Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1043

Even among the many tribes in the Shuangjian Grassland, Tuohuan belongs to a courageous existence. After all, his father has not yet died, and he has established a small tribe independently. Excluding those old and weak women, children and slaves, there are nearly 200,000 string-controllers in the break-up club alone, even better than some of the sons fostered by Shuangjian Khan.

The most important thing is that Fuxing is not only one of the tribal sweats in the Shuangjian Grassland, but also an absolute royalist. He has a deep friendship with the Third Prince and took care of it for the Third Prince. There are many things, and they share a common topic with the 13th prince. The two often go to the grassland area near Breaking Horizon Mountain Range to hunt demonic beasts. They are very good friends, so no matter who the next Shuangjian Khan is, they will get off together. It is the absolute winner, whether brave or wise, getting off is the best choice for the younger generation of Shuangjian Grassland.

So the old Khan is very relieved to get out of love and fight. After all, out of love he was named an enemy of ten thousand people on the grassland. This time he went out to plunder the northern border and brought 80,000 control strings. A man of war, facing the opponent with nearly twice the military strength, no matter how you look at it, it is impossible to lose!

“Raise the spear!”

“Keep the array!”


Orders from surnamed Xiao will be placed in the neckline It was sent out, and as the string-controlling men of the breakaway club went out to fight, the Dragon Knight of the Northern Territory also moved.

The two cavalry are facing each other, adding up to a scale of more than 100,000 people. The hooves of a hong long long can no longer be described as a beating thunder. The bald man standing on the pass and watching the battle even feels the pass under his feet. They were all trembling, and suddenly, he even had the illusion that this pass would collapse at the next moment!

The North Dragon Knights faced the arrows thrown by the departing club, as if they hadn’t seen them. Five thousand steps away, these Knights leaned down one after another. The lance was fixed, and the other hand took out a black machine crossbow from the back of the waist, slowly pointed it at the cavalry in front of it, and slowly pressed the crossbow down.


The bald man has bloodshot eyes, as if he saw something incredible.

He knows that black crossbow!

It is a new type of war weapon built by the Ministry of Industry according to the ideas provided by the Dragon King. It is named Shenji Crossbow, with a range of more than 8,000 steps. It can be triggered directly by pressing the machine to expand, and it can be launched in an instant. A hundred crossbow bolts with extremely strong penetrating power and a smashing effect, and after firing the crossbow bolts in the crossbow box, you only need to replace the crossbow box with a new one, and you can shoot for the second round. It can be called a battlefield killer. !

Even a commander like Li Zhongsheng who led the army went to the Chief-In-Charge coax and pester of the Ministry of Industry and did not approve much. He was regarded as his lifeblood among the crossbowmen of the Southern Army. The same exists, but this weird cavalry is actually…many?

The god machine crossbow roars, and the crossbow arrow shoots.

Leading more than 80,000 people to get out of love, first looked at the opponent directly ignoring the arrows shot by him, and even those arrows just bounced to the side when they fell on the opponent, let alone hurt, and there was no obstacle. Caused, and then saw that the other party took out the machine crossbow…

This is the last scene that Chuanhuan saw.

The eighty-thousand-sex club was beaten directly without causing any casualties to the opponent. In other words, even the people and horses of the club were thrown by the dense and endless crossbow arrows. Shooting Shengsheng retreats, if it weren’t for the opponent still charging, the break-up club at the moment would be farther and farther away from the opponent!

Tu Huan himself was beaten into a mass of rotten meat the moment the opponent escaped from the crossbow…

“Receive the crossbow!”

“Speed ​​up!”

The voice of General Surnamed Xiao resounded on the battlefield again. Immediately, all the northern dragon riders acted in the same way, and almost instantly received the god machine crossbow behind him, back on horseback. After adjusting the posture, holding the lance with both hands, the heavy-armored mounts under their command suddenly broke out at a speed comparable to those of the light riders.

Although this speed is limited to charging, this kind of oppression force that hits a steel city wall head-on is not something anyone can withstand.

Except for those who were considered dead, the cavalry who survived by chance sent out mournful scream directly, no matter what the consequences, they turned their heads moved towards Shuangjian Dynasty and fled towards the main force. .

It’s just that they forgot that the god of death chasing behind them can ignore the arrows, and they can’t do this to the extent they don’t even have leather armor in leather armor.

“Shoot an arrow! Shoot them to death for Ben Khan!”

“Keep the formation, don’t let the routs rush into chaos!”

Get off Fuhua’s roar echoed in the Shuangjian Cavalry’s position, but no one noticed that the old Khan who claimed to have defeated Yan Xingchi was shaking his hands at this moment.

He regrets it!

I regret that I regard the North as a soft persimmon!

I regret that I did not listen to the advice of the third child, and a killing blade died of the bloody Knight who came to report the letter for the third child!

He shouldn’t be here!

What kind of monster is this riding horse!

Tens of thousands of cavalry battled twice as much as their own. The two sides directly defeated the other without even getting in touch with each other. During this time, they even ignored the arrows of the Shuangjian cavalry. Not only was the battle swift and fierce, the opponent didn’t even have a reduction in personnel, and the remaining force continued to attack the Shuangjian Dynasty’s large forces.

This horse riding is very outrageous!

But the Northern Dragon Cavalry without the slightest hesitation is extremely fast, even faster than the routs. The arrow rain staring at the Frostjian Cavalry slammed into the army formation of Frostjian Dynasty. In, the seemingly thick and rigid lances are also produced by the Ministry of Industry. There is a mechanism between the gun head and the gun body. When the gun head collides with the enemy, it will disconnect by itself, avoiding the shock of high-speed movement and collision. Shattered Knight’s hands.

The northern dragon knights who have completed a round of assault, as they have practiced countless times, without the slightest hesitation throw away the broken spear in their hands, and the saddle is shaped like a Tang knife. The long knife was drawn out, slashing the Frostjian cavalry around him like slaughter animals. The mounts under them also showed a huge gap between the demonic beast and the bastard. There was a slight pause, as if going through the army formation of the Shuangjian Dynasty in one breath.

The flesh and blood flew across the battlefield, dyeing the black armor of the North Dragon Cavalry, and also caused the collapse of the Frostjian Cavalry that formed the coalition army.

From the time when the Dragon Cavalry left the North Border, tens of thousands of people have fought hundreds of thousands. Crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood directly defeated more than 100,000 Smashing Rotten Wood Cavalry. There is no downsizing, this can no longer be evaluated by a big victory, this horse riding is simply a dimensionality reduction blow!

“Retreat first! Retreat first!”

The old Khan was flustered and exasperated commanding his own guards to turn and escape, while continuously gathering the remnants.

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