Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 909

Two hours later.

Shun Ning City, Northern Palace.

Nowadays, Lin Yuan, who is at the worst size than ordinary snakes, is plated on a soft cushion, with different-colored pupils flickering, and cold eyes are swept across familiar or unfamiliar faces. , I just wanted to open my mouth to speak, but suddenly felt a whim. The depths of Sea of ​​Consciousness seemed to be covered by an icy current, instantly covering the whole body.


Extremely dangerous!

Since Lin Yuan was born in this World until now, I have never felt such a strong sense of crisis. It is different from the chill that other demonic beasts stared at during Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, more like ……As if the next moment, the sky will collapse!

Lin Yuan believes in his intuition very much, because this sense of crisis has saved him countless times, so at this moment, Lin Yuan also closes his eyes, Divine Consciousness is constantly scrolling in the dark, looking for this The source of the crisis is unknown, but nothing has been achieved.

“Dragon Lord Wang.”

A soft call awakens Lin Yuan from the fixed state.

Lin Yuan opened his eyes, and he saw Li Zhong wearing a black armor. I haven’t seen him for a while, but the scholarly flavor on Li Zhong has disappeared a lot, especially during this period of time. Heavenly demon Northern criminal. Although Li Zhong is not fighting on the front line, he stays in the barracks day and night, eating and living with the lieutenant soldiers. It seems that his bones are much stronger, and his eyes are still moving. baleful aura.

Lin Yuan slightly nodded, trying his best to suppress the anxiety in my heart, said solemnly: “What is the situation in the north, please tell me carefully.”

Although I have asked the same before Question, but the news came from Lei Fan after all. It cannot be said that they were all fabricated by Lei Fan, but there will certainly not be the details that Li Zhong knows, and there will be no high credibility that Li Zhong knows.

“The subordinates are incompetent and almost took out all the backhands you left behind. This withstood the offensive of the heavenly demon, but fortunately the things you prepared before, restrained the heavenly demon Incomparably, today’s Weishui front is invaluable.

It’s just that the subordinates had previously entrusted them to try to block the heavenly demon on the other side of the Weishui, and didn’t want them to mess with the North, but didn’t expect to eat. Even the old Marshal Yan Xingchi was caught in the attack of the heavenly demon, and he asked the Dragon King to punish him.

One more thing, I heard the god Martial. There was a female emperor named Guan Zhaoxin in the south of Dynasty. Although she has disappeared now, after many investigations, she can be sure that this female is definitely not the thing in the pool. This Li has seen the most powerhouse of aptitude in more than 20 years. You are the dragon Lord Wang, and the other is the female emperor from the south. Both rise up as mundane bodies and grow rapidly within a short period of time, becoming a mighty power.

Except for aptitude. In addition, this female scheming city government is also very strong, using the red dust to move the entire southern green forest, to persuade it with force, and to lure it… all kinds of methods emerge in endlessly, and the entire southern green forest is in the hands and will not obey her influence. By the roots, they set the rules to integrate the forces of the entire southern green forest to become the enemy of Demon Sect, and the ether will thread the needle in it, forming the major alliance of the southern cultivation world. Now Demon Sect is almost destroyed.

Due to the changes in the south, Heavenly Demon had to abandon the plan to continue northward, leaving only some troops to continue confronting us, and the main force rushed to the south. Subordinates guessed that they either did not want Demon Sect to be destroyed, or I just want to take advantage of sandpiper and clam war together sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits, and it will be difficult for the army to march north to attack us in a short time.

Moreover, this Guan Zhaoxin…According to the Bright Gown Guard Secret Treasure, It is said that she has used the safe house more than once and has the background of the Ether Club. However, throughout the Bright Gown Guard roster, she has never seen the name Guan Zhaoxin, so the subordinates speculate that this woman is most likely Zhang Xiu’s person, the Dragon King. If the body has free time when returning from the north, it can take a trip to the south and bring this woman back. Such a talent should not be destroyed in the Southern War.”

Zhang Xiu directed at Lin Yuan c upped the hands, his face was a little depressed, and he added: “I have had a big defeat before, but now my subordinates know that the main force of heavenly demon has gone south, but they still can’t make up their minds. I don’t know whether to go south to annex the Central Plains, or to sit in the north. Keep watching. “

The Empress?

Lin Yuan’s eyes showed a hint of doubt.

He did use some means to integrate the southern green forest, and he also set up The rule of killing two killings and killing two really wanted to use the southern green forest to provoke the war between Demon Sect and the southern cultivation world, but after finishing the preparation work, Lin Yuan put the matter there on hold. Later, I returned to the body of the endless sea to fight against the old rulers, and did not pay attention to the follow-up development.

But now it looks…

The situation in the South seems to be better than our own. It is even more advantageous to imagine.

But the question is…what is the empress?

“Oh. “

Clearing his throat, Lin Yuan put aside the distracting thoughts in his mind, said solemnly: “Guan Zhaoxin is not Zhang Xiu’s person, she is…that’s all, I have my own measure on this matter, you don’t have to Pay attention to this person, but you can send a message to our dark child who is dormant in the south. If Guan Zhaoxin speaks, be sure to help her at all costs. “

In a brief explanation, Lin Yuan curled up again, faintly smiled and said: “It’s just that what you want to report to me now shouldn’t be the only thing, right? If the Northern Territory was just a matter of heavenly demon, it wouldn’t be what it is now! “

“Sorry, Dragon King, there is too much to report, the subordinates have not finished speaking, and you came back too suddenly…”

Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivator, when Li Zhong faced Lin Yuan, he actually shuddered involuntarily, cautiously said: “So when it comes to matters, the subordinates can only think of where to say what, and try to pick the important ones. You, otherwise, Dragon King Qirong’s subordinates will retire for a while, sort out a written report and then report to Dragon King? “

If it was the Taiping period, even if there were major events everywhere, Li Zhong would be able to handle it in an orderly manner.

But now the Northern Territory is fighting with Undead, and he has to support the stone. The demonic beast and its allies in the Claw Jungle, the Chamber of Commerce in the north must also continue to move, going south to confront the heavenly demon, the East Forest City is building the Great Wall, always guarding against the attack of the Shuangjianman rider, approaching On the other side of the Weishui River, you have to station troops and horses to guard against the Qingjiang dynasty army, or the Southern Desolate Great Desolate’s subordinates to enter the North, it is no exaggeration to say that they are enemies of the world.

During this time, Li Zhong stayed in the barracks. He only had the energy to solve the problems and assign the right staff to the right positions. He did not have time to deal with these written problems, let alone categorize them. Organize and write files into archives according to the timeline of occurrence.

Lin Yuan really seemed a little frantic when asked.

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