Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 900

Sea of ​​Consciousness has been tampered with, which is no small matter for anyone.

Because Sea of ​​Consciousness involves the integrity of a’person’, damaged Sea of ​​Consciousness can range from loss of soul to suspended animation.

The so-called loss of soul is the loss of all memories and common sense, like a piece of white paper stained with ink being washed clean, no ink stains can be seen again, although it is still the original appearance, there is no People dare to say that after losing their souls, they are still’self’. What remains from the predecessor is at most just some small physical habits that’s all. Of course, the so-called loss of souls is different from amnesia. Amnesia is only stimulated and can be retrieved. Come to the original memory, but once you lose your soul, it is equivalent to living in this leather bag with a different person, and the previous memory can’t be retrieved.

As for suspended animation, although it is more miserable than loss of soul, it is still acceptable because the cultivator equivalent to this step is paralyzed by the body, and can only lie down like a corpse because of his own inability to control the movement of the body. It will also gradually disappear that’s all, but at least it is still oneself, and after death, it can enter into reincarnation in a soul state.

For an Undead like him…

Whether loss of soul or suspended animation, it is an unbearable evil result, not to mention the former, if it is the latter, should he Can you be liberated if you lie down in the world and destroy it?

After trembling for a while, he didn’t see the black flood dragon taking the next step. Only then did Lei Fan recover a bit of calmness.

After swallowing dryly, he once again began to perceive the cultivation technique left by Lin Yuan. After reading it roughly, Lei Fan’s breathing became heavy once, and he muttered: “It’s so… It’s so… The end is mysterious, and I don’t know where the black flood dragon got such a mysterious cultivation technique, and it’s so generous, I just taught it casually!”

When the voice fell, the air suddenly filled with a scent of lemon.

At first glance, this set of cultivation technique is actually average, but Yuepin is more flavorful. From entry to Great Ascension, it directly harmonizes his own learning and thinking, compared to Lin Yuan’s gift Li Zhong’s method may not be profound, but it is definitely the one that suits him best. If he starts cultivation according to this set of cultivation technique, then the real path can be expected, and the threshold of the empty world is not at all. exist!

So the transformation of this cultivation technique is not actually the black flood dragon doing some tricks in his Sea of ​​Consciousness, but this cultivation technique is originally a very special existence, which he saw before It is actually a cultivation technique suitable for Li Zhong, but in this information flow rooted in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, and gradually combined with his own thoughts, it naturally evolved into this set of existence tailored for him!

When he was the king of the north under the command of the black flood dragon, he didn’t have such good treatment. Lin Yuan didn’t say anything about his prostitutes. He had to be restrained when he wanted to do anything. Don’t It is said that I have given a cultivation technique. The whole is a tool man, and I still eat it and don’t admit it.

How come Li Zhong is here, and he has such a cultivation technique casually?

Is there really such a big difference in treatment between people?

He is Lei Fan, from the dignified family of Lei’s family, and an offshoot of the Imperial Family!

Whether it is knowledge or means, I dare not say that it is a giant amongst men, but at any rate it is also a middle-upper posture. Wang Zuozhi dare not be, but the rank of the chief official in Xinjiang is absolutely qualified.

How much better can that poor fellow named Li Zhong be better than him?

The jealousy in his eyes quickly faded, and Lei Fan slowly got up and whispered: “Well, anyway, this cultivation technique has already fallen into my hands, so let’s go and join that guy first. Okay, I just don’t know if the forest of hungry ghosts I carefully arranged with the current method of the black flood dragon can stay in it!”

thoughts move, Lei Fan does not need to be independent He started to imitate the body skills and some power tricks recorded in the cultivation technique, and his speed was three points faster than when he fleeed under Lin Yuan’s eyelids before. As his proficiency continued to increase, Lei Fan’s speed was still improving. It’s just that he himself didn’t realize this, because at this moment, he had completely entered a state of enlightenment.

Even the feeling of being watched all the time was subconsciously thrown behind by Lei Fan.

Actually, it is not an illusion, nor a psychological effect.

As the existence of teaching the sutra of all living beings, Lin Yuan and Lei Fan have already established a kind of intimate connection, and it is precisely by this kind of connection that Lei Fan is right about that set’ The deeper the “tailor-made” cultivation technique cultivation, the more Life Power will be fed back to Lin Yuan.

With this kind of life power, Lin Yuan can easily transform into the appearance of the sentient beings under his command, mobilizing all the power of the other party, and even the appearance of imitating is impossible to be seen through.

After all, after establishing this connection, as long as he accumulates enough Life Power, he can copy a Lei Fan template and put it on himself at any time. At that time, he is the real Lei Fan. Like Six Eared Macaque and Sun Wukong, even if they stand together, they can’t tell who is the real and the fake!

This level of magic is already considered as a divine ability, but it can’t be seen through by any means to see through falsehood!

This is the power above the’rules’!

In Journey to the West, Sun Wukong’s seven Twelve Transformations that avoid the three plagues have the same tune with the same effect. The seven Twelve Transformations are endless. No matter what it becomes, it will have corresponding abilities and characteristics. The terrifying three plagues can be restrained, but it is an extraordinary product, but it is just a divine ability that’s all, far from being all-inclusive.

It’s just 72 Changes that won’t suffer from Heaven’s Jealousy, and there is no such rigorous cultivation condition that’s all that’s all…

Of course, those are the basic applications of that’s all, As one of the foundations, once the association is established, Lin Yuan can use this association to check the existence of the cultivation Sutra in real time. As long as there is no world between the two, what Lei Fan sees and hears is Lin. What Yuan sees and hears, even Lei Fan’s thoughts, can be consulted at any time as long as Lin Yuan is willing, and he can even simulate Lei Fan’s thinking to think, so as not to reveal his original body when he is “incarnate into beings”. completely different characteristics.

From Lei Fan to Li Zhong’s appearance, when he appeared in front of Lin Yuan extremely fast, Lin Yuan had already suspicious of him, and passed down the Sutra of All Living Beings in order to lock Lei Fan. Fighting against the so-called forces of the Return of the North is a kind of revenge against the will of the world.

It’s just didn’t expect to be swayed, the existence that is transforming the Northern Territory into the Underworld is not the most suspected drought, but the Langyabang (lyb) that has been lurking somewhere in the Northern Territory. Now Lei Fan has entered himself into the forest of starving ghosts, and will definitely go back to report, then he will be able to unearth that foreign god!

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