Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 894

Originally thought that the battle between the dry scorpion and the scorpionfish was the battle between the warrior and the wizard in the previous game. Before the wizard finished singing, the warrior must have the upper hand.

But I didn’t expect that when the fish was “casting”, the drought suddenly changed, from the warrior back of a tiger and waist of a bear to a back of a tiger and waist of a The magic warrior of bear!

How good is your background?

There were a lot of zombies in the previous life, especially during the Republic of China. They were called zombies rampant, but how many zombies were out of the category of melee combat?

Look at other people’s drought, blood energy is a warrior, converging blood energy can cast spells, the standard Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, placed in the Western fantasy novels of the previous life, it is properly The protagonist template, and there is a daddy who is too awesome. Although this dad is really sorry for this girl, he also gave this girl the ability to be called the nemesis of Water Element!

Why did the wormfish shoot?

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but think of this idea.

The drought is also one of the existences that have escaped from the Great Desolate World. Those Great Desolate creatures don’t know the basics, but they must have known the woman who left her name in the myth. I don’t know it is impossible. Feng Bo Yushi teamed up and defeated her, but at this time, she sent a scorpionfish who was restrained by drought everywhere to support.

What is this behavior?

Standard actors!

This is a good cut!

The fluttering finfish took a deep breath, looked at the rising water vapor, turned to look at Lin Yuan and the others, and then snarled, “What are you sending?” Damn, didn’t I see that I couldn’t beat her? Don’t run now, and you won’t be able to run away when she gets out of trouble!”

Lin Yuan:…

Lei Qiusheng:… …

Yang Qinglin: …

The two looked at each other with a flood dragon, and they all showed speechless expressions.

The food can still be cooked so arrogantly?

If you can’t beat it, what should I pretend to be?

Good fellow, the big water is mobilized directly from the Weishui River, and the imposing manner is simply ten thousand li!

As a result, when this flood reaches people’s drought, it is a control method, so that they can easily run away?

If you put this fart earlier, we will run far too!

“No one can leave!”

It seems that he sensed that his prey had a retreat. The drought trapped in the water suddenly issued an angry roar, which was covered by blood energy. Both hands suddenly protruded and directly pierced the tumbling water dragon. With a further effort, he forcibly tore a channel open and walked out of this channel in a stride.

Lin Yuan just noticed that the drought seems not to be too good. The original scarlet blood energy is now moving towards the dark brown sticky direction, and the light emitted from the body is also much weaker. After all, Panyu was only restrained by her means, and the strengths that both sides could display in this World were actually the same. Of course she was impossible without any loss, especially if she broke out forcibly, the consumption became more and more terrifying.

“Hey, you should be very clear, even if I am not your opponent, you are impossible to move this black flood dragon. We have waited so long in this world, and now we have found hope. Do you really want to be an enemy to all of us?”

The Wingfish Instigator has both wings, constantly hovering in the sky, staring at the Drizzle with cold eyes, but no longer tries to attack.

“Hope? You are still dreaming of going back!”

Han Yan looked at the fish with a complicated complexion, and said loudly: “With this black flood dragon, Is it worthy of hope? You don’t really think that the final winner will be…”

“Shut up!”

The fish screamed, icily said: “Drought, why can’t cause and effect you? No matter how strong you are, can you still be stronger than the Six Saints? When we escape, we have no choice. You think that you will be the Pluto of this world and you will be able to survive that turmoil. Keep yourself in the middle? It’s ridiculous! If you want to, that black flood dragon would have served as the king of Hades long ago. The creatures after eternity can see better than you can see. You have lived for so many years!”

Speaking of this, Panyu paused, took a meaningful look at Drought, and continued: “When this world is completed, that person has no reason to let it go. Over the years, where in the Great Worlds there is no trace of the arrival of the Six Saints Even if a world such as is Heavenly Martial World is harassed by minions under the Netherworld River, do you think you can escape to death when the Six Saints arrive?”

The words fell, and Han Yan’s body was slightly shaken.

As a zombie, she is not in Three Realms and Six Paths. Karma cannot affect her at all, so she can act on Lin Yuan.

But causal karma can’t kill her, it doesn’t mean that the powerful cultivator or demonic beast of the cultivation base can’t kill her.

If this world is complemented, after the establishment of the Three Realms and Six Paths, the power that the world can carry will be greatly increased, and when the time comes Saint can come to this world, it is definitely not a native world Existence that can be resisted, in the world outside of Great Desolate, either Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi is exhausted, cultivator has no room to survive, or there are extremely powerful Great Desolate fugitives and the Chosen who join forces to contend with Hongjun’s minions. Attack.

But Tianwu world…

There are not a few powerful Great Desolate fugitives here. Those who have real ability will not choose the small world to settle down, or that the small world simply cannot Carrying their power, and the black flood dragon of the “chosen one” of this world is indeed not strong today, let alone the existence from the Great Desolate World, even the Peak natives of the Tianwu world can easily defeat him!

Thinking of this, Han Yan has several points of hesitation.

Because she can’t fight against the Great Desolate creature that was culled after the world is completed, without the help of the “chosen one”, it means that the “allied forces” in other Great World realize the changes in the world of Tianwu Before, this world will face the Great Desolate World alone.

In that case, the only end of this world is to accept destruction or enslavement. Similar things are not uncommon in other small worlds that complement itself.

After hesitating for a while, Hanyan stepped towards Lin Yuan again, only at a very slow pace and seemed to be thinking.

“If I become Pluto and develop Ming Sect, my strength will be advanced by leaps and bounds. Unless this world is destroyed, I will be an immortal existence. You are alarmist, don’t I just believe that You can’t make it?”

The drought lifts the head, looking directly at the flying whitefish, and said loudly.

“If you become Pluto, you may not see the day when your strength is advanced by leaps and bounds.”

Suddenly, Lin Yuan’s voice rang:” Although I don’t have specific information, I’m sure that the Celestial Emperor has been born. Once Ming Sect is established, the human world will begin to fight, just like in the Conferred Gods and Calamity of the year. Even if you kill the world, you will not be able to stop Celestial Court. Established, when the three realms are ready, any one of the six holy sages can wipe out your True Spirit, and make the immortal Pluto in your mouth alive into a puppet that obeys your fate!”

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