Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1035

Lin Yuan’s eyes turned slightly.

After a moment of silence, he took the initiative to speak: “You know that this king acts. There are northern rules in the north, and this king never asks for anything, the laws of the north. Dharma is only a minimum requirement. I hope that the creatures in the northern realm can have a bottom line that’s all. As for the northern realm. If you want to sit in a high position, it depends on your own ability. This king does not ask about his birth, his past, or his own. Purpose, as long as he did something beneficial to the north, the king would not hesitate to reward. In addition to the fact that sect shouldn’t exist, even in the Aristocratic Family, the king has chosen to let them go more than once, as long as they However, there are some small movements in the world, and this king can be regarded as invisible, but…”

“Lord Wang, the dragon!”

Jiu Jianxuan suddenly leaned over Lin Yuan and acted. , Said in a loud voice: “The bloodline of the guilt is running out. In ten or more years, except for those in the northern border, the guild’s bloodline that has changed names and surnames in other places will no longer exist. We are very weak and only Some people don’t even know what they’re doing. They just ask for it, they try their best to complete that’s all!”

Lin Yuan squinted his eyes slightly, coldly snorted and said: “Do they know what they are doing? It has nothing to do with this king. This king only knows that they have betrayed the north and betrayed this king. If this king hadn’t noticed it, if they were taking advantage of them at this moment, you think, blame Wuying, or the guy standing behind the scenes and supporting him, will he let those who are loyal to the king make a living?”

Jiu Jianxuan opened his mouth.

Just before he had time to speak, Lin Yuan’s cold voice sounded again: “Betrayer, there should be a betrayer’s end. No matter how much you contribute to the North, this king will Not agree to your request. This is the only bottom line of this king. Moreover, this opening must not be opened at this time, otherwise the entire northern border will fall apart. You know what I mean, right?”

Jian Xuan closed his eyes in pain, and sighed weakly.

Lin Yuan looked at Jiu Jianxuan expressionlessly, and said calmly: “However, this king acts and wants to come to rewards and punishments. In order to curb the activities of Undead in the forest of starving ghosts, you will not hesitate to use your soul as Sacrifice, this matter has merit in the northern realm. In addition, you exchanged for a born Asura, which will also be useful in the future netherworld. Therefore, this king will keep your True Spirit immortal. When you re-enter the cycle, forget the mundane things and renew Come here.”

The voice fell, and the incense power on the Lin Yuan attribute panel jumped wildly, and nearly 100 million incense power was directly drawn away.

A little golden glow spilled out of Lin Yuan’s body, wrapped the Spirit Physique of Jiu Jianxuan, and sent it into the reincarnation.

At this time, Lin Yuan put the tail of the flood dragon on serene, looked at the natural Asura, and said calmly: “I have sent him into reincarnation, and the cause and effect between you will be clear. From today, He is him, you are you, of course, your spiritual wisdom is new and not deep, and you are determined to follow this king, then this king will give you a new name. After all, you don’t want to be someone else, right?”

“Senior, please give a name!”

Born Asura cupped the hands at Lin Yuan, and his face was obviously relieved.

“You are the Lord of the Asura Path, destined to be the right arm of the king, plus you and me, you can surnamed Lin as I am, and you are born Asura, even more is Heavenly The first Asura in the Martial world, so when there is a metacharacter in your name, Asura has struggled all his life and grew up by killing. Then I will give you another word for Tu. From today on, you will be called Lin Yuantu.”

When Lin Yuan’s voice fell, his figure had turned into a black glow and moved towards Breaking Horizon Mountain Range and swept away.

“Lin Yuantu, Lin Yuantu, hahahahaha, my name is Lin Yuantu.”

“Senior, go slow, I’ll come too!”

Lin Yuan Tu repeated his new name several times, and the more satisfied he said it, the laughed heartily turned into a blood glow and followed Lin Yuan into the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range.


At the same time.

Beyond Tianmen.

A young monk dressed in a gray monk robe with beautiful facial features slowly opened his eyes, and there was a vague golden glow flowing in his eyes, and the skin exposed outside the monk robe was as white as jade. It’s like a perfect sculpture that is carefully crafted.

“this world, complete, You Ming, Asura…”

As if I haven’t spoken for a long time, the monk has to pause every two words he says After a meal, at the same time, his pair of golden eyes also clearly revealed the color of doubt.

After a while, the monk folded his hands together, chanted the Buddha’s name lightly, and said indifferently: “Amitabha, sitting in Tianmen for three hundred years, like a day, today I know that there is still sky outside the sky. It’s just a group of a frog in well that’s all, hehe, the sky is beyond the sky, the little monk first thanked Benefactor Lin for the grace of confuse, if there is fate in the future, the little monk should have a good return!”

At that time, the monk sat cross-legged from the void.

all around All the top cultivators who came to guard the Tianmen Gate are all eyes opened wide. I can’t believe it looks at the monks like sculptures.

This monk is not well-known in the Tianwu world, but he was a great power seven thousand years ago, and even the protagonist of the era seven thousand years ago. It can almost be regarded as one person suppressing an era, such as today’s Wu world The inheritance of Shimen is more or less related to this monk. At the same time, even if it is placed in the Guardian who walks near the ground by the expert, he is also an absolute powerhouse. I don’t know how many Guardians are not far away. ten thousand li, I want to get a word or two from the monk.

But the monk has practiced the closed mantra for three thousand years…

I haven’t said a word for three thousand years, and haven’t left the gate for half a step, if not for a weak life. Fluctuation, they all thought that this monk had already sat down, leaving only a sculptural relic here to guard the Tianmen.

The hell is… this monk, just spoke?

Complete this world, what is Nether Asura?

Also, the monk’s cultivation base is here. If anyone has the most hope to achieve longevity, he is definitely one of them!

But this monk actually claims to be a frog in well!

Who is that Benefactor Lin, and why did you confuse this monk?

“Is the master…?”

A guardian from Tianmen who came from 1,500 years ago looked hesitant and stopped, and then pointed his finger at him. My head seems to want to say that the monk has sat here a few years ago and has gone completely crazy, but due to the monk’s cultivation base, I dare not really say this remark.

“The little monk is very good. It’s better than ever.”

The monk who hadn’t paid attention to them for thousands of years suddenly turned his head and proactively said: “You guys want to continue to wander around here. Please. But the little monk still found his own way and has taken a step first. If it is destined, I will meet again in the future.”

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