Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 873

“Next, do you want to tell me that causality is so simple that not everything can be done as a transaction, or if you can’t reach you with me In the beginning, you are dead end sooner or later, why don’t you take me on the road together?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and moved towards Taoist Hongyun with a sarcasm smile, jokingly: ” Then give it a try. I should have died long ago. Although I am a little unwilling, I can take away the great power of a famous Great Desolate before I die, which is considered a profit.”

Hongyun Taoist: ……

Is this black flood dragon really not afraid of death?


He is essentially a lunatic?

For the operation of changing the limit one by one, Taoist Hongyun is definitely not willing to do it.

Lifeforms often have a common feature. The closer the distance to death, the more you will cherish your life, just like some people always keep on saying how to fierce and unafraid of death, but it’s the critical moment. He is the one that collapses the fastest. For people like Hongyun Taoist who have lived for an unknown length of time, living has become a kind of obsession. Or, this is a common problem of all cultivators. The so-called cultivation is nothing more than an obsession. Defying the sky, in order to make yourself immortality that’s all.

And Lin Yuan, is the unparalleled exception in the world.

His obsession is not to be alive, but to revenge!

The Taoist Hongyun was seen through by Lin Yuan, he thought about it for a moment, raised his hands and said: “Since we can’t agree, let’s set aside the cause and effect for the time being and talk about other things. What do you think?”

Lin Yuan did not speak, but tilted his head and motioned to Taoist Hongyun to continue.

He is just a Heart Demon, so he will occasionally be uncontrollable when he speaks and does things, especially when he encounters irritation, he will appear paranoid and crazy that’s all, but this does not mean that he has become outright madman.

These creatures that escaped the Great Desolate back then are naturally allies, because they are extremely suspicious of Hongjun, and worry that the later cultivator will threaten him, and even the path of cultivation will have to be transformed by magic. In other words, these Great Desolate creatures who have had a history of’betrayal’ are definitely on the list that must be put to death, but for the time being, there is no way to deal with them that’s all.

For friends who help themselves, only fools will refuse to help.

But Lin Yuan’s attitude is always the same. If you are willing to talk, you can talk. If you don’t want to talk, then you can just lift the table and you will be done. He has to put on a stinky statement about who owes whom. Lin Yuan only has a four-character reply-it’s all done!

“You need a helper now. The northern border has been crushed by heavenly demon. You may not see anything in a short period of time, but over time, the foundation of the northern border will be shaken. An ordinary person who cannot survive You will sell your own land again to the officials in the northern territory and the teachings of the academy. It will not be long before the Aristocratic Family and sect that you have managed to suppress will once again emerge, combining with the remnants of the old Aristocratic Family, these emerging forces It will be even more difficult, even until you get rid of them, it is tantamount to cutting the flesh on the northern territory!

And the Academy system you have worked so hard to set up, I am afraid that it will also be part of the protracted war. There is nothing in the middle. Those who you find with great difficulty, whether it is for a good future, or for repaying your kindness, or simply obeying the orders issued by the superior, will become the army’s Reserve, rush to the battlefield of nine deaths and still alive.

Once these people are killed in battle, you will want to find a group of poor children, grassroots civilians and even dissatisfied with the old Aristocratic from the north. Family’s Aristocratic Family branch, I’m afraid I don’t know when it will be delayed, not to mention that I can’t wait, but I think you at that time probably no longer need these low-end assistance.

There are six other dynasties that have been dissatisfied with you for a long time. The Northern Chamber of Commerce has always controlled the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, the central area of ​​the Heavenly Martial Continent, to trade, whether it is profit or benefit, compared to crossing the territories of various dynasties and traveling along. The way to trade in the ocean on the border of the road is countless times better, but the demonic beasts of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range don’t trust them, and they don’t dare to attack Breaking Horizon Mountain Range together, so they can only watch your Northern Chamber. of Commerce earns a lot of resources from their territories.

The problem is, Breaking Horizon Mountain Range’s trust is not for the North, but for you. If something goes wrong with you, Breaking Horizon Mountain Range will immediately close all passages to the North, and the entire North Chamber of Commerce will lose everything. The Shuangjian Dynasty and Qingjiang Dynasty will also take the opportunity to launch a war on the northern territory, looting the resources of the northern territory to strengthen themselves.

If you are trapped in the endless sea for too long, the hearts of the people in the north will inevitably fluctuate. Even if the heavenly demon is a major problem, they will not immediately cause chaos, but the heavenly demon will be cleaned up sooner or later. Clean, especially if you have caused such a big thing in the endless sea, no greedy guys dare to continue to test your bottom line in a short time, so the problem of heavenly demon will soon have the Heavenly Gate Guardian intervene and be It’s just a matter of time to clean up that’s all.

Once the heavenly demon is dealt with, the next is the civil strife in the north. As the chosen one, shouldn’t the cultivation be the immortal dao modified by Old Guy? In addition, you are not the Primal Chaos Demon that existed before the Great Desolate World was opened. Without the inherently powerful strength and companion Spirit Treasure, you can make rapid progress. Isn’t it because of the existence of the North? “

Hongyun Taoist will hands behind ones back, his face is full of wind and clouds, it seems that he has seen everything well, said solemnly: “Some people think that the North is just a huge group of interests. Because of your existence, they have overwhelmed all the unruly generations in the Northern Territory, but they obviously did not think that it was not you who overwhelmed the Northern Territory, but the Northern Territory made you! “

Speaking of this, Taoist Hongyun seems to have caught some handle, smiling like a fox who stole a chicken, said solemnly: “The North is very important to you, and there is absolutely no room for loss, no ? “

Lin Yuan opened his mouth, but did not refute it.

It was not Taoist Hongyun who was right, but Lin Yuan simply wanted to see what kind of demon Hongyun Taoist was going to be.

Is he relying on the northern border to get to where he is today?

Sorry, you don’t know anything about the real attack!

But think about it, Those who do not understand the existence of Shinto cultivation can’t think of the meaning of the Northern Territory to Lin Yuan, and the Taoist Hongyun understands the existence of Shinto cultivation too much, and they misunderstand the meaning of the northern territory to Lin Yuan, after all, no matter how big his brain is, he can’t think of it. Lin Yuan did not grow according to the layout of the system, but brace oneself imitated the path of the ancient god of Totem, trying to get himself out of the control of the system!

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