Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 912

Li Xin owed his body expressionlessly, turned around and lifted a handful of the portfolio at his feet, said solemnly: “After checking, those who proposed folk remedies are all It was some villagers, those prescriptions were given to them by others, and they were given a sum of money to let them spread in the northern city, but the people who proposed the prescriptions should have used Illusion Technique and other means to easily pass it. Now, I asked a lot of people, and even people in a village saw those people look different.”

Speaking of this, he was paused, and just squinted his eyes and said: “Although heavenly demon When the attack came, all parties were short of manpower, but when the Monster Emperor would transform, some guard posts and outposts were set up in the countryside, the purpose is to monitor such people who engage in small actions in secret, but those outposts are also Without any useful information, the Dragon King has passed down a secret technique before, the name is to break the phantom pupil. As long as the two realms do not exceed three great realms, any Illusion Technique and disguise will have no effect. It belongs to the North Territory Intelligence Division III. A compulsory course for trainers.”


Li Zhong was stunned. He glanced at Li Xin with some surprise. It seemed that he didn’t expect his younger brother to actually do it. I can find this step under my nose.

“As far as I know, whether it is in the North or the surrounding areas, there is only one secret technique that can conceal the phantom pupil, that is, from the Nine-Tailed phantom in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. The body is the secret technique of Fox Race bloodline, and those who master this technique are basically those with rich bloodline, not a patriarch but also a Saintess status.”

Li Xin still has a straight face, Continued: “But it is therefore meaningless to suspect that Fox Race is meaningless. Even a human being can use the corpse of this type of Fox Race one to three times. It can only be said that this is a way of thinking that’s all. Now I simply can’t enter the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range to investigate the matter, so my investigation ends here.”


Lin Yuan sneered and turned his head to look at it. Li Xin said calmly: “You told me so surely that this clue has been broken, but you never mention another clue. In this way, you have found useful information. Let’s talk about what you want.”


Li Xin’s face made a wave of waves, and just after opening his mouth, he was interrupted by a low growl.


Li Zhong stood up straight, walked quickly to Li Xin, his right hand raised high, and a slap on Li Xin’s face, brother After all, the gap between the cultivation base lies here, and Li Xin didn’t even react, so he was taken directly to the ground by Li Zhong, and the files he was holding were scattered all over the place.

Took a deep breath and calmed down for a while, Li Zhongcai said with a cold face: “Li Xin, I remind you that all the information you have now is based on your use of the information from the north. In terms of the strength of the three divisions, even if you personally investigate some of the content, it is not difficult to get all the information after you have mastered the general content. So, we want to know, you can’t keep it. You can tell it yourself. The Dragon King will take down your credit, but if you want to get something from it, huh…if you want to die, just say it.”

Li Xin didn’t say a word, just fell into a file scattered on the ground. In the middle of the bag, he stared at Lin Yuan intently.

Li Zhong’s face changed slightly, and he raised his hand again to continue to lay down.

“Li Zhong.”

Lin Yuan’s voice was very flat, but Li Zhong trembled slightly, and the raised right hand also froze in the air.

Currently, Li Zhong is absolutely veteran under Lin Yuan, so he has a thorough understanding of Lin Yuan’s temperament.

For Lin Yuan, character, fame, and family background are all indifferent things. He only values ​​ability, and there is only one criterion in the officialdom of the Northern Realm-those who are capable, those who are equal, and those who are mediocre. Under the circumstances, waste has no value.

Li Xin was able to precede him to realize the problem of folk remedies, and to investigate the matter in depth, and the results have been obtained, and his ability has been proven from the side, as long as Li Xin is obediently and honestly general Speaking out what he knows, he will naturally get the reward he deserves, and it is a very simple matter to climb up to a high position after he has been practicing for a period of time.

But now…

Li Xin stuck the narration here, obviously intending to use it to ask Lin Yuan for something.

But this is undoubtedly touching Lin Yuan’s bottom line. In Lin Yuan’s imperial way, he can bestow all authority and honor on Li Zhong, even if the people of the north admire Li Zhong, but still Demon didn’t care if he insulted Lin Yuan, but he also casually pinched the first two kings of the North, because everything about Li Zhong was not obtained by arguing, but Lin Yuan personally gave it. If Li Zhong wants to fight for those who don’t belong I am afraid that my own things will end up not much better, and the best ending is to be imprisoned for life.

After all, it’s his younger brother, who violated the Dragon King’s bottom line. Li Zhong reacted very quickly. The purpose was to get ahead of Lin Yuan and force his younger brother to take a mouthful to protect Li Xin. life.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that his younger brother would actually be in such a field!

And the Dragon King has already spoken, I am afraid…no one can keep his younger brother!

“This should be the first time we met. I don’t know how Li Zhongping described me to you, but you are a capable and thoughtful person, so from what I’ve done before, I can also infer how my Goshita is like.

But since you opened your mouth, it’s because you have a reason to speak, so I don’t mind your offense, what do you want? , I can satisfy you, even if you want to sit in the position of Li Zhong, it is just a sentence to me.”

Lin Yuan was paused when he said this, and he looked at it meaningfully. A glance at Li Xin, jokingly said: “But you have to think about it. If the errand you want is not handled well, death will become a relief for you…”

When the voice fell, Li Xincai slowly stood up from the ground, stretched out his hand to patted the dust on his body, and said indifferently: “I can’t intervene in MI7, but Bright Gown Guard and Monster Emperor will do. You have to choose one of the two and give it to me. I have been all these years. Traveling through the various dynasties, you can be sure that no dynasty’s intelligence agency is as perfect as the Northern Territory. The eyes and ears of the Northern Territory are all over the continent. It’s just a matter of time. But this group of wine skin and rice bags in the Northern Territory holds such a powerful spy agency. But just thinking about intrigue, even pulling one’s legs back, making people feel irritated.”


“Then, continue to tell us the information you have investigated. Well, I hope your information is worthy of the position you want, if not…heh.”

Lin Yuan slightly nodded, and looked back.

Although Li Zhong’s complexion is calm, if you look closely, it is not difficult to see that Li Zhong is shaking constantly at this moment, as if extremely angry.

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