Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 895

“This way…”

The Drought Yan lowered her head slightly, letting the mess of hair cover her face again, as if she was thinking about something.

The scorpionfish still flaps its wings and flies high above the sky. As a’legal profession’ that has been alive for many years, it is very clear about its advantages and shortcomings, and there are still large waters nearby. , If there is something unusual about Drought, even though it is not an opponent, it no longer needs to be the same as before. It is foolish to meet force with force with Drought, and it is easy to deal with various situations.

But if it lowers its height…

When encountering the ruthless character of the “Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation” of the drought, it will not be long before the drought will be torn apart!

It’s flying high in the sky not only for its own safety, but also a deterrent to the drought. After all, as long as it is alive, the drought is impossible to easily approach Lin Yuan.

Once Han Yan turns his face again, it is tantamount to being determined to kill. Those Great Desolate creatures who haven’t shown up have a bit of an uproar with Lin Yuan before, but they won’t watch Lin Yuan die.

A missed hit is equivalent to facing all Great Desolate creatures!

“quickly retreat!”

Lin Yuan, who was wrapped around Lei Qiusheng’s shoulders, suddenly tightened, and shouted in Lei Qiusheng’s ear.

From the beginning of the cloud’s retreat, he can smell the dangerous aura from the darkness. If the drought really suppresses the killing intent, this sense of crisis will naturally dissipate. After all, there is no delay in this thing. It is said that it will be terrible, and once the crisis is lifted, it will no longer remind Lin Yuan.

This also means that… Drought Yan wants to kill him from beginning to end!

At this moment, she lowered her head to pretend to be thinking, she is definitely not really weighing the pros and cons, she is deceiving the fish!

How sensitive are the ear powers of the drought ray and the scorpionfish. Almost immediately after Lin Yuan’s voice fell, the scorpionfish had already mobilized the flood and swept toward the ready-to-be-occurring drought ray, and the drought ray had a faster speed. , The blood shadow all over his body was shocked, his speed skyrocketed, and it was three points faster than when he fought with a scorpionfish!

The flood of water that came in did not hinder the drought in the slightest. It can even be said that this flood of water was thrown away by the drought without even smelling the exhaust of the drought.

Fortunately, Lei Qiusheng followed Lin Yuan all the way to this point. Although he was in a daze, he felt like a mirror in his heart.

Just like when he was in charge of the emperor back then, every decree, every imperial decree was a game with the Aristocratic Family, sect, and honors. Once he was settled, he couldn’t repent, and how many people would die. , How many people will be affected, is not important to him, after all, the great character of aloof and remote does not care about the feelings of ants.

Nowadays, the two levels are reversed. Dry ray and whitefish are great characters. Even if the cultivation base is not high, you know that many hidden Lin Yuan may also be counted. Only him and Yang Qinglin are placed in Ant’s In terms of position, if there is any difference, he and Yang Qinglin will definitely not survive!

So after being tied to the same rope as Lin Yuan, Lei Qiusheng chose to trust Lin Yuan unconditionally. When Lin Yuan spoke, his body responded most honestly—— Retreat with all your strength!

Although the speed of Lei Qiusheng and Droughty is impossible to mention on equal terms, but at this moment, this step is the gap between the world and the underworld, because Lei Qiusheng’s subconsciously retreats can dodge the focus of Droughty. Strike the area.

The blood energy that resembles a Heavenspan pillar of blood rises from the place where Lei Qiusheng stood before, and countless blood is like a sharp blade strangling everything within the scope of the pillar of blood!

Lei Qiusheng, who retreated early, only felt his chest tight, and his whole person was lifted out. At the critical moment, a blood-colored light curtain rose, and the power of Lin Yuan’s incense was exhausted. In an instant, the gap in the divine force barrier was made up, and the External Body Incarnation was barely kept. It was just that the blood-colored light curtain lasted for how long. The moment Lei Qiusheng was knocked into the air, the blood-colored light curtain was broken. In seconds, Lin Yuan may be treated as a pool of minced meat!

Yang Qinglin, who appeared thirty meters away, turned pale, and said staggeringly: “Black flood dragon, remember, today you owe this seat a life, and you will have to pay it back to me in the future. !”

Lin Yuan slightly nodded, and did not say anything.

Ancient Cultivator is actually crossing the river by feeling the stones. Those cultivation techniques from the Great Desolate World or the other world are difficult to understand. The wrong step is the cultivation deviation. They either burst into death or are crazy, so Although the cultivators of that era enjoyed the most primordial’rules’ and the strongest Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, the cultivation environment was undoubtedly the worst. They had to face the powerhouse from the Great Desolate World, and were also enlightened by the cultivation technique. The first demonic beasts had to face the’Fellow Daoist’ of the cultivation deviation, not only the cultivator, but the entire human race was struggling at that time and was on the verge of destruction at any time, just like when Nuwa creating Man was weak. Humans do when facing Great Desolate creatures.

Can find a suitable cultivation path in that era, all the way to cultivation to the realm above Kongming, even anticipating the imminent death of oneself, arrange in advance the existence of the resurrection after countless years , Of course it will not be the easy one.

Yang Qinglin can see better than Lei Qiusheng.

Lei Qiusheng is just a grasshopper tied up with a rope.

Yang Qinglin can see through the purpose of the fish. Except for the spells and methods, the top powerhouse, which is not inferior to the drought, appears here to confront the drought. The purpose is In order to keep Lin Yuan, if Lin Yuan dies or escapes, the fish will never smash with the drought like the iron head baby.

At that time, facing the victorious Drought, even if he had all his cards out, there was no way to survive!

To keep Lin Yuan is to keep yourself!

Lin Yuan also sees this through, so he is nodded tacitly.

Even if Yang Qinglin is an Ancient Cultivator, he does not recover so quickly. Moreover, he is not the enemy of the drought at the peak period. He has just been able to hold the drought with a trick, most of which is using some kind of precious Treasure, looking at his backlash look, may still be Life-Source Magical Treasure. This is a great favor. In terms of cause and effect, Lin Yuan should pay his life.

Life-Source Magical Treasure is not something that can be practiced casually in previous life novels.

In the Great Desolate World, this thing is usually a companion thing. This kind of baby is not easily damaged, but once it is damaged, the lightest will make its own cultivation level down!

“If you can escape once and count your good luck, then…what about this blow?”

Han Yan raised his head, even the messy hair covering his face couldn’t cover it With that faint gaze, while raising both hands, the blood-colored Tianzhu began to move towards Lin Yuan’s area and began to tilt, as if the sky was torn and the Tianhe was rolled back.

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