Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 884

“Go north and see if the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range can go. If you can’t go, you will break into the forest of starving ghosts and let everyone be careful.”

Lin Yuan took a deep breath, wrapped tightly around Miaozhu’s arm, and felt a little complicated.

As Miao Zhu said, the Undead gathered here are troublesome and there are a lot of them, but they are just the lowest walking corpses. You can see them casually after leaving the sheltered area of ​​the black liquid Dragon King Temple. A large area, the survivors who have been struggling for life in this area have long been taken offense.

As long as you don’t get entangled by these low-level Undeads, getting out is not a big problem, even more how there are a lot of Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivators around who shoot some walking corpses from time to time, and the pressure on the entire team is relieved. A lot.

“However, Lord Wang, those starving ghosts are still a bit troublesome.”

Miaozhu sighed slightly and said slowly: “Although the starving ghosts are not the main force of Undead, But they already have considerable spiritual wisdom. They often hide on the side of the road or in the woods, making the cry of women or children, and lure those passing cultivators into the past. Many people have learned the truth, and the starving ghosts are never there. The hunting area devours the prey. Once the prey is captured, they will drag the prey back to the nest to be trapped. After the day’s hunting is over, they will eat it slowly. So it is difficult to find the traces of the starving ghosts by simply looking at the environment, if not When the Northern Territory had just been transformed into the land, too many people disappeared in the Forest of Starved Ghosts. The King of the Northern Territory specially organized an investigation team. The existence of the Forest of Starved Ghosts is probably unknown.”

Speaking of this, Miaozhu touched his right cheek. There was a claw mark that almost made half of his face curled up. Obviously, this kind of claw mark came from some kind of wild beast, and Miaozhu was also considered hard. This kind of injury that had been cut half of his face didn’t kill him.

Touching the claw marks on his face, Miao Zhu said faintly: “I met a few hungry ghosts before, and they were kind, but they almost lost their lives. These guys rarely know Acting alone, even the smallest group, there are usually three to five starving ghosts. The usual actions look no different from the ordinary person, and they are even slightly stiff, but once they progress to the fighting state, their attack speed is not inferior. With the high-level demonic beasts of Wisdom Transformation Realm, coupled with the immortality feature, the Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivator is entangled enough to survive!”

Every level of Undead can be said to be the difference between The gap between Heaven and Earth, the starving ghosts are not something that can be thrown away by the terrain. This is also the reason why the forest of starving ghosts is comparable to the Jedi. This kind of fast-moving and undead thing, once there are tens of thousands of scales , Shredding a team like them is almost a blink of an eye!

Lin Yuan closed his eyes tightly, feeling a sense of powerlessness in his heart.

Unless he mobilizes a large amount of incense power to bring this External Body Incarnation’s cultivation progress to a level similar to that of the body, almost all he can use is the power of the black liquid of the underworld, and use it at this juncture Although this kind of power can effectively fight those Undeads, it can also accelerate the process of underworld transformation in the Northern Territory. Now that the underworld contaminates the land, it will take a longer time to wash with Spiritual Qi in the future!

“Long Lord Wang, I’ve confirmed it. Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is also very messy now. It is loyal to Qilin’s lineage, the lineage who wants to take advantage of the opportunity to be on top of the lineage, and there are some neutral parties. It’s also very popular with the demonic beast and Undead, but most of them are not good.

It’s good to say that our caravan takes some safer routes, after all, those demonic beasts are now playing in a frenzy If you don’t care, you do need supplies from our caravan, but if you enter the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range…”

Li Zhong let go of a demon bird delivering a letter, looking at Lin Yuan with a complex expression. His face full of hesitation stopped.

Lin Yuan is silent.

He almost forgot that the position of the Beastmaster of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range was almost removed by Mo Yuan. The various races have always been in the stage of open strife and veiled struggle, thinking about their own homes. Sit in the position of the beast owner of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range.

Lin Yuan itself is also Mo Yuan’s optimistic existence, and for the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range to expand the territory of the northern border, the establishment of the Northern Chamber of Commerce brings a lot of demonic beasts to the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range For the convenience and benefits of the three beast kings, Lin Yuan’s senses are also good, and some races who are hopeless to fight for the lordship of the beast are also very optimistic about Lin Yuan, who are powerful competitors for the lordship of the beast.

Now the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is in a mess, not to mention that the Evil God is still in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, even if it is passed away, those guys who want to fight for the position of the Beast King are also impossible. Looking at Lin Yuan act wilfully, even if he can’t sack Lin Yuan, he will probably drive Lin Yuan away.

“Fuck, cerebral palsy.”

Lin Yuan is cursed low.

Although I don’t know why the demonic beast of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range betrayed Moyuan before, but now that Undead and the demonic beast of Purgatory are emerging, he doesn’t believe that the lives of the various ethnic groups in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range will be better off.

At this time, I still don’t unite to deal with Undead and the demonic beast, and I want to eat Breaking Horizon Mountain Range while Mo Yuan is away. What kind of behavior is not cerebral palsy?

After thinking for a moment, Lin Yuan glanced at the team approaching the forest, then turned to glance at the walking corpse chasing after him, and then sighed faintly, and asked: “I am against the starving ghosts. The specific battle strength of the forest is not clear. You have been sitting in the northern border during this period of time. You can probably estimate, with our current strength, what is the probability of passing through the forest of starving ghosts?”

” This…”

Li Zhong was silent for a moment, then said bitterly: “If we don’t have any external assistance, our rule of passing through the forest of starving ghosts is almost zero. It is estimated that we can’t walk far in. The ordinary person in the team has to die almost, and then the low-level cultivator. If you go deep into the forest of starving ghosts, I can’t guarantee what kind of monster you will encounter. Maybe we won’t even be able to get out…”

Speaking of this, Li Zhong lowered his head a little ashamed, and said in a voice like a mosquito: “The forest of starving ghosts attracted our great attention when it was discovered, Jiu Jianxuan The senior organized a large number of powerhouses of the Monster Emperor to go to the forest of starving ghosts. The result was less than 20%, including Jiu Jian Xuan senior who are currently whereabouts unknown.”

As the capital of Lin Yuan’s fortune Although the Monster Emperor will be split into different organizations, and the power will be cut again and again, but the overall strength is always the strongest force in the North. Aside from the mercenaries who work for the bounty, the Monster Emperor will be in The military force of Jiujianxuan is definitely one of the Jiujianxuan who can crush the same realm. Under the resource tilt of the northern realm, it is estimated that it will not be long before Jiujianxuan can break through to the empty and underworld realm and become one of the northern guardians.

But now… Jiu Jianxuan is mostly bode ill rather than well.

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