Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 881

Li Zhong looked at Lin Yuan with blurred eyes, feeling his brain buzzing.

I always felt that the Dragon King ran a trip to the endless sea, and when he came back, he suddenly began to chatter.

Not to mention that he overturned the information that he had finally determined before, and now he has been taught a set of cultivation techniques, but from the beginning to the end, there is no indication of how to deal with that. The environment is transformed into the Evil God of the underworld.

You can’t do nothing, the other party will perish by themselves, right?

“Long Lord Wang, about that Evil God, you…”

Li Zhong took two deep breaths and calmed down his excitement, said solemnly: “You may I still don’t know the situation in the north. The guy doesn’t know what means he is using to transform the land in the north by little by little. In addition to the Shun Ning City sheltered by the beast owner Qilin, there is also the area around the black liquid Dragon King Temple. Most areas have already become dead. No matter how good the seed is planted, it will die in a few days. Some demonic beasts on the cultivation base are okay, but wild beasts are now extinct in the north, and cultivation and hunting are impossible. , Now the Northern Territory has begun to eat inventory. After a while, the Northern Territory will have to buy food from other dynasties. When the time comes, the trouble will be big!”

Northern Chamber of Commerce I have been absorbing resources and wealth frantically from the imperial courts, but Lin Yuan’s strength and fame lies here. The demonic beast in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range does not recognize other caravans. Even if others want to copy Lin Yuan’s There is no way of thinking, which also means that the Northern Chamber of Commerce is almost a dominant state.

But now the Northern Territory is suffering from this tribulation, and other dynasties will definitely not let go of this opportunity and will definitely blackmail the Northern Territory a lot.

Don’t worry about the loss of resources for the time being. After all, the inventory in the North is still rich, and as long as this trouble can be solved, how much benefit the six dynasties have eaten in the North, when the time comes, even the belt bones He has to spit it out. What he is worried about is that the six dynasties used some dirty methods, such as deliberately delaying the delivery of the goods, or getting some old or rotten food to perfuse things. When the time comes, I am afraid that many people will die. !

“Then what do you think of me?”

Lin Yuan looked up towards Li Zhong, only to find that this man was full of nervousness at the moment, and he couldn’t help but pause. Said: “Before I left the northern realm, I gave you a lot of black liquid in the dark realm. You should have known since then that the power that is transforming the northern realm at this moment overlaps with my power to a considerable extent? I rashly Taking action, not only will not save the North, but will deepen the soil of the North!”

Speaking of this, Lin Yuan took a deep breath and said with a gloomy face: “If you want to solve this trouble, just It is necessary to find the location of that Evil God, then kill him and defeat his origin, in order to stop the underworld transformation in the north, and then find a way to attract Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, and slowly wash away the underworld, so that the north can recover. “

“that Evil God…”

Just as Li Zhong opened his mouth, he was stopped by Lin Yuan’s eyes.

Lin Yuan lightly shook the head, stopped Li Zhong’s words, and said with a facial expression grave: “That Evil God doesn’t know where to hide. Don’t believe what you see, Lei Fan It was indeed combined with the original heavenly demon, but that was just a method of Evil God. It does not mean that this guy who combined two monsters is the deity of that Evil God.”

The corpse of Lei Fan was sacrificed into an immortal corpse puppet, and then the Spirit Physique of the first heavenly demon was taken with Great Divine Ability. Combining the two together, as long as it can confuse each other, it doesn’t take much effort. You can create a target that is enough to attract most people’s attention!

“Take me back to the city to have a look first.”

Lin Yuan put out a long breath, ordered.

Li Zhong’s footsteps were slightly paused, and this was a little helplessly said: “Most of the human gathering areas in the North have already fallen. Those who have not been evacuated in time and the demonic beasts are either torn apart by those Undeads or are being Assimilated into Undead, except for Shun Ning City, which is sheltered by the beast owner Qilin, only the black liquid Dragon King Temple built in various parts of the northern border can provide shelter. If you want to return to the city…”

” It means that the entire Northern Territory has almost fallen?”

Lin Yuan was almost choked to death by a few swear words.

If the co-author didn’t have a smooth layout in the south, and led the main force of heavenly demon to the south, now the north has completely fallen?

“Lanshan City, Taicang City, Shun Ning City, and Donglin City, these four major urban areas are still under our control. As for the remaining small and medium-sized gathering places, we have voluntarily given up , Those Undead’s battle strengths are not strong, and they are 50-50 when fighting against the existence of the same realm, or even slightly weaker, but the problem is that we can’t kill Undead at all!

Only black liquid In the area blessed by Dragon King Temple, those Undead dare not step into it. In addition, we have sprinkled a lot of black liquid in the underworld around several large cities. With the same immortal characteristics of the Netherworld River creatures you gave, supplemented by The cultivator and the demonic beast can also defend those urban areas.”

Li Zhong’s expression was a bit ashamed. It was airtight, and as a result, he couldn’t hold it for half a year, and the Northern Territory almost fell into Undead’s hands.


Lin Yuan suddenly cursed, said solemnly: “Notify the people nearby to gather and go to the Safety Sector domain to take refuge. It’s not safe here!”

Those Undead from the hands of another underworld will instinctively hate their own breath. If they are not ordered, they will basically not attack the black liquid Dragon King Temple, but now they have enabled this External Body Incarnation, have they used incense? The strength of the power to restore strength means that the’divine might’ that I stayed here has dissipated, and it won’t be long before the living things aura living around here will stimulate those Undeads to surge wildly.

Lin Yuan, who has stepped half of his foot into the realm of the gods, knows this kind of Undead best. Compared with the thoughts of wanting to eat fresh flesh and blood in the novels of the previous life, Undead is about living creatures. More emotions, in fact, are hatred, similar to the idea of—I’m dead, why can you still be alive?

Once they meet a living creature, it is equal to an irreconcilable battle!

“Long Lord Wang, Lord Wang in the north, just…a lot of Undead have just arrived, and they have surrounded us.”

Miaozhu stumbled into the great hall. , There is a faint cold sweat on the forehead.

Hearing this bad news, Lin Yuan felt that his head sank a lot. He cheered up and asked: “You immediately gather everyone, whether it is a cultivator or an ordinary person, and tell them that you can hide. No matter how good it is, I can’t fool those Undeads, the only ones who don’t cooperate with us are the dead end!”

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