Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 885

Under the command of Li Zhong, the whole team walked into the forest of starving ghosts in an orderly manner, while the temple blessing responsible for protecting Lin Yuan fell at the back of the team and was responsible for stopping the chase. The walking corpse coming.

Although the eyes of Heavenly God are still unusable, Lin Yuan can see the gray deadness pervading the woodland as soon as Lin Yuan opens his eyes.

Step on!

Step on!

Step on!


The sound of footsteps sounded in my ears, and the sound of’clicks, clicks,’ stepping on dead branches, even if you don’t need to look at it, you know that there are a lot of’ Something’ is approaching their team from the forest of starving ghosts.

The walking corpses that have been chasing after them have also stopped at this moment. They have used inferior spiritual wisdom to show the instinct of weak creatures when they encounter powerful predators, almost Without the slightest hesitation, I gave up those living humans who seemed to hate them so much, turned around and galloped away in a similar direction, even faster than when he was chasing Lin Yuan and the others by three points. more than!

“Hungry ghost?”

Lin Yuan muttered softly as he looked at the monster among the woodlands and on the branches of the trees all around.

Compared with the hungry ghosts in the myths of the previous life, who have a small mouth, a thin throat, a big belly, and can’t eat anything, the hungry ghosts of Tianwu world are indeed better-looking, but it’s hard to see where they are. Go, the pale and bloodless skin is as weird as a thick layer of powder. A pair of scarlet eyes are no different from normal eyes when you look closely, except that the bloodshot eyes in the white of the eyes are all highlighted. , Seems to be enduring great pain all the time, salivating from the corner of his mouth from time to time, and when he grinned, two rows of sharp teeth intertwined like shark teeth can be seen.


A sharp sky-splitting sound started.

Lin Yuan’s complexion changed slightly, almost subconsciously tightening Miaozhu’s hand, slamming it upward with all his strength, but with his current External Body Incarnation’s basic attribute, he couldn’t move a Heavenly Dipper Realm at all. For the cultivator, the basic strengths of both sides are not at the same level, but Miaozhu’s reaction was very fast. When Lin Yuan moved, he had already waved his arm in line with Lin Yuan’s rhythm.

A cold glow suddenly appeared.

Miaozhu’s suffocated arm almost wiped the cold glow past.


A big tree that can only be hugged by five adults makes a sound, moving towards the ground diagonally.

“What is this again!?”

The temple blessing was silent, and his expression looked a little panic.

The damage that can cut this big tree looks bluffing, but to be honest, it may not be able to penetrate the astral qi of a Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivator and then hurt the cultivator itself, but the speed is surprisingly fast Incomparably, if it were not for Lin Yuan’s terrifying sense of danger, this one could kill him!

It from the very beginning …It came to Lin Yuan!

As the tree fell to the ground, after the splashed dust, sawdust and rubble fell one after another, the cold glow also appeared. A three-foot-three cyan long sword was nailed obliquely. A little behind the stump, the hilt of the sword was still trembling slightly, it seemed that the castration had not yet arrived, but it was forcibly stopped.

A translucent silhouette slowly condenses next to the long sword, gradually revealing the appearance of Jiujianxuan. As the silhouette continues to solidify, the skin is moving towards the scarlet color transformation, and the pair is no longer divided. In the eyes of Qingtongren and the white of the eyes, there are all ferocious and fierce looks, like an angry hedgehog, just looking at it from a distance, it is daunting.

“Incarnate Asura…”

Lin Yuan lightly murmured, his eyes became serious.

When explaining Six Paths of Samsara, there are Three Good Roads and Three Evil Roads.

Heavenly Dao, Humanity, and Asura Path are the Three Good Roads, but the Asura Path is not really a good way, but those who can fall into the Asura Path are compared to those who fall into the Three Evil Roads. To be much happier.

Those who fall into the Asura Path are all those with anger, brave and cruel. They are basically fierce generals and heroes. Once they enter the Asura Path, they will become Asura. From then on Day and night, there are endless death fights. There is no other desire, and there is no need to rest. The entire Asura Path is a fighting lunatic, constantly rebirth and rebirth. Every killing and every rebirth will make Asura become More powerful and terrifying!

As today, the way of Wu World’s Samsara is extremely crude. After the northern realm has gradually become soiled, it has gradually been improved. This one died in battle in the forest of starving ghosts and became Asura’s wine sword mysterious. , It’s probably the first Asura in the world.

Everything in the world cannot escape from beginning to end. In the’rules’, one is a very unique number, which often represents a special meaning.

Most of the time, as long as any creature has an appellation related to’one’, it often represents the powerful strength of the unique race and despise Heaven and Earth!

For example, those Hongmeng Innate creatures. Almost all those who can make a name for themselves have a “one” benefit. For example, Hongyun Taoist is the first Hongyun in Great Desolate World. There are also those who have been extremely powerful. Among the three clans, Ancestral Dragon, Yuanfeng, and Shi Qilin, these three are also able to directly crush all the existences of the same clan, and only each other can break their wrists.

This also applies for the current Jiu Jian Xuan from the side, it is by no means an easy one!

Being stared at by such an existence, even if Lin Yuan has been mentally prepared for a long time, he still feels hairy at this moment. After all, Asura is unkillable. Even if you grind it into dregs, it It won’t be long before he will be reborn, and then pounce on his opponent again in a roar mixed with excitement and anger.

even more how, before this, Jiu Jianxuan had a fierce record of suppressing Heavenly Dipper Realm Peak and beheading it with five swords. After being transformed into Asura, it will only be stronger, and it will continue to go from endlessly. Learn nourishment in the battle to make yourself stronger and stronger!

“Dragon King, you go first, I will deal with it!”

Li Zhong squinted his eyes and said as he stood between Jiu Jianxuan and Miao Zhu.

After all, he is the king of the Northern Territory. Even if he is a puppet fostered by Lin Yuan, he is also conscientious in governing the Northern Territory. During this time, he has accumulated some king’s aura, which can just suppress the incarnation of the fierce soldier. Asura, even the existence of other incarnations Asura, will be suppressed to a certain extent.

“With us, you can’t get out.”

At this juncture, Lin Yuan would have to recognize the reality even if he didn’t give up the power of the incense of walking.

When I descended to the North, I was afraid that I had already fallen into the perception of that Evil God. Whether it was the walking corpses coming from all directions or the situation changes in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, it was all to make Lin Yuan filled in a multiple choice question with his standard answer, and even Lin Yuan’s activation of this External Body Incarnation might have the other side’s interference factor!

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