Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 910

"Heavenly demon going south is a foregone conclusion. This is in my expectation. I don’t need to go into details. I want to listen to the recent situation in the north, for example, it’s completely under our control. , Recent personnel changes in various departments and other things."

Seeing Li Zhong's frown, Lin Yuan slightly hesitated for a moment, then calmly exposed the matter.

"The recent situation in the North is not bad. When we first discovered Undead, there were not many of them, but they were different from the flood of Undead at that time. Undead at that time had spiritual wisdom in it. These Undeads are much more difficult than today. Our original design caught a batch, but soon afterwards, the Undead party suddenly activated some dark children of the Fubei Association, and went through Ning City in chaos, and attacked the North Border Engineering Department during the chaos. The city’s strong weapons kept Undead out of the secret key area until the reinforcements arrived, but the Undead we caught were all rescued.

After that, the Monster Emperor will do his best. Tracking, those Undead tracks were lost near Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Some time after that, a mutation occurred in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Stoneclaw jungle broke contact with us. Only demonic beasts in small groups escaped. It just means that Undead and the demonic beast are rampant in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, and the various tribes have suffered heavy losses. Due to the fact that the human dynasties of all parties cannot escape, they can only survive hard.

Shortly afterwards, the beast owner Qilin Since the Monster Beast King met with a mysterious powerhouse, the two sides fought for three days and three nights. At first, they were evenly matched, but then the demonic beast of Purgatory came. The beast owner Qilin had no choice but to fight and retreat. Under the escort of the three big beast kings desperately Reluctantly took it out, and when I fled to Ning City, only the beast owner Qilin, who was seriously injured and unconscious, and Wolf King, whose leg was decapitated, were left behind. It is said that the Sacred Heart Ape King has fallen, and the Queen of Cailuo Snake has led the Queen. No news.

Furthermore, the Monster Emperor Club, Bright Gown Guard, and MI7 all sent a lot of manpower to enter the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. The strange thing is that the secret spy who entered was alive. Not at all. The caravans of Chamber of Commerce in the north can pass smoothly, with a lot of goods and profits, but... they seem to have been washed away from memory, and we have exhausted all means to get the news of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. If it weren’t for heavenly demon, it would be I plan to take people to Breaking Horizon Mountain Range in person! "

Li Zhong hugs cup one fist in the other hand. It seems that the silence time before has clarified his thoughts, and his speech has begun to flow smoothly.

The original Undead has spiritual wisdom. unlikely.

Lin Yuan flashed a cold glow in his eyes and began to think carefully.

Undead has many names, but in the final analysis, In fact, there are only three types-corpses, bones, and souls!

In the past, there was energy conservation in the West. In ancient China, it was said that all changes are inseparable from its ancestry. This theory can be applied to everything, past lives. Those who have a cultivation sorcery are the most powerful in combining the two or three in one, but the essence does not change.

After the death of a life, if it is not in the rich land of Yin Qi, the body will be dead. It will rot and return to the earth. If not, the corpse will rise and become stiff, but no matter how rich Yin Qi is, once the soul dies, the soul will be detained. If there is Hades, there will be Ghost Messenger. If there is no Hades, there will also be Heavenly Dao. , Although it is said that there may be various accidental loss of part of the soul, and it will become one of the three types of ghosts.

So even if the corpse becomes a dead body, there is no soul or soul. Impossible has the memory of the past life, and there is no Spirit Soul. It is a walking corpse, which is no different from an ordinary wild beast. This is the case with Undead in the northern border. This is reasonable.

Of course, it does not mean that Undead cannot give birth to spiritual wisdom, just just now During the period of becoming Undead, they have no memory, spiritual wisdom is like wild beast, coupled with their own desire for flesh and blood, and aversion to living things, which means that they are destined to only be associated with other Undeads with low spiritual wisdom. If you want to give birth to enough spiritual wisdom, unless you have a strong Undead, you can only accumulate over a long period of time, become stronger a little bit, and derive new spiritual wisdom.

Want Have the memory and spiritual wisdom of life just after the corpse?

It’s not impossible to get there.

There is a father who is as strong as Huangdi, who can also cover the secrets of the sky and refine the living. In addition to its appearance, it is the same as before, because this type of Undead is the combination of corpse, bone, and soul. Once born, it is extremely powerful, but The conditions created are also extremely difficult.

Even if it exists, it is basically brewed by Innate Earth.

Those Heaven and Earth Spirit Objects that undead fuse together the three types of Undead fuse together are extremely difficult to find, and in a world like Heavenly Martial Continent, it may not be possible to make up all of them, and this world is extremely exclusive, simply not Trust the existence from the other end of the heavenly gate, once it appears, it is the enemy, so the Heaven and Earth Spirit Object produced in the other world is extremely difficult to appear in the Tianwu world.

Xu Yan is indeed not weak, a rogue cultivator who is not from Tianmen Guardian, and I don’t know where he got the opportunity to get the Heavenly Martial Continent. Almost 80% of the cultivators are yearn for something even in dreams. The above cultivation method has taken another way to become the deity believed by assassin, but good luck is not the same as having a strong foundation.

Xu Yan's ability to create Undead has made Lin Yuan unimaginable. If Xu Yan can also create a large number of Undead with spiritual wisdom, it would be a bit unreasonable.

Furthermore, in any case, Lei Fan died in the hands of Yang Qinglin’s disciple and Sun. Since he appeared in this game, he must be one of Xu Yan’s Undead. But if so, Lei Fan’s strength has It's not right with Undead, which is one of the three.

How does the Great Desolate World exist?

Golden Immortal walks all over the floor, Da Luo is not as good as a dog!

Even after several calamities, Great Desolate World’s power system is absolutely tyrannical, and the era when Drought was born, although not as powerful as the early Great Desolate World, it’s definitely worth it. Than the existence of Golden Immortal.

I can’t. The Netherworld Realm is equivalent to Golden Immortal, right?

the biggest joke in the world!

Moreover, how did Undead and the demonic beast mix together?

Although these two things have many similar characteristics, it’s not that Lin Yuan has never seen a purgatory demonic beast. They are actually no different than a normal demonic beast, but they are more grumpy, fierce and fierce. Spiritual wisdom is low that's all, but if you can control the hostility in your heart, it will be no different from ordinary demonic beasts like moxibustion. It can even grow under the eyelids of the beast owner Qilin and become the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Light forces.

But even if Undead hides it well, it will be deadly or Yin Qi-ridden. As long as the eyes are not blind, you can tell whether it is a ghost or a man!

"After that, have you ever seen those Undead with spiritual wisdom again?"

Lin Yuan thoughts move, turning his head and asking.

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