Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 877

Two hours later.

In the north, in a black liquid Dragon King Temple near the mountain city.

The huge flood dragon sculpture slowly opened his eyes. The originally inactive body was covered by a squirming black liquid, showing the characteristics of a creature, every muscle Trembling, every piece of scaled armor was opening and closing.


With a light sound, a piece of wood carving scales fell off, and then…

Pap! Click! Click!

More and more wood carvings and stone carvings are falling off. A piece of meat with the length and thickness of an adult’s forearm fell on the ground. A group of temples and the others rushed over to hear the strange movement. Under my gaze, the bright red meat strips gradually evolved into a black snake-like existence after a twitch. The whole body was covered with fine black scales, which looked like the previous sculpture…shrunk countless times. Look like.

The black little snake shook his head, and a pair of vertical pupils slowly turned into two colors of blue and white, which seemed to restore clarity, said solemnly: “The Divine Idol here does not need to be restored for the time being. In addition, Tell Li Zhong to come here to see me.”

The matter of Endless Sea can come to an end for the time being. After all, the existence of the Monster King Realm and the Ancestral Demon Realm is not something that Lin Yuan can fight against, but the North Realm. The battle situation here is always tight. Just as the Taoist Hongyun said, there must be no mistakes in the north. Lin Yuan had to delegate the authority to Cyrus and the divine sense clone that controls puppet’s body, so that the body fell asleep again, with External Body Incarnation Way back to the north.

This time he did not choose the way of “coming”. After all, maybe in a certain corner, someone who is not his own believer came and called for anyone, so he stopped Lin Yuan. After all, most of the gods on Heavenly Martial Continent belonged to Yin gods. For example, those loyal ministers and good generals of the Old Sovereign dynasty did not enter the reincarnation after death, but were sent to the Saji Shrine to be supported by the power of national destiny. Coupled with some storytelling, they became gods one after another, similar to the wild gods of Lin Yuan’s previous life.

If the’Celestial Emperor’ successfully formed the Celestial Court, it would be possible to absorb these yin gods, just like the Celestial Court did in the tribulation of the gods.

Ingest a little True Spirit of these Yin Gods into the Investment of the Gods, so that they will always be driven.

The true gods in the Great Desolate World are all direct proofs of the existence of Hunyuan’s sanctification, or like Pangu, the ancient devil god of Innate.

The Celestial Court Spiritual Gods in the previous life are not so much gods as slaves. Take a look at the Taoist dísciples of Three Purities lineage inheritance and communicate with the heavens through the talisman. There are many techniques of Talisman who hold the heavens. The Spiritual God’s method of doing things, only when the world became more and more difficult and the road of cultivation became more and more difficult, did the Taoist cultivator slowly change from being driven to inviting God.

But in a world without the jurisdiction of Celestial Court, the authority of these Yin Gods can be very large. For ordinary persons who don’t know the difference, Lin Yuan seems to be no different from those Yin Gods.

So, in order not to be affected, Lin Yuan had to activate the back hand he had previously arranged in the north.

When Lei Fan was responsible for the construction of the black liquid Dragon King Temple, Lin Yuan sealed part of his own flesh and blood in every sculpture. After a long time relying on the power of incense, these flesh and blood will be awakened. With the divine sense blessed by Lin Yuan on the sculpture, one can evolve existences similar to the External Body Incarnation. Even if Lin Yuan’s body dies, it can be resurrected with the help of these External Body Incarnations.

For the cultivator and demonic beast of Tianwu world, this method is absolutely against the sky.

However, the Taoist tradition of Lin Yuan cultivation belongs to the Great Desolate World after all, and this kind of behavior is already a basic practice in the Great Desolate World.

For example, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor who almost ate the Red Cloud Taoist is the most disgusting one. It was originally a placenta that was born in the Netherworld Blood Sea. There was Great Divine Ability. Later, Great Divine Ability was used to completely integrate himself with the Netherworld Blood Sea. In Great Desolate, it is known as “the sea of ​​blood does not wither, the Netherworld River does not die”!

Prepare yourself for the operation of External Body Incarnation to resurrect. It is really a basic exercise in Great Desolate World. Lin Yuan is just doing what everyone can do.

Compared to the Netherworld River Old Ancestor’s operation of smelting himself with the Netherworld Blood Sea, Lin Yuan’s behavior of cutting off his own flesh and blood and separating his own divine sense is not considered to be effective. How ruthless.

This time he activated an External Body Incarnation ahead of time, and returned to the North in this way, but now this body not only does not have the strength of his Desolate Demon Realm Level 8 but is also fragile. It’s ridiculous that the wild beast, who has always been slightly stronger, can easily prey on him, and it takes a lot of incense power to regain its strength. It’s just the incense power on the body almost. Although this sculpture has also received a lot of incense. The influence of power, but after all, it is not the self-generated spirituality that broke the seal, and it is barely better than nothing, and it is not of much use.

So before confirming safety, Lin Yuan can only stay in this black liquid Dragon King Temple. After all, this is a mountain city. Both humans and demonic beasts are not rare. , He has to break an External Body Incarnation for nothing.

Don’t look at his current strength, but the flesh and blood comes from the body after all. A black snake with a flood dragon bloodline that has no resistance is walking outside and is placed in the eyes of those wild beasts with low spiritual wisdom. It is a delicacy that does not eat for nothing. Even a demonic beast with a certain spiritual wisdom may not be able to overcome the greed in the heart.

“Yes, I will go now!”

Miaozhu bowed to Lin Yuan and gave a salute, and ordered the people he brought over to guard the great hall, and then he hurried Went out.

After rounds of cleaning work in the northern border, people who can still work in the black liquid Dragon King Temple are almost all the existences created by Lin Yuan using the system model for soldiers, although the growth rate is extremely slow. , But there is no doubt about loyalty. Otherwise, Lin Yuan does not want his External Body Incarnation to fall into the hands of unscrupulous people, but instead become a means to restrain himself.

Lin Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He suddenly remembered that when he first traced the heavenly demon, there was some black liquid in the immortal medicine that he found, which was similar to the black liquid in the underworld in his hands, but it seemed that there was a big difference. But that is indeed the power of the underworld, coupled with the existence of heavenly demon, which is insubstantial, but wisdom generated by evil thoughts and Evil Thought, these clues are gathered together and point to the Great Desolate World……

With a light flick of the tip of the tail, a heavenly demon that was assimilated by the black liquid of the underworld was condensed, and respectfully gave a salute to Lin Yuan.

“I ask, you don’t need to answer, you just need to be nodded.”

Lin Yuan looked at this heavenly demon, and said solemnly.

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