Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 898

Although world will not have high spiritual wisdom, it is not a fool.

It already knew that these Great Desolate creatures were not willing to let this world complete, so it obscured the Celestial Emperor’s aura, and planned to force Lin Yuan to become the Pluto to directly complement the Three Realms and promote the entire world. Evolution.

It’s just that it has not been counted for thousands of calculations. Why did Lin Yuan expose such a secret thing?

Hearing this, Lin Yuan was also embarrassed for a moment. After all, the eyes of the three big brothers were all on him. At this time, Hu Hu would definitely not be able to fool around, and system would definitely not be willing to carry this pot. Speak frankly, tell them that you just say it casually, want to distract the frankly and make it easier to run, right?

He is willing to say it, and he has to be willing to believe it!

Silence, silence-like silence.

All eyes are on Lin Yuan, waiting for him to compile…to confess everything.

Lin Yuan thought for a moment, and then said quietly: “This little thing still needs Deducing Heaven’s Mystery, you can’t use up more mana? The existence of the Celestial Emperor is not a secret, okay, Although the God Martial Dynasty was not established for a long time, it usurped the throne and fought with all influences around the world year after year, such as Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, Qingjiang Dynasty, Shuangjian Dynasty and even the endless Sea Demon Beast. How many souls died in it? Even if the establishment of Martial Dynasty is not long, you still have to learn from other Oldest Big Brothers, and use the power of the nation to train a few Yin gods to monitor the territory, and command the demonic beasts and enemy forces that have returned, right?”

Speaking of this, Lin Yuan turned his head and glanced at Lei Qiusheng next to him, and continued: “But Martial Dynasty, the god, is at stake. Obviously, it has come to an end. The rebels of all walks of life have been born, and they are even known as the’shield of the gods’. The gods of Lin Jun have been mobilized. Have you ever seen a Yin God active on the battlefield?”


Hongyun Taoist and Hanyan looked at each other in blank dismay.

When you arrive at a cultivation base like theirs, you can sleep casually, and the world will change for several dynasties. Who has time to take care of those fragile mortals like trivial ant?

But what Lin Yuan said is reasonable. After all, the god Martial Dynasty is so chaotic that they have never seen the Yin god belonging to the god Martial Dynasty. This situation often means two probabilities. Either the Yin God of Martial Dynasty was wiped out by the heavenly demon before things could not be controlled, or it was a collective rebellion.

The former is possible, but for such a big thing, there is no movement at all. Lei Qiusheng is also impossible. He watched his own yin god be wiped out and stupidly cooperated with heavenly demon. After all, everyone did it. The wolf’s ambition was written on his face.

The latter…

Not impossible, but it’s not so coincidental, right?

At this time, they all rebelled?

Isn’t this sick?

Yin gods exist in all dynasties, but they are different from the True God on the cultivation road. They can’t eat the ordinary incense and can only rely on the existence of the national destiny. The stronger the national destiny, the stronger the Yin god. There is still a chance to condense the flesh and live again. On the contrary, the Yin Gods that are nourished by the national destiny will become weaker and weaker until they are completely gone, so even if they can’t think of betraying, they are also impossible to stay, all of them are pulling the gods. Martial Dynasty perish together, it’s impossible to posture!

Seeing that the incident was on him, Lei Qiusheng also blushed, and said: “This matter…this matter, in fact, widowed…I am not quite clear, it’s just that the Shrine Shrine suddenly reported. Said that all the yin gods have lost contact, even those who have stayed at the Shrine all the year round disappear without a trace. They can’t be found in Martial Dynasty, just like they have disappeared out of thin air!”

“The disappearance of the Yin God actually reminds you that the Celestial Emperor still exists. This is really…extreme.”

The Taoist Hongyun first sighed, and then his face changed slightly. He gritted his teeth and said: “I’m not afraid to take the Yin God out of thin air, and I’m not afraid of the nourishment of the country. Could it be that thing?”

At this time, the silverfish with a very weak sense of existence finally put in a word, in a Low, muffled voice said: “It’s definitely not what you think. After all, the thing is still in Celestial Court. If you want to take it away, you have to ask Celestial Court first. If the gods agree, this world… There is no such ruthless existence, but even if it is not, it is probably the same thing.”

The conversation between Panyu and Taoist Hongyun is undoubtedly an old riddler for Lei Qiusheng and Yang Qinglin.

But for Lin Yuan, who came from after the’eternal ages’, this remark is a very straightforward meaning, but these two obviously have some scruples and dare not read it directly. Three words-Investiture of the Gods!

Take a little True Spirit into the Investment of the Gods. From then on, it will be the minion of the Celestial Court. The Investiture of the Gods will not be freed if one day is not destroyed, and only the person who masters the Investment of the Gods Drive!

Hongyun Taoist and Han Yan exchanged glances, and each stepped back a few steps. Although they were still alerting each other, the atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent was obviously weakened a lot.

No matter how stiff these escaped Great Desolate creatures are, the existence of Great Desolate World is still their common enemy, and it is undoubtedly the enemy with the highest priority!

The will of the world can make a Celestial Emperor without them, and it can also make a Pluto without them, which means that this world can be completed at any time, a powerful enemy from the Great Desolate World. It may also come at any time.

Lin Yuan now has the upper hand. As long as he doesn’t die, no one can get past him and become Pluto. But if Han Yan succeeds today, Pluto’s position will not be her turn. It’s hard to say, but it’s certain Most of this world has begun to evolve!

“You have to find the Celestial Emperor, and then kill him.”

The cold glow flashed in the eyes of Taoist Hongyun, he stretched out his right hand again and wanted to calculate, it seemed that he had to find out Where the Celestial Emperor is.

The panfish is lightly shook the head, sighing: “It’s useless, since the Celestial Emperor has been born, it’s too late to say anything, and it has even gotten out that stuff, even if you kill it. What if the Celestial Emperor died? The existence on top of that thing will descend into the world, and then choose a suitable Celestial Emperor to take back.”

Speaking of this, he looked at Lin Yuan and continued. “The urgent task now is not to allow the’Pluto’ to appear. I suggest that we arrange some powerhouses to protect this kid. If he dies, we will be in trouble.”

The crisis is resolved?

A blessing in disguise?

Lei Qiusheng’s violent alarm bell stopped abruptly, and looked towards Lin Yuan with some envy.

Although these big guys talked him over, he can still understand some of the sentences without taboos and secrets. It seems that Lin Yuan will not die here today, maybe he will gain something. A super strong guard!

It seems that Taoist Hongyun didn’t hear this remark. He vomited blood while calculating. Drizzle also turned his head again. It seemed that he was simply unwilling to communicate with the fish.

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