Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1044

The bald man standing on the pass has opened his mouth like the soldiers under his command, staring blankly at the northern dragon knights who slaughtered the Frostjian cavalry like meat grinder. Unable to speak, complex expressions of awe, fear, yearning and so on appeared in their respective eyes.

“This riding horse… riding a horse… what kind of monster is it!”

It took a long time for the bald man to open his mouth and swear a foul language.

This kind of record, let alone a big victory, is a bit outrageous even to describe it as a miracle.

The play style of the Northern Dragon Cavalry Slaughter Frostjian Cavalry is like a child holding a pot of boiling water and pouring it directly into an ant’s nest!

If before this battle, if someone told Shuangjian Barbarian Race that some cavalry could crush dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to destroy them, they might be able to pull out the saber directly and stage a show for you All martial arts, but after this battle, Shuangjian Barbarian estimated that since then, seeing the people in the north, they will go straight around on horseback, right?

This is not teaching people how to use cavalry!

This is a direct redefinition of the cavalry unit, alright!

Not to mention that most of the Shuangjian Barbarians are light knights. Even if the Northern Dragon Knight collides with the Blood Liao Knight, it is estimated that the blood liao Knight was crushed into the flesh?

The Shenlin Army cannot withstand such a charge, and the Black Liquid Army probably cannot withstand such a charge…

This cavalry is invincible in the whole world!

General surnamed Xiao looked at the Shuangjian cavalry who was gradually running away. He stretched out his hand and took off his visor, revealing a handsome face and a pair of pointed ears. He has not been in the north for a long time. Xiao En who appeared!

Xiao En sighed lightly, and said regretfully: “It’s a pity that we don’t have enough numbers, and we compete with physical strength. It is also impossible to be the opponent of these hussars. Otherwise, the battle will be defeated. I can directly enter the Shuangjian Grassland and have achieved great success in destroying a country.”

Another Northern Dragon Knight took off his visor, revealing a face that closely resembles Xiao En, and said indifferently. “It doesn’t matter. The Shuangjian ministries are defeated in this battle. They will never give up. After they go back, they will spend a lot of manpower and material resources to create Battle Armors and vests similar to ours. When the time comes, the Dragon King will do it. It’s time to complete the deployment. Oh, killing two birds with one stone, let the Shuangjian Dynasty suffer a boring loss, and then let the demonic beast of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range suffer a loss for the Shuangjian Barbarian Race. After that, no matter who wins or loses, we If you eat the Shuangjian Grassland, you can even plot the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. It’s really terrifying, our dragon Lord Wang.”

“If you don’t know how to respect the dragon Lord Wang, I can teach you “

It looks exactly like Xiao En’s Knight tone barely fell, and a cold and severe sound rang behind him. Immediately, a sharp blade glow suddenly knocked him off the horse, although there is still no Breaking open the protection of the black armor, but wearing such a heavy armor, suddenly falling from the back of a demonic beast that was close to three meters, the impact was not good.

Xiao En raised the reins, and did not mean to persuade him, but said grimly: “They will come again, make arrangements in advance.”

He did not forget to leave. Before, Long Lord Wang’s face-to-face instruction was appropriate.

The Shuangjian Dynasty was hit hard before, and the power and status of the Shuangjian Khan were in jeopardy. In addition, because the Shuangjian Dynasty was a nomad, this time was destined to not hide in the grassland. To lick their wounds, they need abundant supplies in the north, and Shuangjian Khan also needs a hearty victory.

Even if they leave now, the Shuangjian Khan will regroup and fight back. In the end, there are only two results, or the various tribes on the Shuangjian steppe will consume a lot of power on the Great Wall of the North. Under the circumstances, Shuangjian Khan could still sit on the throne with the help of his Blood Liao Knight, or the Shuangjian Khan was terrified, and he did not dare to regroup and fight back. In this way, the various tribes on the Shuangjian steppe would inevitably join forces. Attack the Xueliao tribe and replace it with a young and strong Shuangjian Khan to rule the grasslands.

Moreover, in any case, Shuangjian Barbarian Race is also an expert in cavalry tactics.

I can’t catch up here, and it won’t take long for the slapped Shuangjian barbarians to react.

The northern dragon knight has an almost incomparable horizontal push strength. With the help of the power of the demonic beast, the speed that bursts out instantly is not inferior to that of the light knight. It is matched with a crossbow like the god machine crossbow, even when the number of people is behind. It can already explode faster than the opponent’s firepower. Its own defensive power is not only powerful, but also impenetrable. However, the shortcomings are also very obvious. That is, the armor is too heavy and there is no certain time to adjust the direction. He can only move forward in a charging posture, and the horrible weight is dangerously and dangerously maintained within the limit range that the demonic beast and Knight can carry. A loss of control is the end of himself throwing himself into the flesh.

As long as there is no direct confrontation and a certain degree of mobility, it is not difficult to eat such a heavy cavalry.

Of course, the Northern Dragon Knight led by Xiao En did not pursue it, but just stuck to the pass. This behavior is also invincible.

“If those Shuangjian barbarians kill a sudden thrust, they will definitely not continue to make senseless sacrifices in the form of military battles, so they have two choices, either imitate your armor style and give it to them. Heavy cavalry is also equipped with similar things. This is also the best solution. Looking at this World, no one but me understands the weaknesses of this class better than you.

Of course, There is another situation that they did not think of this layer, or they could not imitate a large number of similar equipment for their own people in a short period of time, but the probability of this situation is not great, because the Blood Liao Knight has similar equipment. , So believe oneself infallible, the famous Shuangjian Khan, will certainly wait until the right time, let the bloody Knight fight with you with force with force, but let’s not talk about the gap between the armor materials of our two sides for the time being, it’s simply The kind of tactics I taught you, as long as you arrange them well, you can destroy the Bloodlord Knights without any damage.

So you should pay attention to another situation, that is, they give up Continue to fight against you, select a large number of cultivation bases in the Tiangang and even the empty world, and combine them into a special force. Use the powerful power and speed of the cultivator to launch guerrilla attacks against you heavy riders. If that’s the case, you Today’s cultivation base is really possible to destroy the entire army. Therefore, you must observe and think calmly, and don’t make any decisions that you regret because of a moment of brain fever.”

This is Lin Yuan specially told him before they set off.


Whether it was the Knight who was knocked down to the ground, or the Knight who took the shot, they all looked at him and answered.

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