Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 911

“This…it never happened.”

Li Zhong cup one fist in the other hand, and after thinking about it for a while, he hooked the head, said solemnly: “Today’s Undead in the Northern Territory only began to appear after the prisoners were rescued. It was originally just a forest of starving ghosts and other places. Later, more and more refugees died in Undead’s hands, and death gradually spread. Some restricted areas of life have only gradually emerged, and the number of Undeads has also increased significantly.”

“It seems that most of these Undeads with spiritual wisdom have been dealt with…”

Lin Yuan lightly murmured.

These Undeads should have already appeared during the dormant period of the Resurrection North, but they have spiritual wisdom that is no different from ordinary people, plus similar things have never appeared before, even if they are seen, At most, it is regarded as that’s all. After all, places such as cemeteries are easy to accumulate death, and there are professions such as tufuzi. There are more noble officials in the south, and there are more tufuzi, with graves on them. The lifeless people brought out of it are actually not uncommon.

After the Northern Territory fought with Undead once, they realized the differences in these existences.

So Xu Yan caused the chaos in Ning City at the beginning. In fact, he had no other purpose. He just wanted to take away these undeads who had exposed their identities, and because their identities were exposed, they could no longer be in the northern border of the developed intelligence network. It continued to lurch in the middle, and had to deal with it by itself, and then these Undeads in the northern border of cholera were created.

So…is it a potion?

Or something similar?

Xu Yan’s strength is not weak, but the clergy coverage is not much, especially related to the land, and it is completely untouched. If he does not rely on foreign objects and wants to create Undead, it is no different. Foolish dreams.

“This is troublesome.”

Lin Yuan murmured again, his eyes flickering slightly.

Undead, which existed in the previous Heavenly Martial Continent, does not exist at all. Now that the world is complemented, it is possible to create conditions conducive to the birth of Undead, but Lin Yuan is not nodded, nor is it Any cat, any dog ​​can steal the authority of Pluto, unless it is an existence that is originally related to Undead, it is possible to transform into a low-level Undead through various means, or the other party is a very thorough existence that has studied Undead. Even through various spiritual things, some medicine pills and medicines that transform living things into Undead can be produced.

Behind Xu Yan, stood a more terrifying existence, he was just the cannon fodder that’s all charged with hearing the horn.

But the black hand behind this is not a drought…

It’s just an incomplete little world, can it accommodate so many great gods?

Good guy!

Do you put this set of dolls here?

at first Lin Yuan thought that it was the drought that turned the underworld into the north, but Xu Yan was found through Lei Fan, and through the intelligence of the north, as well as some of his own analysis, he realized Xu Yan’s There may be a secret mastermind standing behind it. The ghost knows that behind this secret mastermind, will there be other powers?

“The Undead that first appeared has never appeared after being rescued. So, have you caught the Undead that appeared earlier?”

Lin Yuan Turned his head and looked at Li Zhong.

Li Zhong was silent for a moment, lightly shook the head, said solemnly: “In the beginning we did capture Undead’s behavior, but after handing them over to the Ministry of Engineering, the Ministry of Engineering still couldn’t study anything. Even the way to kill them was not found, but later, some folk remedies appeared, such as burning Undead corpses with lychee wood to ensure that they could not resurrect again… So we caught Undead later, basically straightforward Dispose of it, and I won’t stay in our control area again, so as not to add to the changes.”

“The folk remedies, this is interesting, and the thoughts are very careful.”

Lin Yuan is light Chewing lightly the four words’folk remedies’, expression congeals.

Burning the corpse with lychee wood can guarantee that the corpse will not be lost. This method was used by the Taoist priests of Maoshan to deal with zombie during the previous period of the Republic of China.

This method will not be a folk remedy. Either it has been passed down to this world in the past life, but this one has gradually declined to the point where it can only be hidden by the people, or this method of treatment is derived from For the person who created Undead, he wanted the Northern Territory to dispose of all the Undead caught, and block Lin Yuan’s probability of investigating from those Undeads, and the latter’s probability was greater.

The Three Sects of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, after all, are the Supreme Taoism of the previous life. Although this world also has the Three Sects of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, the difference in Divine Ability, background and cultivation classics between the two parties is not big. It is said that even if it is the Maoshan Dao in the end of the Dharma, it has been stored in this world for more than a hundred years, and it will not be inferior to those super-class sects. This is the difference in the foundation.

It should be destroying the corpse and evidence……

“Li Zhong, mobilize all the secret spies of the Monster Emperor, please check this out for me. I want to know these so-called The folk remedies are all from who. In addition, when I came back, I saw many idle Martial Artists and mercenaries hunting Undead outside the city. I also prepared a copy of the information for these people, especially those who started this Don’t miss any of the people involved.”

Lin Yuan grinned slightly, said with a sneer: “I want to destroy the corpse and evidence, but this is the case. When you tell a lie After that, countless lies have to be used to make up for it. When there are more and more such lies, the weak spot will become bigger and bigger.”

“Subordinates understand.”

Li Zhong bowed slightly.

His head does not turn slowly. Although his knowledge and experience are not as good as Lin Yuan, he can still guess an almost one. For example, Lin Yuan asks if there are any prisoners of Undead because he wants to find them from Undead. What, and those so-called folk remedies are not as simple as my at first imagined. The purpose of these remedies at first is to deal with the undead caught and prevent Lin Yuan from starting from this aspect and getting what he wants. s things.

Therefore, the people who invented these folk remedies at first had no good intentions, and those who spared no effort to promote this matter might be impossible.

A thing that originally seemed great, after adding complicated thoughts, it instantly became dangerous and insidious.

Heavenly Dao fifty, escape one.

There is only human heart, only increase but not decrease.

“Li Xin, you should do it yourself.”

Li Zhong turned his head, his eyes fell on a young man in the uniform of a black northern officialdom, and he whispered softly. One sentence.

The young man looked seven points similar to Li Zhong, but his temperament was completely different. Li Zhong was like a romantic scribe, always carrying a faintly scholarly flavor, but this young man was Like a piece of hard ice, continuously exudes the indifferent aura that no one should approach.

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