Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1048

At the North Border Pass, when Xiao En and the bald man were planning.

Lin Yuan, who had been crouched and closed his eyes and rested, slowly opened his eyes.

The night is coming.

At this time, in addition to hunting those powerful demonic beasts of demon vanquisher, even the experienced northern hunters, before the night completely covers the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range and the demonic beast forest, Retreat to an area inhabited by humans.

Even at this time when Lin Yuan ruled the northern territory, the unwritten rules among the northern hunters were the same.

Night is the time when predators are active, and only the strong night will give them the best protection color, making predators quietly close to their prey.

Predators who have been dormant in the lair for a day are all stomach rumbling with hunger when they come out at night, and any creature is irrational when hungry, so even in the north The Chamber of Commerce will not be active in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range at night, but will only go to some demonic beast communities that have good relations with the north to rest.

These Izumo tigers randomly scattered some medicine powder to drive demonic beasts near the gathering place, arranged a few secret whistles, and tried to keep the predators of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range away?


Under the observation of the eyes of Heavenly God, as the night darkened, more and more demonic beasts awakened from their deep sleep.

The tigers shuttle between the mountains and forests, the wolves that gather together, the pythons hanging from the tree trunks…

Places like Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, from sundown to early morning, Every hill and every jungle is endless fighting.

But tonight, these awakened predators did not fight together like those in the past, nor did they hunt for the poor and weak demonic beasts who were too late to return to the safe lair, but at pace. The same moved towards one direction, even if some predators collide with each other occasionally, they are tacitly regarded as not seeing each other. Obviously, their goals are more tempting than the delicious and incomparable demonic beast flesh and blood in the normal.

That is the area where the Northern Army is stationed.

For the demonic beasts of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, the northern army can exude an intoxicating scent over hundreds of miles. After all, Lin Yuan’s efforts in cultivating the cultivator of various systems in the northern territory can be described as Sparing no effort, coupled with tools such as the Chamber of Commerce in the North, these cultivators from the North have almost swallowed all kinds of spiritual objects and demonic beasts. The energy remaining in the body smells of these demonic beasts. It’s like a pot after pot of Shiquan Da tonic soup. After all, looking at the seven dynasties, few dared to be as extravagant as Lin Yuan. They planted spiritual relics and cultivated demonic beasts as their food. In other dynasties, In China, those who can enjoy this kind of treatment are only that’s all that’s a few trump cards.

The coveting of these demonic beasts is obviously not among Lin Yuan’s worries.

Although Li Zhongsheng was completely unprepared by Izumo Tigers, which caused some mental imbalance, Shenlinjun’s education was not fake.

At least Li Zhongsheng’s execution ability is quite good. Under Lin Yuan’s order, he has completely built the camp and arranged a lot of simple but effective fortifications, not to mention the predators nearby. Even if a beast wave is launched in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, don’t even want to take this camp in a short time.

even more how…there are also back cushions.

The Izumo tigers did not gather together, but formed a gathering place in small groups. This approach was mainly to encircle the northern army, and what they didn’t know was that it was Because of this strategy of breaking up into parts, the Izumo Tiger soldiers were able to establish a gathering place in this mountain range without attracting demonic beast attacks because of their popularity.

But here is the problem.

At this moment, Izumo Tiger’s pawn is like an outpost arranged by the northern army at the outermost periphery. It surrounds the northern army from all directions, and it just happens to stop which predators must pass through. On the way.

No matter where these predators come from, they will definitely encounter Izumo Tigers before they hit the northern army. The first predators who arrived will certainly not be Izumo Tigers. The opponent, but don’t forget, here is the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. For the joint efforts of the seven dynasties, the number of demonic beasts here may be too short, but when facing a dynasty or a certain army alone, the demonic beast of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range beast is enough to describe endlessly!

No matter how talented Izumo tigers are, they will be overwhelmed by these predators. When the time comes, their only way to survive is to escape to the northern army that they regard as prey.

The relationship between the Northern Territory and the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range lies here. These predators may not give the Northern Territory any face. After all, they are only weak demonic beasts living outside the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. A Wisdom Transformation Realm cultivation base is great, Lin Yuan didn’t bother to make friends with them, but the other demonic beasts that follow-up support all have their own ethnic groups behind them, not to mention that the Stoneclaw jungle is nearby, even if it’s not Mountain. The Shaker Ape clan rushed here first, how many of the nearby beast kings would dare not give Lin Yuan face?

“The whole army is ready for battle.”

Lin Yuan’s voice once again sounded in the command system, with a flat tone without any extra emotions: “If it’s a while I found that there was a human moved towards your camp. You don’t need to warn, just shoot and kill!”

At the same time as the voice fell, the camp set up by the northern army became active like a awakened angry beast.

Li Zhongsheng almost made a wrong judgment before, but it was only because of an unbalanced mentality. But then again, in today’s Northern Territory, all walks of life actually have a certain sense of superiority, because With the knowledge that Lin Yuan brought from his previous life, even if it’s just a picture of a tiger and a cat, the average level of all walks of life is better than the average value of all dynasties in the Tianwu world. Even more how, most people focus on the environment around them. .

Shuangjian Dynasty?

Before invading the Northern Territory and the God Martial Dynasty, almost half of the royalists were defeated. I heard that the most promising son of Tian Khan disappeared without a trace in the Northern Territory. It is possible to change from the Blood Liao tribe to other tribes.

God Martial Dynasty?

From the time when heavenly demon was raging in the Central Plains, even if no one deliberately mentioned it, it is not a secret that the god Martial Dynasty has been destroyed. In addition, the people and cultivators in the south are all migrating to They also witnessed the development of the north.

Qingjiang Dynasty?

This dynasty has nothing to say at all. It is bullied by the Southern Desolate demon, bullied by the Izumo dynasty, bullied by the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, and even the endless sea does not put them in the eyes, the most brilliant The Four Great Influences teamed up to attack the god Martial Dynasty, but the Qingjiang Dynasty still only dared to show off on the Wei River, and simply did not dare to set foot on the land of the god Martial Dynasty.

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