Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 889

Drought can disperse the clouds. Every time it appears, it must be a clear sky ten thousand li. Both white clouds and rainy clouds will be avoided. As long as the drought stays in one place for a day, don’t think about any day. It’s raining. After all, this thing is rain falling from dark clouds. If there are no clouds, how can it rain?

According to the mythological record, after the battle, Rain Dragon returned to the south, and the drought was banished to the north. It was called the god of drought, but the people in the north always complained of sun, water, and tigers. The ceremony of expelling the drought by means of food, etc., is not necessarily disrespectful to the gods, but in the ancient times in the past, no place could afford a drought. Once a severe drought occurs, it basically represents the end of a dynasty.

In the early days, some people treated the drought as a’god’, but after the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the drought was regarded as a Demon, and there was even a legend of the drought and the transformation. It is not clear whether it is true or not Lin Yuan , Anyway, the information on the Sutra of All Living Beings says that this kind of creature does exist, and it is also the nemesis of Dragon Race. It is known in the same realm-one can fight three dragons and two flood dragons!


Lin Yuan cleared the distracting thoughts in his mind, and watched the gradually receding clouds grow larger and larger, suddenly he let out a low growl.

As the ancestor of the zombie in the orthodox mythology, the drought is definitely not as common as in the previous novels, and the northern territory has not completely turned into the underworld, and it has been able to give birth to starving ghosts, Asura, and Six Paths creatures. It is extremely difficult, most places should be full of walking corpses, but one thing is absolutely impossible!

This degree of underworld can’t give birth to the magic barrier of drought!

This guy is the foreign Evil God!

This fun is too much!

Lin Yuan can face Great Desolate creatures with a high attitude. That’s because he has great cause and effect. Those who want to live don’t have the guts to offend Heavenly Dao, at most they are open strife and veiled. After a struggle, Lin Yuan was forced to cooperate with them, absolutely not daring to kill Lin Yuan.

But what is the drought?

Is the ancestor of the zombie who stepped on a horse!

Zombie is not in the Three Realms, nor in Five Elements. Trifling causality can’t restrain them. To tell the truth, even if there is a zombie clan’s demonic barrier, heaven may not descend Heavenly Tribulation. It is the righteous god of Leibu, and he has no authority to come to Thunder Punishment over existences that he can’t control!

That thing now wants the position of Tianwu Pluto, unless it can be favored by the will of the world, but obviously impossible, even if the will of the world can’t deal with it, it won’t have a good impression on it, this guy is nothing more than It is the will of the world that is used to transform the northern territory and further force oneself to become the instrument of Pluto, that’s all.

It should be very clear about this!

So, there is irreconcilable hatred between the two parties!

Unless Lin Yuan destroys both body and soul, the default position of Pluto will definitely not fall on it!

Drought in the Huangdi period was able to fight against Feng Bo and Yushi when he was born. It also means that Drought has touched the threshold of True God at least. Even in this limited world, it can explode. The power of, is definitely the upper limit level, far from the existence that Lin Yuan can contend.

If he really can’t escape, Lin Yuan has to give up this External Body Incarnation, put his consciousness into the body, and then lower his posture to the Great Desolate creatures who are not working hard. Discuss the cooperation matters again.

There is no other way. It’s better to lose your face than to lose your life.

Tianmen Guardian?

They may not know how to deal with this level of the drought. Even if they do, it is impossible to work for Lin Yuan, and they can’t make up a million merits in a short time to invite other hosts to come.

The temple wish that communicated with Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate at all. He turned around and fled towards the direction he came. The survivors who had recovered their lives because of the God’s Lin Yuan did not froze. After all, This apocalyptic place has lived to the present, and those who can’t bear it in their heart have long been dragged away by Undead and killed or have a complete mental breakdown.

They don’t believe in the sudden appearance of the Shenlin Army. In contrast, they believe in Lin Yuan who can shelter some areas of the northern border with the black liquid Dragon King Temple, and they did not give up easily at this time. They are willing to venture with them through the temple of the forest of starving ghosts and the others.

So when Miaozhu left, these survivors moved and ran wildly behind Miaozhu.

Yang Qinglin, who was holding a machete and confronting Jiu Jian Xuan, twitched his eyes slightly, and saw Jiu Jian Xuan body moved, turning around and moved towards the depths of the forest of starving ghosts.

Almost at the same time, Yang Qinglin also hid the scimitar in the blood robe, and moved towards the direction of the temple wish at his feet. As an Ancient Cultivator, Yang Qinglin has been in the former territory of the Blood God Church. Regain strength in the retreat.

As a fluke withdraw from the ancient stage where cultivators are fighting each other endlessly, after coming to the new era of wars between mortals and low-level cultivators at most, I have never been used to living a plain life, and I am sensitive to danger. Far beyond the existence of Lei Qiusheng.

“Wild beast’s intuition?”

Lei Qiusheng looked thoughtful, but his actions were not slow at all. Lightly waved his hand and snarled: “Everyone is ready , Fleeing with the survivors, leaving some people to delay the time, others set off quickly and ran until they couldn’t run!”

I haven’t waited for how far these people run out, a silhouette of scarlet as blood It’s like a ghost-like swooping in. After it hits the ground, the blood shadow dissipates and reveals its original appearance. It is also pale and bloodless skin, unable to see the specific facial features, and a long hair like withered grass. The entire face was covered, and after landing, he was bent over and walked with only one foot, while the other was dragged to the ground.


It seems that after landing, he didn’t see the person he wanted to see. It raised its hair and let out a sharp and stern roar, and its eyes were hidden under the messy hair. Turning around, I saw a group of Shenlin army nailing the starving ghosts into the ground.

Although it still walks on one foot, its figure is as swift as the wind, almost invisible to the eye. Every time it appears, there must be a corpse of the god forest army to the end, a trace of scarlet mist Overflowing from the corpse’s pores and blending under the Tsing Yi, the corpse on the ground also turned into a scorched and shriveled appearance, dead in an extremely miserable state.

It’s just that the death of Paoze doesn’t seem to affect the remaining soldiers of the Shenlin Army at all. They can’t see the silhouette of the Qingyi, just ignore it, and mechanize the hungry ghosts that just rushed over. Cut it over and nail it into the ground.

“Where is that…black flood dragon…?”

It seems that I haven’t spoken to anyone for a long time. The silhouette of Tsing Yi appeared again and appeared in front of a soldier of the Shenlin Army. The sound was as harsh as a cat’s claws being drawn heavily on the glass.

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