avoid the black liquid in the underworld, he complained endlessly.

Everything has its nemesis. Those Undead who troubled the North are only supplements to supplement the cultivation base in Asura Eyes. However, when confronted with Lin Yuan, he can’t get close at all, and he can’t compete with divine ability. It was Lin Yuan who slashed Lin Yuan, let alone killing Lin Yuan. It is estimated that it is not even a minor injury. If it weren’t for the fight at the moment, Lin Yuan’s demon power could easily heal him. On the contrary, he was in Lin. Under Yuan Divine Ability, there is nothing to fight back.

What is called a sword?

it would rather break but cannot be bend?

Don’t you know that there is another kind of sword in this world called soft sword?

“It’s also stiff.”

Lin Yuan twitched the corners of his mouth slightly, his mind turned, and he immediately re-entered the black liquid of the underworld in his body, and his eyes fell on Jiu Jianxuan. , After indulging for a while, he said: “This king will not deceive you. Heaven and Earth will be completed soon. In addition to the human world, Heaven and Hell will be established. The Nether will establish Six Paths of Samsara. Each of these Six Paths will be established. After another, the master can obtain the authentic Saint fruit position. You are born as Asura, and you are born at this time. Then the Asura Path master position should be yours. Come here, and this king will give you the method of sanctification! “

Jiu Jianxuan hesitated for a moment in the same place, but did not come in anxiously, but weakly asked: “senior, dare to ask senior, what is the authentic Saint?”

Saint is the term of the Great Desolate World. In other Great Thousand Worlds, how do you call this category put everything on the three realms of Heaven, Earth and Human, instead of the world divided into three realms. The existence of the will patrol world is hard to say. But all Great Thousand Worlds have similar existence.

But for Smaller Thousand Worlds like Tianwu world, Saint is indeed a very strange term.

Lin Yuan pondered for a moment, and said calmly: “You can understand it as transcendence. As long as you are in this world and don’t disobey the will of the world, Saint is the strongest. There is no past, no future, only the present. A thousand catastrophes will never die, and the same life as the world. The rise of a single thought can change the past and the future and reverse cause and effect.”

The realm of the strongest?

Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable?

Same life as the world?

Jiu Jianxuan’s face suddenly became strange, and his expression became more hesitant, as if he didn’t believe Lin Yuan’s words.

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