Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1046

“Those cavalry…those cavalry…simply not so terrifying!”

The old Khan, riding on horseback, danced and said, “Those cavalry wore heavy armor. , Riding on the demonic beast, the demonic beast also wears armor, in addition to the terrifying crossbow arrows, it is plagiarizing our blood Knight! Even if their armor defensive power is stronger, but in the end it is only because of their better armor. It’s heavy, you see, after we escaped a certain distance, they never caught up to continue to kill our warriors. It’s not that they didn’t want to, it was because they didn’t have this ability!”

“Lao Ke Khan, how do you know whether they have no such ability or deliberately created such an illusion for us, trying to lead us back to fight a wave, but set up traps in advance, intending to wipe us out of the northern border, we What should I do?”

At this time, a tribal khan who had always been at odds with the Royal Court of Frost Jian asked rhetorically.

Under normal circumstances, this tribal khan will be taken down by the Bloodlord Knight when he finishes talking about this remark, and even his tribe may not be spared, all will become blood. The slave of the Liao tribe.

However, this is not the case now.

Two consecutive defeats have completely wiped out the prestige accumulated by the old Khan when he was young. The tribe Khan, who was already at odds with the court, is now resentful at this moment. If not at this moment, it is not suitable for internal fighting. , Maybe a fierce coalition will happen immediately.

“If they had the ability to catch up, they would have caught up!”

Old Khan looked gloomy, icily said: “We are almost out of more than two hundred miles now , You haven’t gotten out of that panic. The other party is not a novice. He must know that if he keeps biting behind us, he won’t even wipe out us, but the result will definitely be more than a hundred thousand people, so they must be. Because I don’t have the ability to chase, so…”

“So what?”

The tribe Khan who asked before gave a sneer, icily said: “You mean let us Gather the remnants, turn around and continue to smash with that terrifying cavalry regiment? Sorry, if you want to die, go to death by yourself, Ben Khan will not accompany you!”

The old Khan’s hands trembling tightly on the rein, Looking at the tribe Khan who was about to turn his horse’s head away, he roared: “Coward! A coward like you is not worthy of being a child of the Prairie Wolf God!”

“I am not worthy of being a child of the Prairie Wolf God! People? Are you worthy?”

The flustered and exasperated tribe Khan turned his head and shouted: “Look at what you are doing? Drag the warriors on the grassland to challenge the impossible enemies, good The Shuangjian Dynasty is not as good as one day in your hands. Sooner or later, the wolf god will lower his anger and burn your damn waste to ashes!”

The Shuangjian Grassland in Ancient Era is not actually The dynasty of mankind is a vast grassland. At that time, the ruler was an extremely powerful wolf clan demonic beast. If placed in this world, the wolf clan on the Frost Mirror Grassland would definitely be able to follow the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Mention on equal terms is a demon vein. All humans and beasts living on the Shuangjian steppe obey the orders of the steppe wolf tribe, but there was a fault in the ancient times. The steppe wolf tribe was the most prosperous one at that time. Disappeared in this fragment, even longer than the time when human and demon races went to war.

The legend of the wolf god circulates on the Shuangjian grassland, but in the final analysis, no one has seen the so-called wolf god, but this grassland is indeed a bit evil, and the Shuangjian Barbarian Race has so many enemies. However, no one knows the reason for this, but it can be safe and stable. So far, no one knows the reason, but Shuangjian Barbarian Race regards all this as the shelter of the wolf god.

Old Khan sneered twice and said: “If you want to leave here, I won’t stop you, but the fighters of your tribe must cooperate with our next actions. Therefore, I use the blood lord tribe Lord, Shuangjian Grassland Guardian, in the name of Shuangjian Dynasty Tian Khan, announce at this moment that you, Jirentai, have been exiled by Shuangjian Grassland! Let’s go, this is my last kindness!”

” Children, this old foolish thing wants you to die, will you leave with me, or…”

Ji Rentai did not pay attention to the old Khan, but turned his head and looked at the one who followed him. The warrior gritted his teeth and pulled out a scimitar, pointed at the old Khan who was on the horseback with a cold and severe face, and continued: “Follow me, kill this old bastard who is damaging the grassland!”

The voice fell, and all the tribal warriors pulled out their scimitars, as if as long as the patriarch gave an order, they would immediately rush to the old Khan, ready to go, as if they were eyeing their prey. Wolves.

“Think about your relatives who stayed in the tribe, don’t forget, this time you went on the expedition to plunder the resources of the north, if you don’t get the resources of the north, plus the cost of the army’s expedition Cattle, sheep, fodder, when winter arrives, can you, your family, still survive this winter?

Even if you are rich, even if you suffer this loss, you can still spend this winter, but The Northern Territory has already provoked. The temperament of that black flood dragon, I think you should understand that when the winter is over, maybe before winter, it will lead the northern army to set foot on our grassland. At that time, you can still be stable. Will you survive? It’s not that I’m harming the grassland, but your patriarch is taking you on a path of death!” The old Khan’s eyes widened and his anger was full, Roar said:” The warriors on the prairie will not run away. You choose to join me and continue to attack the north, or be a coward like your patriarch, and run away griefly before the northern army sets foot on the prairie?”

this After remark, the eyes of the tribal warriors all around were cold.

After a while, a khan from a medium-sized tribe rode out, said solemnly: “Old Khan, I have no intention of offending, but you have seen the formidable power of the northern cavalry with your own eyes. I will not The boys who sit back and watch me go back to die. Even if you want to attack the northern border, I hope you can choose to bypass that pass.”

“No, I said, those cavalry are not so terrifying, I There is already a way to deal with them.”

The old Khan looked gloomy and said: “Besides, even if you go to other passes, how can you be sure that the cavalry in the north is only tens of thousands of triflings. What? Other passes don’t have such good terrain. Once you fall into the siege and want to kill them, it can be said to be as difficult as heavenly ascension, even more how. Even if other passes don’t have such cavalry stationed, it will definitely be more difficult than here. Chew!”

The old Khan’s eyes were gleaming, and he continued: “That cavalry is very confident. They think that our cavalry is impossible to mention on equal terms with them, but they are wrong. Up!”

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