Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1042


The bald man shouted again and repeated.

The North is always a place full of miracles.

The black liquid army, which was less than 10,000, broke the 13th prince of the Shuangjian Dynasty. Now this northern dragon rider, who came from nowhere, has to count 30,000 to challenge Shuang. Reflect the hundreds of thousands of troops on the grassland!

It’s crazy!

But the miracle of the north is more than one or two times?

Which person from the north doesn’t believe that the dragon king can perform miracles again and again?

As the gates on both sides of the pass were slowly opened.

The general surnamed Xiao stretched out his hand to straighten his face helmet, said solemnly: “The Dragon King ordered me to wait here, teach you and other grassland barbarians, what is a cavalry? your life! The northern dragon rides, armor, spear, and set off!”

“The gun is in hand, follow me!”

“Kill the dog and set the grassland!”

The cavalry after General surnamed Xiao raised the large lances in their hands, roared and launched a charge. They filed out of the not-so-wide pass, without even the slightest sense of weakness. , Directly hitting hundreds of thousands of Shuangjian Manqi with thirty thousand people, that feeling, it was not like fighting more with less, more like…their thirty thousand people surrounded the old Khan of Shuangjian Dynasty!

“Junhou, we…”

Chuan Lingbing trot and came to the bald man with a hesitant expression.

The bald man was silent.

He knows what his subordinates want to say.

Even if these 30,000 cavalry are aggressive, the gap in the number is still too big, especially for cavalry operations. If they are troops like light cavalry and archers, it’s better to say, cruising near the enemy’s main force. Effective blows can reap the results.

But the problem is, this northern dragon rider…

The bald man has lived for more than 40 years. He has never seen a cavalry unit like this before. The whole person is completely dark. Heavy armor, even the helmets are covered helmets. There is a sharp bulge on the bridge of the nose, just like a small gun head. Although he doesn’t know the metal used to make this helmet, he can tell that The sharp bulge can really be used as a weapon. Wearing this kind of helmet gives people a head mallet, and I am afraid that they can directly pierce the opponent’s head!

The raised eye part of the cover helmet is a piece of horizontal steel. Later, the vertical hollows are cut out to see things. Although it will affect part of the vision, it will not be if it is just a forward charge. If there is any problem, from another aspect, this helmet design really does nothing at all. You must know that Shuang Jian Manqi is best at controlling the strings immediately, but for this kind of completely wrapping his head in. For the helmets, there is really no way at all, unless they are not shooting arrows, but needles!

Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to damage the horse Knight through the vertical hole.

In addition to this armor that is directly drawn by defensive power, their mounts are even more outrageous. The package is thicker than Knight on horseback, and the hanging chain armor does not affect running. Even the legs are perfectly protected, and the eyes are also covered. They are controlled entirely by Knight on horseback!

What’s even more outrageous is that none of these mounts is a normal beast, not even a mixed breed. They are all demonic beasts. Tigers and leopards are not uncommon, of course. There are more demonic beasts that look like horses. Even if you don’t talk about the outer armor, the demonic beasts of all the mounts are not comparable to those that are just mixed with the demonic beast bloodline!

So this cavalry had only one purpose since its establishment-to rush, to rush forward, to rush to death!

With such heavy equipment, the requirements for Knight and demonic beast are not low. It’s good to take advantage of the trend, but if you want to steer flexibly on the battlefield like Qingqi, then it’s simply a idiot. It’s not impossible, but the speed will be very slow. Once you increase the speed, it may cause the center of gravity to be unbalanced and fall. It’s hard to say how the demonic beast is, but the demonic beast plus the weight of the armor can take Knight’s leg in an instant. Squeeze it into mashed meat!

The Shuangjian Dynasty is not without heavy riding, but whose heavy riding is so outrageous?

If a transmigrator from Lin Yuan’s previous life saw this scene, he would probably complain: “This horse is a heavy cavalry. It’s a tank at all!”

“Look at the battle.”

The bald man pondered for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said.

He doesn’t know how strong the Northern Dragon Knight is, but this kind of behavior of people closing the door as soon as they leave the customs is absolutely no problem from a strategic point of view, after all, it’s the Northern Dragon Knight himself. Guan Xunzhan was not ordered by him to go out, and they have their own mission. No matter what they think, they shouldn’t choose to give up the advantage of Guanyi because of the frivolous friendly forces?

But at this time, closing the gate of the pass, it is simply a chance to repent and not give these allies anymore, it is no different from stabbing the allies with the back.

In all fairness, no soldier with a bottom line is willing to do such a thing.

At the same time, the old Khan Shuangjian named “Tutuobuhua” was even more furious.

He admits that the Northern Territory is very evil, so when General Surnamed Xiao did not suppress his voice, but instead used astral qi to amplify, he was really shocked. He thought that the Northern Territory was here long ago. A large army was prepared to ambush him, but after a closer look, only tens of thousands of weirdly dressed cavalry that’s all came out of the pass. It seemed like the city gate would be closed at any time by looking at the guards of the pass.

Take a horse like a cavalry who doesn’t even believe in him, threatening to take his life and telling him what a cavalry is. Isn’t this outrageous?

He’s not free, the chief of the Blood Liao tribe, the conqueror of the Shuangjian grassland and the Guardian, even if it’s Yanxingchi…don’t care if Yanxingchi was stabbed in the back by Lei Qiusheng. , But he did use an army of slaves and criminals to block Yan Xingchi. According to the evaluation of other dynasties, he is definitely a famous general!

“Wolf cubs, these two-legged sheep in the north are despising our warriors on the grassland!”

The old Khan roared with gloomy eyes: “Who is this? Khan went into battle and cut these nondescript cavalry under his horse. Ben Khan could let him rush into Shun Ning City to plunder wealth!”


一Chief Shuangjian, who was wearing a wolf-skin great cloak, rode out and said, “Eighty thousand elders of the banquet club, I would like to share the worries for the Great Khan!”


Old Khan’s eyes are cold, icily said: “Let’s get out of love, remember, this battle is won and not lost. If you are defeated, Ben Khan will remove your name from the Shuangjian Grassland!”

“hahaha, sweat so much, don’t worry, a group of horses will not ride the little cubs.”

Haha laughed off and rode the horses moved towards the army, angrily roared: “The breakaway club Erlang, go with Ben Khan!”

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