Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 899

The scene fell into dead silence again.

The big guys present have each one, they are all old fox in the old fox. The so-called friendships and camps are all imaginary. Only benefits are true. These Great Desolate creatures have no choice. He took the initiative to save Lin Yuan, but Fan Hongjun gave them a smile, maybe they would help Han Yan kill Lin Yuan.

To count on such an existence to protect yourself, it is better to count on your enemies to show mercy.

Lin Yuan curl one’s lip, his eyes turned slightly, said solemnly: “No, I think the top priority now is…”

Speaking of which, Lin Yuan adjusted his body. Xing, pointed at the Drought Yan with the tip of his tail, and continued: “You have to exit the Northern Territory. Underworld transformation is irreversible, but without the intervention of the operator, I still have the confidence to attract Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to clean the Northern Territory. Otherwise, , When this place really turns into the underworld, who knows what level of Undead will be brewed.”

Although the task given by the system is to kill the outer gods, Lin Yuan is not the opponent of the drought, and the system Nor did it give a deadline for completing the task. Since there is now a probability of peace talks, it is still a long-term plan, and there is no need to fight for a while!


The drought slightly startled, and immediately, cold eyes flashed across Lin Yuan, icily said: “The northern border fell to this step, not for the king of Pluto Did Zhiwei plan it behind the scenes? Even if I do this kind of thing, the northern border should be a piece of terracotta at this moment!”

Lin Yuan:! ! !

When the drought fell, he was directly stupid.

The speed of the Netherland in the north is very fast. Those places that are not protected by the black liquid Dragon King Temple and the beast owner Qilin have almost turned into Nine Nether extremities at this moment. If it is Yin Qi, resentment, Death Qi is accumulated over a long period of time. No one knows what terrifying underworld it will give birth to. Even with the help of this world’s will, it will not be easy to transform the North in such a short period of time. It’s a matter, so, that the strength of the outer god is definitely not weak, and Han Yan is undoubtedly one of the qualified candidates.

But this is the situation right now…

The Drought will not make fun of her own life, and the Great Desolate creature will not look at this world to complete it, let alone kill it in the future. Lin Yuan, even getting close to Lin Yuan is extremely difficult, so she doesn’t have to be careful at this time. Not only is it meaningless, it will make Lin Yuan more vigilant towards her.

In other words, the external god in the system mission is not Drought, she is just a blindfold?

This kind of plot against ……

If the Great Desolate creature had not intervened in the game, it would have led to the situation where all parties were dead. Otherwise, Lin Yuan’s current body is basically impossible. The opponent is either caught pulling out and refining the soul, or abandoning all the External Body Incarnation and the Northern Territory, escapes into the endless sea and cannot cultivate, but then, it is equivalent to giving up the path of True God and being poor. Extremely life is nothing but a false god.

System did not give him a limit on the time to complete the task, but gave him the conditions for the failure of the task. If the Northern Territory falls and all temples are destroyed, system will not give him the opportunity to start all over again!

When Lin Yuan died in the hands of Drought, or was deprived of the chance to become a god by the system, then the throne of Pluto would really fall into the hands of the foreign god, combined with Celestial, which has been incited since he was born. The Emperor’s concerted efforts to complete the Three Realms is only a matter of time, that’s all.

“You are not benevolent, I am not righteous, I really think I can’t find out that foreign god?”

Lin Yuan’s mouth corners slightly raised, different colors within both eyes, chilly, not at all Curb your hostility.


On the other side.

Lei Fan, who was revealed by Lin Yuan and fled, fled frantically. Even though he is now Undead, the fear of being dominated by Lin Yuan has not diminished, even more how, he died. Once, he became more and more sensitive to Death Aura. Regardless of Lin Yuan only using an External Body Incarnation without a cultivation base, Lei Fan always believed that as long as Lin Yuan was willing, it would be easy to kill himself!

After all… there are too many secrets on that black flood dragon.

Just because of the snake Dragon Transformation, even the four Sea Dragon Races that have dominated the endless sea for countless years are greedy.

Also in these troubled times, one by one, strong and heinous terrifying existence is even more palpitating. Such a powerhouse will certainly not be born out of thin air, but Lei Fan asked himself to be a child. In the group of books, I have never seen the powerhouse-related materials, and I have never seen their silhouettes even in the wild history, but Lin Yuan seems to know them very well, even the one who can bestow immortality to life and remove the dead from the dead. Pulled back in the hazy wandering, the mysterious powerhouse, which claims to be the “God of Death”, has all said that Lin Yuan is the same person as it!

Such powerhouse is still afraid of Lin Yuan, such as a tiger, what reason does he have to despise Lin Yuan?

Blind and arrogant, Bi will cause destruction to himself!

“It’s just…why is my heart always upset?”

Lei Fan stretched out his hand to cover his chest, even Undead, but still can feel his heartbeat, at this moment , He even felt that his heartbeat speed was constantly increasing, as if he was about to break free from the restraints in the next second, squeezing it out of his throat.

He is no stranger to this feeling.

Before such an opportunity, he once met the’fox girl’ Kagura once, although that one had converged, and stayed in the Monster Emperor to receive a high-level deacon. Although the power is only under Vice-President’s position, it has not been well-known.

But Lei Fan will never forget the feeling of being targeted by a top predator when he first saw Kagura!

Death is always around, no one can bear except for people who want to die.

With his current cultivation base, even if he faces the killing intent alone, Kagura will not be afraid, but the feeling of being stared at by top predators still makes his heart palpitations, and he knows it very well. , From which True King of the Northern Territory this killing intent comes from!

“That’s right, this time I not only put it on, but also pretended to look like Li Zhong. From it I got a precious cultivation technique. This is a great opportunity. If it doesn’t stare It seems weird when you go to me.”

Thinking of this, the corner of Lei Fan’s mouth slightly raised, as if he was quite satisfied with what he had gained.

Just waiting for him to explore the flow of information in his mind, the smile on his face suddenly stiffened, and he asked in surprise: “Why… changed?”

He couldn’t remember. The black flood dragon just passed down the content of the cultivation technique, but it is certain that what he saw at that time was absolutely different from what he saw now!

My Sea of ​​Consciousness, was unconsciously moved by the black flood dragon?

Lei Fan’s soul went wild, he hugged his head with his hands, and sweat continued to fall on his forehead.

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