Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 875

[I turned my face, what can I do? Don’t forget, this World has an upper limit of strength! These guys who escaped from the Great Desolate World, regardless of their previous strength, must suppress their own strength in this world, otherwise it will cause the world to collapse!

【Even if they are not forced to suppress and kill by the rules, they will also cause the world to collapse. Let’s finish it together! Even more how, it’s hard to say whether they can use the limits of the breakthrough rules and use power beyond the limits of in this world! ]

[After so many years, seeing this group of bastards still makes me as hot as I am. I don’t want to make any effort at all, but I still want to eat the big money. If it’s not for these guys to work hard, trifling Hong How could Jun steal Heavenly Dao? 】

System foul-mouthed, if it has a substance, I’m afraid it’s already screaming.

Lin Yuan blinked, feeling that the water in Great Desolate World is deeper than he thought, but system is still scolding these Great Desolate powers for not doing anything at the beginning, and Hongjun won the power The guy who immediately planned to escape from Great Desolate obviously didn’t continue to reveal anything to Lin Yuan.

Judging from the information currently available, Hongjun’s stealing of Heavenly Dao did not happen overnight. Overwhelming majority Great Desolate creatures knew about it, but except for those Great Desolate creatures who took refuge in Hongjun’s command, The rest of the Great Desolate creatures are basically in a state of not working hard, otherwise Heavenly Dao would not be so bad, and was forced to separate a piece of origin and escape into the Sea of ​​Bitterness, allowing Hongjun to steal the Great Desolate Heavenly Dao.

If it weren’t for the game between Heavenly Dao and Hongjun now, Hongjun is continuously sending Great Desolate creatures to the other world to trace the traces of Heavenly Dao, 80% of these escaped Great Desolate creatures are still there. Play dead in a corner of the world.

“Red Senior Yun’s words are valid. The North is my foundation, so I have to keep the North anyway, but the question is, why do I have to borrow your hands?”


Lin Yuan twisted his body up and said meaningfully: “Demon Court can tell the Guardian to do things by opening his mouth. I definitely have no doubts, but how do you know that I must be worse than you? As far as this time period is concerned, I am afraid that in Tianmen Guardian’s eyes, I am afraid that my face is much greater than your Demon Court!”

Lin Yuan was still awakened by the system.

Tianwu world incomplete, the cultivator and demonic beast here have the upper limit of strength, the strongest is only touching the threshold of True God, there is still a million miles apart from the realm of Undying and Inextinguishable, even though It is a force that was once powerful like the Four Sea Dragon Races, and several dragon gods are also relying on the power of self-produced incense to survive that’s all.

The Great Desolate creature bestows the cultivation cultivation technique. When entering this world, it can indeed destroy this world with a wave of hands. It can be said that suppressing the cultivator and demonic beast of the entire world is easy.

But today, after countless years, can Great Desolate creatures easily suppress cultivator and demonic beast?

How is that possible!

The most powerful house of cultivator and demonic beast of Tianwu world is to touch the threshold of True God, while most of Great Desolate creatures are above this realm, but they can only use this level of battle in Tianwu world. strength.

Their only advantage is that the companion Spirit Treasure, similar to the bottle gourd, is much stronger than the magic weapon refined by the underdeveloped refining method in the Tianwu world, but this is not The gap between the stone axe and the machine gun.

Tianwu world cultivator is not a soft persimmon. I didn’t have the ability before. Now I have the ability. Who would like to have a Retired Emperor on his head?

If I agree to cooperate with Demon Court, not only will Demon Court not have to pay anything, but I can also use Lin Yuan’s previous disturbances to continue a wave of fate, even if Lin Yuan leaves the Tianwu world, Those Guardians of Heavenly Gate also had to feel jealous, and continued to acquiesce to Demon Court, the Retired Emperor, when the time comes. Whether they were looking for Guardian of Heavenly Gate for resources, or turning from darkness to light, I am afraid that few would dare to stand up and provoke them.

Even if someone like that comes forward, they still have Lin Yuan’s promise of asylum. Although Lin Yuan only borrowed their name, I saw Demon Court secretly intervening in some events. , But if Lin Yuan got to the step of stepping out of the heavenly gate, even if it was just a celebrity or a little intervention, it would be enough to keep the natives of this world quiet out of fear.

The risk is passed on to Lin Yuan, and he doesn’t need to pay anything, just waiting for the benefit later.

There is such a good thing?

This behavior of Demon Court is indeed as the system said, it is to use Lin Yuan as a fool!

I was questioned by Lin Yuan, and Taoist Hongyun couldn’t hold his face, and said coldly, “What do you mean by Dragon King’s words? Are you questioning my Demon Court’s ability? The words are very clear, as long as the Dragon King is willing to cooperate with us, all the problems that bother you can be solved immediately, but if the Dragon King is unwilling to cooperate, it is to let us die, and you are not afraid of us…”

“I’m just curious, if Demon Court intimidates the Guardian of Heavenly Gate to stop a series of deployments on Heavenly Demon, and let them continue to consume the North, I will directly declare war on Demon Court. Senior thinks, which side of Guardian will be on Heavenly Gate? “

Lin Yuan interrupted Taoist Hongyun with a smile.

The smile on Taoist Hongyun’s face froze instead.

If this is a complete world, the Trifling Guardian is not even an ant to them, but the problem is that this World incomplete, Lin Yuan and the indigenous creatures are also impossible to follow them Fighting outside the Tianmen, in case of bad luck and fall, their own cultivation base is useless. Although they are in this World, they are still outsiders. Once they die, there is no chance of reincarnation, and their souls will be directly captured. In the gloom of Great Desolate World, let them the soul flew away and scattered, which is Hongjun a single thought.

The blue veins on Taoist Hongyun’s forehead violently, and his breathing began to become heavier.

If Lin Yuan is really a member of Demon Court, then Guardian, no matter how courageous Tianmen Guardian is, will not dare to challenge Demon Court.

The problem is…Lin Yuan is not a member of Demon Court!

And the movement he made in the endless sea before is not small, although the guy in the white coat only appeared for 3 minutes, the battle strength demonstrated was enough to sweep the Tianwu world, purely on the level of military force In contrast, Demon Court does not have the horror behind Lin Yuan.

In addition, although Demon Court is gradually disappearing, when they were tyrannically abused power in the Tianwu world, they had a lot of old grievances accumulated with indigenous creatures. Just look at the Four Sea Dragon Races. What kind of virtue was the Demon Court back then, the Demon Court back then used all the natives of the Tianwu world as slaves!

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