Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 907

Xu Yan invaded Lei Fan’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, as Lin Yuan had expected. It was not an inspection immediately, but a flow of information that recorded the contents of the sentient beings. After going away, after copying it completely, Xu Yan didn’t cultivation right away. He turned his head and began to continuously send power into Lei Fan’s body, checking whether there were any abnormalities in Lei Fan’s body.

Lin Yuan pondered for a moment, only to slightly figure out what Xu Yan did.

By the cultivation technique of this level of sentient beings, even the gods will inevitably give birth to greed, but the Southern Desolate evil Gu mentioned by Xu Yan before should not be groundless. After obtaining this cultivation technique, he naturally There will be no immediate cultivation. In addition to checking Lei Fan, you have to see if there are other mutations after Lei Fan’s cultivation.

Such actions are in line with the style of an Evil God.

After all, the power of incense is the most precious resource of the world. Those aloof and remote bosses set a threshold to prevent more false gods from competing with them for the power of incense. The cultivation of the Tianwu world stops at the Kong Ming, and divides different dynasties to divide the human camp. Every powerhouse in the Tianmen Guardian should have its own territory for harvesting incense. The resources that are raided are just for In fact, they don’t care if they have or not cultivate their own descendants.

But the power of incense is different.

It is as strong as the four Sea Dragon Races that can only multiply their own races to gain the power of incense. This is especially true for humans who are intricately rooted in power. If they are not enough, how can they share it with other cultivators?

Especially Xu Yan, who is not a rogue cultivator of Tianmen Guardian background, and obtained the belief of Tianwu world assassin lineage in a different way, but this still belongs to the fight for incense with those real bigwigs, if there is no one Seven Apertures Exquisite Heart has long been dead.

It seems that there should be no gains in a short time.

Lin Yuan’s faint sighed, wrapped Lei Qiusheng’s shoulders again, said solemnly: “Let’s go back first, and we will part ways when we pass through the forest of starving ghosts. You go to the Weishui front and tell them to stay You just need to strain your hands, you don’t need to consume everyone there. The Demon Sect in the south will probably not work anymore. Without these’allies’, it is heavenly demon impossible to let go of the fat in the south and bite the iron in the north. They can’t do anything yet, so apart from being on duty, everyone else immediately went to the northern palace to stand by.”

Lei Qiusheng was slightly nodded, body moved, and once again plundered the forest of starving ghosts. direction.

Yang Qinglin stood there and was silent for a moment, reached out his hand to wipe the blood that overflowed from the corner of his mouth, flipped his right hand, and firmly grasped a broken blood-colored small streamer, foul-mouthed said: “This The second loss is big!”

She put Scarlet Xiaoban in his sleeve again, Yang Qinglin took two deep breaths and turned into a flashed with blood color, chasing the fading Lei Qiusheng.

Wait until the entire group has completely left.

The Hongyundao talent raised his eyes and looked at the flying fish in the sky, jokingly: “Did you see it, that guy is demonstrating.”

There was a moment of silence, and said with a smile: “That kid has one of the fragments of the six soul flags in his hands. Although it is no longer the prestige of the past, it is becoming more and more terrifying in the Tianwu world. If it is really written in my name, I am afraid it is. The days will be wiped out immediately, and your life will be destroyed.”

The Six Soul Banner is a Supreme Treasure that is difficult to rate. It used to be the treasure of the Heavenspan Cult Lord trump card. Write the opponent’s name on the tail of the banner. Sooner or later, use the talisman seal to worship. When the day of worship is finished, shake this banner to change the number of days in the universe. Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire can be erased. A complete six-soul flag with six tails can worship the lives of six people, even if Saint, who is immortal, cannot escape bad luck.

In the original work of the Conferred God, Heavenspan Cult Lord wrote the names of the Taoist Receptor, Cultist, Lao Tzu, Yuan Shi, Martial King, and Jiang Shang on the tail of the banner. Among the six, four were included. A Saint, it can be seen that this treasure formidable power is huge. It can even be said that the Ten Thousand Immortal Formation is not the ultimate move of Section Cult, but this six soul flag is!

It’s just that Heavenspan Cult Lord finally lost a move. The long-ear Dingguangxian who was responsible for shaking this banner after the Ten Thousand Immortal Array was opened, defected and voted for the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning camp together with the six soul flags. As a result, the Section Cult, which is not inferior to human education and interpretation, was dragged into the robbery. Only the Wudang Holy Mother, who had never been contaminated by the evil spirit, escaped at the suggestion of Heavenspan Cult Lord.

In the confinement of the gods, if the long-eared Dingguangxian really shakes this banner, I dare not say that Section Cult will win, but the one to emerge victorious is still unknown!

However, as a forbidden treasure, the Six Soul Banner can not be used casually. Every time this banner is shaken, the treasure holder will be swallowed up by three thousand Demon God resentments to part of the Primordial Spirit.

In the last battle of Section Cult, the Ten Thousand Immortal Array was used as the trump card. The participants were nine deaths and still alive, but the person who shook the six spirit flags was one hundred percent to death, and the Primordial Spirit was You can’t even enter the cycle of reincarnation, unless Saint pays a great price to reshape the True Spirit for him to participate in the cycle of reincarnation. Although Long-ear Ding Guangxian’s run has harmed Section Cult, he is not just a simple run. fear death.

The soul flew away and scattered is more terrifying than death, not into reincarnation!

“Section Cult lineage…tsk.”

The Taoist Hongyun shook the head, his complexion was a little gloomy, icily said: “They are all difficult things, but I don’t know this child , I just got a fragment of the corner of the six soul flags by chance. It was a ray of sparks that Heavenspan Cult Lord knew that Section Cult could not be suppressed by luck, and arranged in advance in the other world.”

The scarlet small streamer in Yang Qinglin’s hands. Although it is only a fragment of the six-soul flag, it is absolutely invincible in today’s Tianwu Shishi within the realm. It really annoys Yang Qinglin. He shakes the six-soul flag in exchange for life, even if it is a Taoist of Hongyun. Was directly erased!

“Then I’ll wait…”

Pinyu seemed to think of something, and his eyelids twitched fiercely.

The Taoist Hongyun put up his right hand, stopped the fish’s words, and said calmly: “I’m waiting for the black flood dragon, although it’s not very pleasant, but the black flood dragon borrowed me from Demon Court before. The name comes first, and today I waited for my life to be saved. The cause and effect have already been set. Even if I wait for nothing, Heavenly Dao will get rid of me in the future, and he will have to save me. !”

Speaking of this, the Taoist Hongyun took the nine-nine souls bottle gourd hovering above his head into his hands, and hung it on his waist again, his eyes were brilliant and he turned to look east, said solemnly: “Wait. After the cultivation of vitality in the north, the layout of this black flood dragon in the south and the endless sea will also be set. The duny world will usher in a major reshuffle. At that time, Heaven and Earth will change, and those who have corpse positions can indeed clean up a batch of vegetarian meals. “

Pangyu opened his mouth. Before he could speak, Taoist Hongyun added: “The black flood dragon is not affected by the throne of the Pluto today, but his accumulation is not enough for the time being that’s all, you really I thought that this world could enjoy peace forever?”

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