Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1050

Izumo Tiger’s thinking is not a big problem. Since the ancient demonic beasts fought against humans, the demonic beasts failed miserably, and the demonic beasts were driven into the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. In fact, the time has reached the point where you die or live, but the seven dynasties need the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range to check and balance the other six dynasties, and the human dynasty unilaterally contributes, not only can not destroy the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, but it has its own bad luck, plus And Tianmen Guardian reconciled it, and the current situation has always maintained the look of the Seven Dynasties and Breaking Horizon Mountain Range dividing Heavenly Martial Continent.

But the hatred between the two races is indelible.

If night comes, these demonic beasts of stomach rumbling with hunger will not care that the humans who sleep on Breaking Horizon Mountain Range are behind the Aristocratic Family sect of that dynasty.

But Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is in the center of Heavenly Martial Continent. If you want to go to other dynasties quickly, crossing the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is undoubtedly the best and fastest way, even more how, from various dynasties. Is it safe to walk in his territory?

It’s safe to follow the official roads of the various dynasties. The large and small Chamber of Commerce in Heavenly Martial Continent will not have to spend a lot of money on guards every year. Do you have to hire some good players to follow the caravan? If you walk in with you, not to mention the demonic beasts, they are endless thieves and horse bandits, which are enough to cause headaches for these merchants. In some places, the robbers are even directly the group of people from the local yamen. In the daytime Talking and laughing with you in official uniforms, if you are interested in the goods in your caravan, wait for the sky to darken, change into night clothes, and ride a fast horse is a ringing horse.

So, in this world of business, personal perspectives and talents are aside for the time being. The first thing is to have someone in hand. There are not a few guards who have names and surnames in the rivers and lakes. It’s really a business trip. You don’t even know how to die. Another one is to get popular. After Chamber of Commerce works for a long time, you will naturally make friends in black and white. You usually give people money and supplies, and wait until your caravan is from others. When passing by the door, people also turn a blind eye. If you think that you can run amuck throughout the world by hiring a few powerful guards, it is also a fate that you don’t understand even if you die. After all, there are not many powerful people in anyone’s family. Now, those green forests that are famous everywhere are either named by a capable person standing up with a stick, or standing behind the Aristocratic Family sect. People really pinch it to death. Don’t you just play?

Of course, Lin Yuan’s Northern Chamber of Commerce is obviously the exception to that exception.

The Chamber of Commerce in the North Territory is like a quail in the North Territory. There are too many fierce persons in the North Territory. After all, there are too many fierce persons in the North Territory. Which Aristocratic Family, sect, Greenwood, and the Chamber of Commerce in the north are all called masters.

Not to mention that behind the Northern Chamber of Commerce is Lin Yuan and the entire Northern Territory. The relationship between the Northern Chamber of Commerce alone determines their position at the top of the merchant food chain.

No matter where you go, whether you walk through the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, or walk through the territories of various dynasties, you won’t be able to get around the northern border in the end!

Are you on your site to show the faces of the people of Chamber of Commerce in the north?

Then sorry, don’t do business directly, or go out to a caravan and die. How much family property do you have enough to pay for?

But then again, no matter how treacherous the human environment is, there are some unwritten rules that everyone must abide by. For example, when you are in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, you happen to be around when you encounter a beast wave. If there are other human beings, no matter it is caravan, mercenary or even demon vanquisher, no matter if you don’t know each other, if you have grudges or gratitude, you have to help you, at least before the tide of beasts recedes, everyone can entrust them. Good brother on the back.

This unwritten rule obviously does not apply to the Northern Territory…

The leader of the Northern Territory is the demonic beast, and the Northern Chamber of Commerce relies on Breaking Horizon. Mountain Range started, why should people stand with you to offend the various demonic beasts of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range?

Not to mention, the original purpose of Izumo Tiger’s trip was to snipe the northern army!

So, when the Izumo tiger pawns broke out one after another, brandishing their sabers and beheading the demonic beasts that were only chasing them, they kept getting close to the camp where the northern army was stationed, they were already suffocated. The fierce soldiers of the northern border also took their place one after another. The temporary towers were now full of crossbowmen, glare like a tiger watching his prey, staring at more and more Izumo tigers.

In fact, the standard equipment of the North Territory is far crushing other dynasty armies. How far is the maximum range of the crossbows they are equipped with? At present, there is no accurate figure out, but there is one point. To be sure, these equipment produced by the Ministry of Industry were distributed, and as long as the enemy appeared in their line of sight, it was equal to within their range.

The reason why I didn’t send it out was not because I changed my mind and intended to help these Izumo tigers.

It’s just that Li Zhongsheng just thoughts move and said in the command channel: “Everyone is ready to shoot, don’t shoot the Izumo tiger pawns who are approaching us. If necessary, you can help them block the demonic beast. I just watched them. These people are all in their forties. They should be veterans who are about to retire. They take the first step to test us and see if we are hostile to them. Let’s beating somebody at their own game. , Put them close to the camp!” This scene was also caught by Lin Yuan.

The commander of Izumo Tiger seems to have a rationality beyond common sense.

In the face of the outbreak of the beast tide, it was first judged that the beast tide was invincible, and it was necessary to use the power of the northern army, so I ordered all the Izumo tigers who were able to move closer to the northern army. At the camp, some pessimists may immediately make a seemingly reasonable judgment—the North Territory is in the same group as the demonic beast. Not only will they not help, they will even join hands with the demonic beast.

This judgment is indeed valid.

Lin Yuan dared to let the northern army camp here, just for sure that these beasts would not continue to attack after seeing the northern army flag.

But will the demonic beast of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range really easily team up with Lin Yuan?

The beast owner who suppressed Breaking Horizon Mountain Range I, and was able to save the Star Sea from Lei Qiusheng, who was in the limelight at the time, is still recuperating somewhere in the northern border, that vacant one. The beast lord throne stays in the Monster Beast King court. Will these demonic beasts of the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range allow Lin Yuan to easily enter the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range?

In desperate situations, it is better to take a gamble than to give up.

Betting on the Northern Army, it’s not so easy to enter the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Sooner or later, these beasts will merge with the Northern Army!

This is not a final struggle, but the option that can be obtained after rational analysis and has the greatest chance of survival in the end.

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