Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 883

Li Zhong pondered for a moment before he was indifferent and nodded. He turned and walked in the direction of Miaozhu, ready to deploy the formation.

Although he is far from reaching the point where he needs to accumulate the power of incense, Lin Yuan has a good foundation for him. Together with the cultivation technique that Lin Yuan just passed down, those who give him at home As long as the northern kingdom is strong enough, the achievement of True God is a certainty!

Although the black liquid Dragon King Temple is not small, it is not worth mentioning compared to the northern border. Although it has sheltered many people, it adds up to less than 10,000 people, and most of them They are all ordinary persons without a cultivation base. A few cultivators are mixed in the team, and most of them are Mortal Realm. Even Imperial Sky Realm is not very common, and the clothes do not look luxurious, and all kinds of them are obviously not one set. Leather armor and iron armor are mixed together, how defensive ability is hard to say, but ugly is really ugly.

These low-level cultivators belong to the bottom group in the cultivation world. Even the Mortal Realm cultivator is just a little stronger and faster than the ordinary person, even if it doesn’t. Stepping into the threshold of cultivation, some more powerful Martial Artists can deal with them. In the war of cultivation forces, these people are not even cannon fodder, and a few lives in a match are not enough to die!


Li Zhong’s voice rang from afar.

The king of the North took the lead and personally led a queue of fifty Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivators to form gun heads. While those Undeads had not accumulated to the point where the scalp was numb, various techniques The method does not need to be thrown out like money, and there is a strong astral qi between the wide opening and closing of the weapon. Even if the cultivator of the same realm collides with this level of attack, few dare to take it hard.

But for those Undeads, it’s just like the slap that a child slapped when he was fighting. They can’t even see the meaning of avoiding. They were blown away in an instant, but they were injured. It’s not serious. Although it looks like a torn flesh and broken skeleton, but before those Undeads get up, they are almost healed. The most outrageous thing is that many of these Undeads have been cut off again. With the existence of limbs, new limbs are also growing rapidly at this moment, and Lin Yuan can’t help feeling scalp numb with his terrifying recovery ability.

When he used to bully people with the Netherworld River creatures, he didn’t feel that when he suddenly encountered the same disgusting thing, he realized that he had no good way to deal with these guys!

Following the low-level cultivator slowly moving forward in the team, and even the existence of Martial Artists, Orion, etc. who rely on military force to eat, the reaction at this moment is not slow at all, one after another The old and weak women and children received a specially strengthened long spear in their hands. Before those Undeads stood up completely, they handed out the long spears fiercely and nailed these Undeads directly to the ground.

Lin Yuan can clearly see that although the Undead has been temporarily restricted from moving, the flesh and blood are constantly squirming, seeming to want to squeeze out those long spears that have penetrated into his flesh and blood. It looks like those characteristics The long spear will not last long.

The remaining Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivator, as well as the Imperial Sky Realm cultivator drawn from the survivors, are all running along the team, knocking out the Undead who are trying to struggle out, or Give a shot to Undead who is still struggling.

Generally speaking, the momentum is not bad, if nothing unexpected happens, it is not difficult to get out of these Undead siege.

The main question now is whether to take a detour into the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range and walk through to the Safety Sector domain, or to go through places such as the forest of starving ghosts and the dirty plains, after all, bring these ordinary persons After talking with a low-level cultivator, there are really not many routes to choose from, and the intelligence in the North is now vague and outrageous. Except for the dangerous areas that have been known for a long time, are there any other dangers that are the same as the internal situation of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Is ignorant!

“These are walking zombies, the lowest Undead, spiritual wisdom is not high, compared with the general wild beast, the strength is limited, and these things have no vision, mainly relying on smell and hearing to track prey, except In addition to these characteristics, they are strong as an ox, walking like flying, one step is comparable to our ordinary person running three or four steps.”

The temple blessing responsible for protecting Lin Yuan said softly. Introducing this Undead feature to Lin Yuan, slowly said: “If you encounter these walking zombs on flat ground, you may not even be able to run a low-level cultivator. After all, this thing is very vengeful and has excellent patience. When you can catch up with your prey, you will not give up anyway. In contrast, humans need to rest.”

Lin Yuan wrapped around the temple’s arm, wondering: “The nearby Undead seems to be They are all this kind of walking corpses, which means that we have to flee to the mountains and forests, otherwise they will catch up with them sooner or later, is that right?”


Miaozhu nodded heavily and explained: “These walking corpses have no eyesight and move fast. The only way to get rid of them is to escape into places with complex terrain. After all, these things don’t know how to detour or regain their strength. It’s just a circle to make them feel dizzy when they hit the tree. When the time comes, it’s very easy to get out.”

In other words…These things are forcing themselves to starve to death. Forest of Ghosts?

Lin Yuan also came out of the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. At the beginning, his foothold was the demonic beast forest outside the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. The forest near the mountain city is no stranger to Lin Yuan. , Although he had never been to the forest of the starved ghosts, and did not see the relevant map, but quickly guessed the location of the forest of the starved ghosts.

That was the place where a large number of Shenlin Army reserves were killed…

Now, these Shenlin Army reserves seem to have been awakened by that Evil God and become more terrifying than walking corpses. It’s Undead…

But it’s the plan made by Lin Yuan at first to travel through the forest of starving ghosts. One is that the area is close to the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. He also has a good look at Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. What is the current situation? If the forest of starving ghosts is really unreachable, he can only choose to enter the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range to make a detour.

The Plain of Filthy Soil from the very beginning is not in Lin Yuan’s consideration. To put it bluntly, that kind of place does not have certain strength, even the cultivator is hard to avoid calamity, with a large number of ordinary What is the difference between a person entering the plain of filthy soil and sending it outside to those Undead?

The monsters in that place are all things that suddenly emerged from the ground. They simply cannot be taken care of by the cultivator. There are no such extravagant manpower to use in their team!

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