Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1032

Although Jiu Jianxuan has no memories of his lifetime, he is just a newborn Asura at this moment, but spiritual wisdom is not low.

People who have never cultivation have no idea how difficult cultivation is. The law of wealth is the four elements of cultivation, but strictly speaking of which, the so-called four elements of cultivation lack anything, and it’s all on the cultivation road. unable to move a single step.

So once a good cultivation technique is left outside, it will instantly set off a foul wind and bloody rain, and Tianwu World is even more so, even a magical revision that stops in the air and underworld. Shenjue will be able to create a great red forest that will be proud of the southern green forest. If it is those of higher rank, even those first-class and super-class forces will have to take care of face, and immediately send people out to fight for it.

Jiu Jianxuan still doesn't know what realm the so-called Saint is.

But he can still understand the words Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable and Heaven and Earth.

Don't say he is a newborn Asura, even those long-famous Great Cultivator and big demonic beasts of is Heavenly Martial World will be very eager.

The problem is here, the black flood dragon in front of me is Desolate Demon Realm cultivation base, even if the divine ability is weird, it’s the same thing, not to mention Saint, there is still a big section from the apex of this World. of the road To go, if there is a chance to achieve Saint, will he give it to himself for no reason?

But Jiu Jianxuan is a freshman Asura after all. Although spiritual wisdom is not low, spiritual wisdom is completely different from the city government. So Lin Yuan can see the hesitation in Jiu Jianxuan's eyes with just a glance.

Lin Yuan shook the head, lightly said with a smile: "You are doubting me. Because if I master the method of sanctification, my own cultivation base will be impossible and will stop at Desolate Demon Realm, right? "

"I just don't want to understand."

Jiu Jianxuan did not hesitate at all, but responded very sincerely.

"The king said too much, and I’m afraid you still don’t understand, so to put it simply, this world is vast, but incomplete, this world, whether cultivator or demonic beast, will eventually stop at the Supreme Realm ancestor. In the Demon Realm, those who claim to be further in fact have not changed in essence, but they have accumulated a little bit more that’s all compared to those just entered.

If you want to set foot in the higher realm, you need to leave this world and go to other places. The Intermediate Wide World or Great Thousand Worlds, because the carrying capacity of Smaller Thousand Worlds has a limit, even if the power of incense accumulates to the point of breakthrough, the will of this world will not allow them to breakthrough.

In the early years, some cultivators left this world in pursuit of higher realm, but since the establishment of Tianmen Guardian, no cultivator or demonic beast has left.

In the eyes of this king, these people think they can be in the world.

The dominating existence in Smaller Thousand Worlds will have its own consequences in the near future. If this world opens up Celestial Court, the Second Nether Realm, and the Three Realms from the chaos, then this world will be complemented by Smaller Thousand Worlds. Transformed into Intermediate Wide World, or even directly into Great Thousand Worlds, higher realm appears. These self-determining avenues will all become stepping stones for powerhouses in the new era.

Three within the realm, Celestial Court belongs to Celestial Emperor, there is a king in the world, and this king is pointing at You Ming. He is bound to be like Dao'. There are nine saints in the netherworld. Six Paths masters each lead one, and the time node is about to be completed in the world. Here, now that you have a natural Asura, you should be in charge of the Asura Path of Six Paths."

Lin Yuan's eyes are calm, said solemnly: "This is Heavenly Martial world's will to choose you , Of course, this king can kill you again to make the Asura Path master position vacant, but it doesn't make sense. The trifling Saint is only a trifling Saint, and this king still looks down on it. "

Jiu Jianxuan stared at Lin Yuan blankly, with a blank look in his thousand eyes.

No way, Lin Yuan said these things, even if they were placed in the Guardian of Heaven. It can also be said that the decision is confidential, not who is qualified to know, especially the All Heavens and Myriad Realms said.

The indigenous people of Tianwu world may have some speculations, otherwise they would not. There are that many shocking and stunning generations who have left this world, but none of those who have the courage to set foot on the wider Heaven and Earth have not returned. The rest of them do not know what All Heavens and Myriad Realms say, or do not have the courage to leave. Tianwu world, so I can only promote that the Sea of ​​Bitterness outside the Tianmen is an evil place. No matter how powerful a cultivator enters, it will be killed by the aliens living in the Sea of ​​Bitterness, even the body is difficult to recover!

No matter who made the above remarks and what his purpose is, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

The same principle of repeated rumor becomes a fact applies here.

Over the years, Tianmen Guardian has been preaching how bad the Sea of ​​Bitterness environment is, and how many cultivators that have almost suppressed an era after stepping into Sea of ​​Bitterness, skeleton doesn't exist.


Tianwu world is just a Smaller Thousand Worlds. Those cultivators or demonic beasts who leave this world will either fall or break through. In either case, there is no way to return to Tianwu world, unless Three Realms and Six Paths are completed and wait until this world. After the promotion is completed, the ancient cultivator may return across the border again.

With the passage of time, the rumors spread more and more, and the Great Cultivator and the big demonic beast who dare to step out of the sky are also getting more and more So, this kind of rumors that Lin Yuan knew it was a lie at first glance, turned out to be the consensus of the Tianwu world cultivators!

However, although Jiu Jianxuan does not understand Lin Yuan specifically, What to say but The approximate meaning is still very clear. When Heaven and Earth are completed, there will be a cultivator that is stronger than the supreme powerhouse today. It may be from the other world, or it may be a local indigenous, and this black flood dragon at this moment Just planning to enter the Lord Nether.

The so-called authentic Saint, in fact, this black flood dragon is totally despised. Asura Path sounds powerful, but it seems that this black flood dragon is the next worker that's all.

Jiu Jianxuan thought for a moment, Asura King's Dharma body slowly dissipated and reappeared his normal appearance, said solemnly: "So, what do I need to pay? Is it just the acknowledge allegiance to you? "

"Not bad."

Lin Yuan was slightly nodded, and a touch of joy passed in his eyes.

As he said, the natural Asura should have been the master of Asura Path. This is not his choice, but the choice of the will of the world.

It is not yet time to tear his face apart, even if Lin Yuan is practicing the Sutra of All Living Beings, he can't kill the Lord of the Asura Path with the wine sword mystery plan at will.

But this does not mean that Lin Yuan can only be a bystander, so he chose to subdue Jiu Jianxuan!

More importantly, the so-called method of sanctification is nothing but the sutra of all beings. In the future, Jiujian will become a saint. It is also because of the strength of the authenticity that it has a battle strength that is not inferior to Saint. The Primordial Spirit entrusts You Ming, it is a kind of alternative immortality that's all, and there is no difference between his cultivation and Men Du!

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