Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 908

The Taoist Hongyun carried his hands on his back, as if he had seen through the long river of time, and said with absolute certainty: “When the black flood dragon becomes the climate, let alone the world’s will to hope that he will accept the Pluto status , Even he himself, would not miss such an opportunity. Until then, for us, the difference is only the Great Desolate Saint enters the Heavenly Martial Arts, or… This black flood dragon takes the initiative to pull the Underworld and merges Tian Martial into the Great Desolate, such as I’m just like Luohu back then, and I’ll fight that guy again!”

“I’m just worried that the black flood dragon has entered the Section Cult. You know, he is not a person now, and he does not have Innate Qi. But it still comes from the eternal aftermath of Heavenly Dao’s original fragments…”

Pangyu in a low, muffled voice followed by a sentence.

The origin of the bloody battle between Section Cult and interpretation was the Zhou-Shang war. Section Cult dísciple Shen Gongbao was the Imperial Teacher in the imperial song and recruited Fellow Daoist Fang to help Yin and Shang assess the Xiqi rebels. The Shang Dynasty and even the last generation of kings, after the Zhou Dynasty, claimed to be the emperor. At that time, Heavenly Dao had been stolen by Hongjun, so the Three Sects Heavenspan Cult Lord was not because of Section Cult education for everyone, irrespective of background, but It is the existence of Hongjun who cannot tolerate the king.

It just so happens that Lin Yuan’s original world has no immortal Buddha and no emperor. In the final analysis, it is the world ruled by the King of Humans.

In a sense, Lin Yuan and Section Cult do have a predestined relationship, and it is not the fate of seeing all beings as taught by the West!

The voice fell, and Taoist Hongyun fell silent.

Before Yang Qinglin revealed the six soul flags, they would not have such concerns. After all, Section Cult is in the past. Enslaved existence.

But Yang Qinglin is most likely to have something to do with Section Cult, otherwise he would not be able to get a fragment of the six soul flags!

Such a variable appears next to Lin Yuan. If they continue to remain indifferent and let Section Cult take Lin Yuan under the banner, it would be too much fun.

“I will tell that person, stay in the north and stare at this child. If he changes, you know what to do.”

Hongyun Taoist Coldly snorted, icily said: “Section Cult possesses great magical power, and I don’t believe it, this world’s Section Cult dísciple can also put out a ten thousand celestial formation to kill me!”


Beyond endless time and space.

In the Great Desolate World.

A white robe wins snow, an old man with divine poise and sagelike features sits cross-legged on a bald cliff, suddenly opens his eyes, and the silence is like stagnant water within both eyes. Only then did the old man caress his beard and smiled: “It’s gratifying and congratulating for my old friend to leave the customs.”

Between the sky, a little cold glow suddenly appeared.

A graceful and handsome gray robe stands on the cloud. The right hand carries a red bottle gourd and looks at the white clothed old man. The corners of the young man’s mouth keep rising, and he laughed heartily. : “When the gods were weighing the calamity, you took action against me. If it were not for the protection of the treasure, I would not see your day of the robbery. If you don’t leave the customs today, you are afraid that you have forgotten Poor Daoist? Hongjun, Your death is approaching!”

Hongjun still stroked his beard and smiled, as if he had no idea of ​​refuting the other party at all.

Gray robe’s youth also smiled, the illusory shadow slowly dissipating, disappearing into nothingness, no trace of it anymore.

Hongjun’s complexion now turned cold, his right hand was slowly raised, the whole palm was smooth and white, and no wrinkles existed, which was in great contrast to his old-fashioned appearance.

I didn’t see any movement from Hongjun, but with a single stroke, he pinched an old man in a crimson robe in his hand, and his black and white eyes fell on the opponent’s face without saying a word, just Staring at each other coldly.

The old man laughed twice, his face full of wrinkles was filled with a pleasing smile, and said angrily: “Dao Ange, Dao Ange! It’s not Poor Daoist who released the water, but you also know that. Things have been running through All Heavens and Myriad Realms over the years, and they have arranged so many dark children. Now they have united with a group of traitors who fled from Great Desolate. The power has grown stronger day by day. It is not difficult to find them, but you have to find them exactly. What you want…then you can’t be anxious at all, you can only find it slowly, relying solely on fate, completely relying on fate…”

“Three days.”

Hongjun faintly stated a deadline, and even after releasing the right hand, he flicked his sleeves and said blankly: “Either you will find that kid in three days, and I will give you a wisp of Primordial Chaos Purple Energy to help you. Accomplishing the Saint fruit status, from now on you can break free from the restraint of Western religion, or I will peel you out of the Netherworld Blood Sea in three days and refine your Primordial Spirit with Divine Fire of Six Ding for thousands of years!”

The old man has a bitter face and opened his mouth, but before he can speak, Hongjun’s silhouette has already turned into a cloud and disappeared.

The three days of the Great Desolate World are not short. When placed in a small world based on the Great Desolate World, it will last from one to three years. If you leave the Great Desolate World, you In the other world, the conversion becomes more and more complicated. It may be short or long. He has seen a small world in the past ten thousand years, which is the equivalent to Great Desolate World one day that’s all.

But even so, he didn’t have the slightest confidence in the task Hongjun gave him.

Relying on Great Desolate World, there are countless large and small worlds, and there are more large and small worlds that are generated by themselves. Not to mention that he is not Saint. Even if he has the Saint fruit position, it is impossible to be in the eyelids of Heavenly Dao’s original fragment Let’s search these big and small worlds thoroughly.

Not to mention, the task that Hongjun explained at this time is not to find out those who are selected by Heavenly Dao’s original fragments in the world, but to pinpoint the requirements to a certain individual.

Because not long ago, a major event that shocked the entire Great Desolate occurred-Dao Zu Hongjun, Death Tribulation appeared!

Hongjun teamed up with the Six Saints to promote the incident, but still only saw a fog, even if Hongjun took out the jade disc, even borrowed part of Heavenly Dao Strength, but the goal of the performance is related to Dragon Race Soon afterwards, Great Desolate was in great chaos, and all influences attacked the Dragon Race. The Dragon Race, which had strengthened the great injury since the first robbery of the Dragon and Han Dynasty, was almost wiped out in this turmoil. The Great Expert either fell or was sealed. The remaining descent who hadn’t developed a climate barely survived. After all, the cause and effect of the extinction of the clan was so great that even if it was stronger than Hongjun, they were unwilling to be contaminated.

But what is even more bizarre is that even if Dragon Race suffers such a catastrophe, Hongjun’s Death Tribulation has never shown the slightest sign of dissipating, and it has even become more intense.

Only then did Hongjun infer that this Death Tribulation came from a world outside of Great Desolate!

Therefore, all the powers responsible for retrieval, cultivation techniques and others not included in the world of Great Desolate rule were all given similar orders.

Especially the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, this person who has ignited the resentment wandering in countless Netherworld Blood Sea for the heavenly demon’s power to invade All Heavens and Myriad Realms, is even more “send” by Hongjun High hopes.

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