Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 897

“Go first, go first.”

Lin Yuan took a deep breath without lowering his voice, and directly explained to Lei Qiusheng.

Think about it from another point of view. If you put yourself in the position of the drought, it is estimated that the Qiqiao is already angry at this moment, and even the probability of death on the spot is there, even if the space of the fight collapses and the perish together is not a loss. what.

No matter how you say it, Taoist Hongyun is also a great power who almost became holy. It is also Great Desolate Innate Lifeform. The limit is changed by blood. After all, once the world is completed, the strength of both parties will be Will pull it away quickly, when the time comes, it will be difficult to kill him if he hides his mouth again.

But even if there is no limit to the idea of ​​swapping one for another, it’s all about it. If you don’t fight a game, you won’t be able to talk about it. If the powerhouse fights against each other, it won’t stop with the previous hornfish. It seemed that the aftermath of the battle was enough to kill them 800 times. If you don’t run at this time, you won’t have to run if you want to run for a while!

“You can’t go!”

The murderous intention in Han Yan’s eyes flashed away, and he broke away from the mocking state of Taoist Hongyun in an instant, and stared at Lin Yuan fiercely again.

Lin Yuan tilted his head and said solemnly: “Come on, I know what your idea is. Although you know very well, once the Three Realms are completed, Saint will come to this world. Together, it is impossible for you to work together. It’s a stranger’s opponent, but it doesn’t prevent you from wanting to be the Pluto. After all, the arrival of Saint is after the completion of the world. If you kill me, sit firmly in the Pluto position. Even if there are these Great Desolate creatures that block you. A hundred dissatisfaction, you have to help you hunt down those Celestial Emperor candidates all over the world to prevent the Three Realms from completing. By then, you will have enough time to accumulate the foundation and ensure that when Saint comes, you can be safe, yes. Huh?”

Just like in the same realm, the way that Drought breaks the fish, Hongyun Taoist can also destroy the cultivation of Drought, the realm after True God is originally based on the foundation and accumulation, the basic attribute A hundred times more than others, it is not as good as the power of others’ incense.

If Han Yan becomes the king of Hades, it will inevitably set off a foul wind and bloody rain. When she has accumulated enough soul and blood energy, Taoist Hongyun will not be so easy to break her by the means. To a certain extent, hardly shaking Saint is not an impossible thing.

After all, Saint is not so strong, especially Saint after Hongjun. It was originally a false saint. Whether it is the so-called Primordial Chaos Purple Energy or the three corpses, it is all evil, and Hongjun is in charge. The masters before Heavenly Dao are the masters of Hunyuan. One is stronger than the other, and there are even Yang Mei and Shichen who control space and time. Not to say that they bully the juniors, they can be at the same level. Roll directly!

Having the Saint Boundary world and having the Saint strength are always two different things.

What is a direct certificate mixed yuan?

To comprehend and master a avenue is to directly prove Hunyuan, to say that the profound point is to unite with oneself, but there is a Saint Boundary realm without Hunyuan, which is a fool to play, just like a demonic beast Without Innate Divine Ability, no matter how strong your attribute is, the predators who encounter the cunning point will only be played to death!

Only those ignorant Great Desolate creatures felt how powerful the Six Saints were, and even dared not to resist, they escaped from the Great Desolate World directly. For Lin Yuan’s existence after the’eternal age’ In terms of it, it’s another matter.

Hongjun said that Saint has numbers and assigns six saints. In fact, a group owner sets up six administrators. But in fact, Saint simply has no limit on the number. Yuan, to achieve this is the Saint Boundary world, that is to say, in the original Great Desolate World, everyone can be the owner of the group, but the group owner, Hongjun, has become a sentient being desperately fighting. The position of the administrator.

I was broken by Lin Yuan, the drought is not anxious, but nodded, icily said: “Yes, but even if you see it through, what can you do? When I kill you, I am here. The Pluto of the world, this old fogey has to hold back even if there are all kinds of dissatisfaction!” When the voice fell, she curled one’s lip disdainfully, obviously still quite dissatisfied with Taoist Hongyun’s previous words.

Lin Yuan raised his eyes and wondered: “Have you never thought about why you had such an idea? Why did you choose to invade the northern border at this time in an attempt to transform this place into Underworld? In the final analysis, “it” thinks that I am too slow, and want to choose a Pluto that’s all as soon as possible through this method, so…you never thought that Celestial Emperor actually existed a long time ago?”

“How is this possible!?”

The Han Yan and the Taoist Red Cloud roar almost at the same time.

Although the Jade Emperor in the previous life has never been seen, the difference expression is that the Celestial Emperor is indeed Supreme. Even if Zhang Bairen can’t rank in the super-class ranks, he will be the Number One Person under Saint. The title is also more than enough, and one hundred and three thousand two hundred kalpas are not in vain.

81 Even if it is difficult to walk, you can become a Buddha. Zhang Bairen’s strength can be imagined. After all, he represents the sky and is the supreme ruler of the gods!

Don’t look at the Celestial Emperor as the executor of the “rules”. The position of this executor is not so easy to sit on. The Three Realms, the Four Lives, the Shifang, and Six Paths are all under the control of the “rules”, although Each has its own principals, but in the final analysis it is still under the control of the Celestial Emperor. If there is a Celestial Emperor in this world, they are simply impossible to know nothing!


The Taoist Hongyun suddenly raised his head and stared at the sky without clouds. He gritted his teeth, and the right hand still counted. After a while, he suddenly looked golden. Paper, opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood, as if someone had beaten his chest with a heavy hammer.

“There really is a Celestial Emperor!?”

Seeing the sudden confusion of Hongyun Dao’s vitality, Drought Yan suddenly asked uncertainly.

The Taoist Hongyun stretched out his hand and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then the facial expression grave was nodded, and his voice was dull: “It does exist. Just now Poor Daoist has counted the secrets, but it was just a glimpse of the Celestial. The Emperor’s roots and feet were directly beaten back!”

The voice fell, he no longer talked about the drought, but turned his head and looked at Lin Yuan, said solemnly: “Hidden is so secret, even I wait. No clue, how did you know it?”

The Celestial Emperor was born, and they were impossible without even realizing it. Even Lin Yuan like the “chosen one” couldn’t escape and was stared at by drought. Of course, this is also because the will of the world deliberately leaked the information of Lin Yuan, but the information about the existence of the Celestial Emperor was not leaked at all. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the Taoist Hongyun suddenly found a secret to investigate the Celestial Emperor, Unprepared, in order to prevent more secrets from leaking, the existence of Celestial Emperor was exposed and the Taoist Hongyun was’pushed’ out. This is also the hand of the will of the world.

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