Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1033

But the Jiujian Xuanruo is the cultivated Sutra of All Living Beings…

Although the Sutra of All Living Beings is not the kind of once-cultivation, life and death are controlled by the overbearing cultivation technique in the hands of the instructor. But there is still a sense between the two, even if it becomes a real Saint, Jiu Jianxuan’s every move cannot be hidden from his eyes.

Like after Lei Fan studied the Sutra of All Living Beings, although he also got some benefits, it also allowed Lin Yuan to see behind the scenes what the external god’s laborious planning was for all of this, and he also designed it in reverse. Almost killed it directly, although the opponent saved his life, but after cutting off most of the Primordial Spirit, it was absolutely impossible to make waves in a short time.

Lin Yuan has been in this World for almost three years. The alien monster is estimated to be about the same, maybe longer. After all, as a creature of Heavenspan World, it is normal for him to come and follow the instructions of the incarnation of Heavenspan Cult Lord. Up.

But Lin Yuan’s series of punches hit the opponent, almost instantly vanishing his several years of layout!

The color of hesitation in Jiu Jianxuan’s eyes disappeared, and he strode forward to Lin Yuan, and a golden glow flew out of Lin Yuan’s forehead, which fell directly into the center of Jiu Jianxuan’s eyebrows. Among them, a moment later, a touch of joy flashed across Jiu Jianxuan’s face, and cup one fist in the other hand said: “Thanks Senior!”

As the current Lin Yuan known cultivation technique The most heaven-defying existence, the Sutra of Living Beings can be described as invisible and intangible, but it can also evolve the myriad forms of living beings. Even if they cannot cultivation, they can only rely on the killing of the powerful Asura to obtain the Sutra of Living Beings, and they can also benefit from it.

To put it simply, Jiu Jianxuan can get a cultivation base after killing, but this kind of cultivation way also has a strong side effect. If there are too many killings at one time, the terrifying murderous intention will impact it. Under the circumstances, he will easily lose himself, lose spiritual wisdom and become a monster. Even Asura is very afraid of this.

But to deal with these killing energy according to the method of the Sutra of Beings, not only improves the efficiency more, even those terrible murderous intentions do not need to continue to be feared like a tiger.

Not to mention how noble the authentic Saint’s fruit status is, just the practicality of this cultivation technique makes Jiu Jianxuan feel that he is earning his blood.

As Jiu Jianxuan and Lin Yuan reached a consensus, the willow branches above the sky slowly fell, and the barrier separating Heaven and Earth disappeared, but at this time, there was no curious gaze cast from other directions. Come, after all, every time Lin Yuan appeared around something beyond their comprehension, and it became more horrible every time, especially this time, even to the point of isolating Heaven and Earth!

If the one who shot this time is the same as the one from the endless sea before, it is possible that just a glance will fall on the spot…

Yang Liuzhi is not like Lin Yuan expected it to be the same, but slowly fell in front of Lin Yuan.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for being recognized by Yangmei Old Ancestor, and receiving Supreme Treasure willow branches! 】

Name: Willow branches

Type: Innate Magical Treasure

Class: Location

Feature: Locking Space

Locked space: The host can infuse the willow branches with demon power, and can arbitrarily designate an area to isolate. The isolated area cannot go out or enter before the host’s demon power is exhausted or canceled by itself.

Lin Yuan:…

I admire it.

It is worthy of being the ultimate hero of the proven Hunyuan boss. Just picking off a willow branch from his body can be regarded as a magic weapon. Only when the ghost knows that Yangmei, who has lived for countless years, Old Ancestor, if it is obvious After turning into a prototype, what a huge body and how many willow branches are there!

The role of this willow branch is not small, whether it is to manually circle an arena like Yangmei Old Ancestor, so that both parties cannot leave or unilaterally take out this treasure to trap the enemy Both are very convenient. The flaw of only one is that Lin Yuan’s own strength is not top-notch.

If Yangmei Old Ancestor used willow branches automatically, he didn’t need to deliberately infuse much mana to trap and kill any native in the Tianwu world, but if Lin Yuan took out this treasure, even the other party It’s just the existence of Desolate Demon Realm and Kongming Realm, and it won’t be long before the opponent will consume the demon power on the willow branches and get out of trouble.

Swallowing willow twigs into his belly, Lin Yuan wrapped it with a gentle demon power, and slowly refining.

The magic weapon of Great Desolate World, whether it is man-made refining or natural treasure acquired by others, will be marked one after another prohibition. Even if an outsider takes the treasure, he needs to slowly refining to get rid of these prohibitions. It’s not that you can’t use it before it’s completely refining. It’s just that more restrictions on refining can maximize the power of the magic weapon. Moreover, if the ban on refining is not clean, the person who arranges these restrictions can feel the existence of the magic weapon at any time, even to a certain extent. Within the scope of, he can also call the magic weapon back to him at will.

Killing for treasure puts the word murder on the front, but it is not that absolutely does not have reason.

Although this section of willow branch is a gift from Yangmei Old Ancestor, there are still 49 restrictions on it. Lin Yuan must at least refining 30 restrictions before he can barely drive this treasure, and he can only play at most. 40% of the power, no, for this type of treasure, the power is actually fixed. This is the power of the Space Rule. Once taken out, except for the active release of the treasure holder or the exhaustion of the demon power, There is no third method to unlock it. The so-called 40% power means that Lin Yuan’s consumption of demon power must be increased by 60%!

“When will I reach the level of Yangmei Old Ancestor.”

Lin Yuan shook the head with a chuckle, muttering to himself.

Great Desolate’s Innate Lifeform is extremely powerful, but there are differences between the strengths and weaknesses of the species. With the power of the system, Lin Yuan can even break through to True Dragon and even higher levels, the legendary Ancestral At the point of Dragon, if Lin Yuan had the same background as Yangmei’s Old Ancestor, every time he shed his skin, he would leave with the Supreme Treasure dragon scales that would make countless cultivators flock to them. Picking any one would be a top-level magic weapon. The best material!

Well, it seems a bit ominous to think this way…

Just like those games in the previous life, there shouldn’t be that kind of monster. I hope the material on my body is more valuable, right?

After all, greed is a common problem of intelligent creatures. If you have something coveted, even the cultivation base Heavenspan has to be cautious!

“The king’s subordinates have set up a large formation outside this woodland. Once the king leaves here, the formation will start. By then, everything here will be turned into fly ash, and we can’t wait here anymore. Going down, did you enter the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range with the king, or you stayed alone in the northern border to experience, and when the world is completed, the king will come to summon you again?”

Lin Yuan turned his head, focused on Jiu Jianxuan again, and asked with cold eyes.

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