Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 905

The Golden Cave can be described as the first underground black market of Heavenly Martial Continent, and the second entertainment of Heavenly Martial Continent, Holy Land. Only a Golden Cave can be used when there is a lot of traffic. The profit in one day is comparable to the profit in January of Chamber of Commerce when Lin Yuan originally controlled the fetish market.

A full three hundred years!

You can imagine how rich the demon-lord is!

After talking about Selling the Golden Cave, I have to talk about land of warmth and tenderness. Because of this existence, Lin Yuan noticed Qingjiang Yaozun, a great power that rarely appeared in the world for three hundred years. Because Li Zhong used to go to the black liquid Dragon King Temple from time to time to contact Lin Yuan through prayer, saying that Qingjiang Yaozun was trying to open a branch of land of warmth and tenderness in the northern border. If it weren’t for the Monster Emperor, he would do well, Luo Xu Also vicious and merciless, I am afraid that the northern branch of land of warmth and tenderness is almost finished.

As the first entertainment of Heavenly Martial Continent, Holy Land, land of warmth and tenderness is actually a brothel place, where girls are proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy, drawing, playing and singing, apart from this, shemale Yaren, the characteristic slaves of various dynasties, and even some chivalrous chivalrous women on the ordinary rivers and lakes can be found in it. As long as the guests request, the land of warmth and tenderness can satisfy the guests. Both men and women, just go to the land of warmth. and tenderness Once I have searched for joy, I will never look down on the ordinary vulgar fan anymore, and I will go to the land of warmth and tenderness again and again, which can be described as lingering.

In addition to these, the wines and dishes of land of warmth and tenderness also come from all over the world. Whether it is famous wines from all over the world or homemade, the recipes are all available, and the chefs on the job are also famous in the world. Existence, any dish that flows into the ordinary is worth ten thousand gold, even if the princes and nobles of the major dynasties want to eat it, it will take a lot of trouble.

And land of warmth and tenderness does not need money.

Even a penniless beggar who enters the land of warmth and tenderness can enjoy the treatment that is extremely difficult for the emperor to enjoy.

But as the saying goes well-the color is Bone Blade!

Land of warmth and tenderness does not need money, because it is not money and spiritual things that are collected there, but the unique essence of each creature.

If the human essence is damaged, it will be described as haggard and severely ill, even if it is a cultivator. Losing a little essence, even the efficiency of the cultivation will decrease. If the essence is exhausted, let your cultivation base Heavenspan be exhausted. It has to be violently killed on the spot, the same is true for the demonic beast’s spiritual accumulation. Nearly half of the loss of the spiritual accumulation will be beaten back to the original form as a wild beast. If the loss is exhausted, it will also be a sudden death on the spot.

The extracted essence and essence are not wasted, they are all refined into various medicine pills by the demon demon. Some are used to replenish the innate essence, even for those without cultivation aptitude. With this kind of medicine pill, you can embark on the road of cultivation. The more you eat, the better your aptitude. Some are used to prolong your life. Every medicine pill that enters the market will be robbed. This kind of medicine pill is sold on the basis of pill. , A random medicine pill, it is worth the total income of selling the golden cave for half a year and even wins!

When the world talks about land of warmth and tenderness, it must be dirty, and they can’t wait to ruin the dirty place.

But there are more and more customers going to land of warmth and tenderness. The medicine pill refined by land of warmth and tenderness is also getting better and better. If you say Heavenly Martial Continent, who doesn’t follow land of warmth and tenderness To do business, only a corner of land in the north is left.

The Northern Territory is short of money, but whether it is Lin Yuan or Li Zhong, this kind of money actually disdains to make it.

In the eyes of the Great Demon Lord, there is actually no difference whether it is a human or a demonic beast. It is just a pastoral animal that’s all. They continue to bring various treasures and cultivation techniques into the golden cave. The business of Pinjinku has become more and more prosperous, with more and more inventory, and more and more reputation. What’s more, going to the land of warmth and tenderness is like a lamb jumping into the fire pit by itself, Ren Yaozun Refined into one after another medicine pill sold at a high price.

These are never secrets.

It’s just that no one has ever seen the demon’s true appearance, and no one can punish this demon. Like Lin Yuan, Wei Yaozun gave them a lot of benefits, so he didn’t want to care about it, and turned a blind eye to the win-win mentality of both sides.

Looking at the great powers in myths and novels, most of them regard the world as animals, and they will not be touched at all. The Celestial Emperor in the Westward Journey can Because the prefect of Fengxian County overturned the tribute he had given him, it would not rain for three years. How could he have thought about what kind of purgatory the Fengxian County would become in three years?

Some people say that these powerful cold and ruthless, they regard mortals as grass and mustards, and they are also beast-like existences themselves.

But Lin Yuan today has a different view.

In the final analysis, he can be regarded as half-foot stepping into the threshold of power, but he still has some obsessions in his heart, and the time of cultivation is not long, so it appears that he has several points of humanity. There is a little bottom line left that’s all.

To be realistic, most of those cultivators come from the commonplace, but once the cultivation is successful, the immortal will be different. One retreat may last for more than a hundred years. Wait for him to complete the retreat. After coming out, most of the mortals I know have turned into loess, even if they still have bloodline remaining in the world?

Those who are not the people they know after all, one year after year, the side that belongs to’people’ will become less and less, and eventually they will become Supreme Indifference-style characters.

Instead of being ordinary persons themselves, they are also impossible to give up low-handed benefits for some people they don’t know.

Like Lin Yuan, when he first came to this World, although he was a demonic beast, he still thought that he was an individual in essence, and he could eat those wild beasts and demonic beasts in order to survive. It will also save a human being because of a momentary kindness.

But now Lin Yuan, it is hard for him to convince himself and make himself feel personal.

Of course, he still has conscience and bottom line left, so he set up a new law of the north, and wanted to build a world where humans and demonic beasts live together.

But what can be expected is that as Lin Yuan gets older and older, Lin Yuan’s “human” side will quickly fade away, and perhaps one day in the future will become so that human life will be regarded as horrible. Ordinary existence is like a game between Taishang and Haotian. Da Qin wiped out the six kingdoms, and countless living beings were turned into loess bones. Maybe one day, he will be like that, playing with some unknown existence, a single The birth and death of thought caused countless ordinary persons to pay the price of their lives.

Perhaps a little bit unwilling…

So Lin Yuan tried his best to establish the Northern Territory, lay out the Willow Rock Sea Territory, and build the same things familiar from previous lives. It might not be that he wants to keep more. Let’s make some fate and cause and effect, and try our best to keep the side of oneself that belongs to the’human’.

It’s sad to exist purely as a’god’.

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