Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 888

The lips of Jiu Jianxuan, who has been transformed into Asura, opened and closed, but no one heard what he said, and saw a flash of red glow, Jiu Jianxuan had already carried his sword to the temple to wish. Sword edge’s direction was Lin Yuan. His eyes filled with hostility didn’t have the slightest emotion. The only emotion that could be read was the desire for battle and blood. Obviously, he didn’t know Lin Yuan at all.


The sound of collision between metals sounded.

The sword in Jiu Jianxuan’s hand was shaken up high, but the blue-black scimitar was only slightly deflected, and with the fine-tuning of the person who shot it, it returned to its original shape. On the track, still slashing towards Jiu Jianxuan’s chest.


The blade tore open Jiu Jianxuan’s gradually solidified chest, a large amount of black blood gushing out, but only for a moment, Undead plus Asura two-in-one powerful recovery The ability began to work, and the wounds torn by the blade slowly spawned granulation. Those granulation squirmed and entangled together, and the torn wounds healed almost instantly.


Yang Qinglin curl one’s lip, shaking off the black blood on the blade, said blankly, “Undead monster, healing faster than normal Undead It’s even better, except that wisdom is temporarily invisible, it’s much stronger than the rubbish around. It is indeed the strongest sword cultivator of the Imperial Family in the past. It’s tricky enough.”

“Not Wisdom Gao, at least for the time being. Facing an impossible opponent, he chose to take a sneak attack. After the attempt, he soon realized that it was difficult to get out, and instead prepared to fight with his own “immortality” characteristics. The shot was rushing to me. It’s not against, but he subconsciously judged that among the surrounding opponents, I was the weakest one. I killed the weak and turned around to deal with powerhouse. Although this tactic did not work most of the time, it could prove , This guy’s wisdom can reach the level of the top predator in the wild beast.”

Lin Yuan’s flood dragon also does not see any changes at the dragon head level. It seems that he was stared at by Jiu Jian Xuan just now. It’s not the same as him.

“The extent of the top predators in the wild beast…”

Lei Qiusheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, said solemnly: “That is to say, there are human children from eight to ten years old. Level, at the same time crazily, but there is still a trace of reason, then…this kind of guy, is there a probability of being tamed?”

“Asura cannot be tamed, the existence of this race only pursues Kill a powerful opponent, or be killed by a powerful opponent, and continuously recover and regenerate, through a death battle to quickly become stronger, not to mention that his spiritual wisdom is not high, even if he has the wisdom of an adult , Also ten out of ten, belong to the unruly generation. With such a guy by your side, you may not be able to move, maybe you may become a knife hanging over your head.”

Lin Yuan squinted his heterochromatic eyes, stared at Jiu Jianxuan with violent eyes, and opened his mouth lightly, interrupting Lei Qiusheng’s delusion.

Innate Asura will not obey anyone, except to create their existence, such as the Netherworld River Old Ancestor who created the Asura clan, or the Evil God who prompted the Jiu Jianxuan to incarnate Asura.

But it’s not easy to say, after all, after the death of the militant and war-eater, there is a high probability that Asura will enter the Asura Path. Lin Yuan does not know Jiu Jian Xuan, so he is not sure that he died in battle. After the forest of starving ghosts transformed into Asura on its own, it was still regarded by that Evil God as the key to open the Asura Path, using the secret technique transformed into this way.

If it is self-transformation, it still has the probability of subduing. Although it still changes his nature as a wolf, as long as he can maintain a stronger posture than him, he can only pick it up in front of the owner. The tail is a domestic dog.

But if it’s the latter…

Lin Yuan, who has stepped half of his foot into the realm of the Underworld, knows that Undead this thing is very clear. Once it is formed, it will be a tragedy, neither life nor death. Never enter into reincarnation, either forever wandering in the world or underworld, or destroyed both body and soul against Undead. Unless this world establishes Ming Sect, establishes Ten Temples Yama, Magistrate, impermanence and other positions, otherwise Undead This thing, you will never be able to achieve a positive result.

While the entire group was confronting Jiu Jianxuan, Celestial Phenomenon suddenly had a mutation. Although the gray dead air existed, the sky was abruptly bright, and the warm sunlight passed through the gaps in the forest of starving ghosts. The hungry ghosts glare like a tiger watching his prey make unpleasant weird calls.

“It won’t be so bad luck…”

Lin Yuan’s eyes flickered and he muttered softly.

Although he is not Undead, he is a quasi-Pluto anyway. He can’t understand the meaning of those starving ghosts, but he can obviously feel the emotions in the sounds of starving ghosts.

That is-fear!

It’s not the sun shed by fear. According to the information recorded in the Sutra of All Living Beings, Undead this thing, no matter which world you will not fear the sun, they like to hang out at night, just because the overwhelming majority Undead is all Those who absorb moonflowers to cultivation, just like all cultivators like to go to places where the Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi are rich, they don’t like to hang out during the day, just because they can’t absorb moonflowers during the day, so they can’t get supplements in battle. It will become weaker and weaker that’s all, and the ultraviolet light can not kill Undead.

But Undead also has the existence of cultivation that can absorb sunlight, but it’s all different, such as those in Undead that can still be active in the sun. For example, after those walking zombs enter the zombie, If it exists for too long, it will become a flying deadlock that is not uncommon in the myth. It is also called Feitian Yaksha. This level of zombie can absorb sunlight to strengthen itself, and Feitian Yaksha was in Lin Yuan’s previous life. It also belongs to a powerful arm that is standing by the underworld.

But flying stiff…not enough to cause changes in the sky.

There are many Undeads that can cause changes in the sky, but the most famous one is the drought!

During the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chi You, Chi You once invited Feng Bo and Rain Master to help out, and set up a storm of miserable wind and rain. Even the Yellow Emperor’s Titan Rain Dragon suffered a big loss. You must know that Rain Dragon was in the Dragon Race. Zhong is a high-level species, but was suppressed by the means of moving clouds and rain. One can imagine how critical the situation of the Huangdi was at that time. As a last resort, the Huangdi killed his own daughter named’Yan’ by using the secret technique. Refined into a zombie, supplemented by a large number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, refined the world’s first zombie, and it is also the highest level among zombie.

After Yan became a zombie, he has a powerful ability, which is the legendary-the birth of Yan Yan, a thousand miles away!

This sentence has an exaggerated meaning. With Lin Yuan’s current vision, it is not difficult to guess that the real ability of the drought is actually to disperse the clouds. That’s why the saying that the red land is thousands of miles away.

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