Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 901

Apart from this scam, Lin Yuan is still preparing to spread the scriptures of all living beings. Anyway, there is a system to help him’cover’ the secrets to avenge this unsatisfied world will, naturally before this incident is exposed. It’s not in vain.

The power above the’rules’, and even the power to formulate and modify the’rules’, who doesn’t want it?

After all, he has been chased and killed by the stand in great numbers blessed by the will of the world before, because he is concerned that the son of the plane fighting with the transmigrator may cause his body dies and Dao disappears as a result, Lin Yuan can’t Rely on the power of the system to avoid stubbornly.

Although the relationship between the two parties is ambiguous, as long as Lin Yuan is not Pluto one day, the will of the world will not perish and destroy him, and the mind of a Pluto will be re-established.

To deal with this kind of world will that hides the sword in the honey, if it weren’t for the existence of system and Great Desolate creatures, Lin Yuan now has to pick a piece of Feng Shui Treasure Land for himself besides taking over as the external Pluto. , By the way, I have customized my favorite coffin.

After all, the biggest obsession with the will of the world is never to make this World smooth, but to complement the world and advance yourself to the level of Heavenly Dao, in order to achieve this goal , It is definitely by fair means or foul!

“Lei Fan, ah Lei Fan, shallow knowledge, has always been your drawbacks, even if you die once, you still have no vigilance. It seems that you really died without being wronged.”

‘Perceived’ that Lei Fan had been addicted to the Sutra of All Living Beings, Lin Yuan couldn’t help laughing, shook the head, threw out the many distracting thoughts in his mind, and began to observe Lei Fan.

The mission released by system is to kill the outer god. Even if the opponent does not have the strength of Drought, it is still a God, and its lower limit is much higher than Lin Yuan. As for the Great Desolate creature, it must be impossible to count on. Yes, it is not surprising that they can stop the drought, but it does not mean that they will fight for Lin Yuan and fight the foreign gods desperately.

If you want to do it, it is obviously unrealistic to rely on External Body Incarnation.

Not to mention that he doesn’t have that many incense power wasted. Even if there is, why should he do such a thing of taking off his pants and farting?

They can accumulate the power of incense, and they can be directly activated as long as the time is right, and the cultivation base is not weaker than the main body. If they are hidden in the dark, it is equivalent to preparing themselves for one more life. In this situation, even if he forcibly use the power of incense to increase the cultivation base of the External Body Incarnation, it will not be of any benefit to the overall situation. After all, in the eyes of Drought Demon and Red Cloud Taoist at this level, one Desolate Demon Realm and two of them are essentially non-existent. Any difference is the ant that’s all that can be pinched to death at will.

There is nothing wrong with his brain, he has to waste the power of incense…

He does not deny that he is afraid of death. At the beginning, he arranged so many External Body Incarnations to leave some for himself. Back, but since he got the Sutra of All Living Beings, his vision and pattern have skyrocketed, and he has a better plan for the use of these External Body Incarnations!

Just before leaving the northern border, he needs to confirm how far the situation in the northern border has deteriorated, and how much time he has left to deploy in the endless sea, or, the northern border is necessary He immediately returns to sit in town, and can still complete the mandatory tasks assigned by the system in the endless sea, giving his strength a qualitative leap.

By the way, let’s take a look at Lei Fan’s “eyes”. What a cultivation base is this foreign god who is favored by the will of the world!

“It’s boring, let’s go.”

A blood glow flashed in her eyes hidden under her turbulent hair, and she tossed the sleeves of her Tsing Yi and turned into a Blood Shadow Escape. go.

After the drought completely left, the Hongyundao talent sighed faintly, said solemnly: “I don’t know how many years it will take her to understand that her father’s painstaking efforts will always be such a small child temperament. “

Pinyu looked at the direction the Drought was going, and also sighed faintly, then echoed: “She will not understand. Her father has always protected her extremely well. The so-called Five Emperors are just A chess piece that’s all in that person’s hand, in the chaos that year, there were only a few people who retreated all over the body. Rain Dragon is one of the dragon ancestors. Both strength and background are superior. Returning south is the rightful meaning. The female concubine was able to avoid that catastrophe, all thanks to her father…”

Since Hongjun took over, the entire Great Desolate World has been intriguing, the difference is only being elegant or ugly that’s all.

Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors sounds like a big name, but it’s just that’s all in that person’s hands.

Lin Yuan, who took everything into his ears, turned his mind and quickly reacted. This is because the Hongyun Taoist is reminding himself and showing himself in this way. After all, this kind of thing Although there may be many people who know it, it is definitely a Mixin. In history, it is mostly similar to the Mixin that the powerful men cannot mention.

The Mixins of those big guys are all okay. After all, they are all mortals. After a hundred years, they will not be arranged by anyone?

But most of the misings that the Great Desolate creatures know about are from the powerful and incomparable Great Desolate creatures. They are basically World Extinguishes and are still immortal. It is called a robbery, and one can imagine how powerful the chess player is!

Even if they are tyrannical to the point of Hongyun Taoist, they have to be afraid of such existence. This kind of seemingly chatty dialogue is simply impossible unintentionally. They are deliberately leaking some ancient secrets to Lin Yuan. Xin.

Following the conversation between Taoist Hongyun and Panyu, Lin Yuan’s eyes slowly widened, and he tried his best to suppress the horror in his heart.

At this moment, he even felt that his world view was broken.

Great Desolate World is not a world. The so-called Great Thousand Worlds, Intermediate Wide World, and Smaller Thousand Worlds are not naturally generated either. They are all like Pangu splitting heaven and earth apart, and are powered by Great Desolate. The Great Desolate World developed by Pangu is more like a universe that encompasses these worlds of different sizes. The Hongjun mastering Heavenly Dao is like terrifying the “ultimate” in this universe.

This is the first time Lin Yuan knows that Universe Great Desolate… can actually explain this way.

But the Great Desolate per capita creation god is not groundless. For example, there is the Supreme Taoist Kaitianjing in the Taoist Temple, and there have been records of the Supreme Taoist opening the heavens in the Journey to the West. The so-called Journey to the West World is actually just a private server that’s all created by Taishang himself. In this private server, Taishang has even opened up countless vests, acting as Great Desolate powers such as Pangu and Nuwa, but what is intriguing is that there does not seem to be in this World. …Hongjun!

Perhaps, as stated in Journey to the West, the square inch is the heart, the spiritual platform is the heart, and the oblique moon and three stars are also the heart. The so-called Westward Journey world is just a dream that’s all in the heart of Taishang.

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