Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 913

“In fact, it’s nothing. Whether it’s the Fubei Club or the Ning City chaos, it’s ultimately a “ghost” character, which was previously harmed by heavenly demon with immortal medicine. On the one hand, although the stumbling and stumbling have been cleaned a lot during this period, there are always a few fish that escaped the net. Although the umbrella that Heavenly Demon established in the north is incomplete, it is barely usable.

Since then, what happened in the Northern Territory was actually based on the broken umbrella. Someone took advantage of the Dragon King’s absence and took the umbrella and got in touch with the heavenly demon side. A batch of immortal medicine came, so they hid these a fish that escaped the net, and then developed, expanded, and even began to develop some non-staff personnel, which is the embryonic form of the Fubei Association.

There are not many people in the north that are capable of doing this, especially after Shi Dong, Xu Nan and the others were arrested one after another, only Luo Xu and Li Zhong may be able to do this. After all, go east, that surnamed Zhang’s not to be trifled with, and his mind is loyal to the North, in other words, he hates the Shuangjian Dynasty. Only in the North can he have a stage to develop his talents. He wants to send immortal medicine into the North without telling him. Ordinary people may not be able to do it if they fight their lives.

So, following this line of thinking, I secretly investigated Li Zhong and Luo Xu separately. On the surface, these two people seem to be relatively honest , But no matter how good Luo Xu’s disguise is, there is still a weak spot.”

Li Xin stretched out his hand and rubbed the swollen cheek that was beaten by Li Zhong, and said calmly: “Black liquid army, Xingyujun and Part of the Southern Expeditionary Army set up camps across the head of the Weishui River as the first line of defense against heavenly demon. To be honest, this is a bad idea, but it is also impossible. After all, we have to test the actual battle strength of the Heavenly Demon Army. Allocate the strength of the defense lines and the configuration of various equipment, but he should never, should not, agree to the plan of reverse attacking the heavenly demon, not to mention the wrong thing, he did a lot of tricks on this matter. , This allowed me to lock him, instead of continuing to doubt him and Li Zhong, who is the traitor in the end, saving me a lot of time.”


Li Zhong shook the head, interrupted Li Xin said with confidence: “He did this deliberately, because at that time, everything he arranged in the Northern Territory was almost complete, and it didn’t make sense to expose himself or not. At that time, he could even say that he exposed himself. The purpose is to focus our attention on him. Undead also appeared shortly after that. The connection with Breaking Horizon Mountain Range was also broken at that time. He… reached out and covered half of our eye. Let us ignore some things that we should have seen. “


Lin Yuan did not interrupt the Li Family brother, but his eyes became meaningful.

Luo Xu’s loyalty to him , The root comes from the existence of Mo Luo, which can suppress the Purgatory Fire on him. This has never been true loyalty, but it is the most trustworthy loyalty.

But since I met Lei Fan, Lin Yuan has no more surprises about Luo Xu’s betrayal.

Luo Xu was picked up by Lei Fan from near the destroyed Mountain City. Even if the two sides have a relationship that outsiders don’t know, it’s very popular. Changeable is also a normal thing, especially after experiencing natural and man-made disasters, people’s hearts become more impetuous.

An unidentified refugee has become an assistant to Lei Fan. Saying that there are no transactions or checks and balances, Lin Yuan will never believe it. No matter what Luo Xu is, Lei Fan will definitely prepare a set of methods that will make Luo Xu die without a burial site to restrain Luo Xu. In the previous life, it is estimated that it is a means of implanting a bomb in the body. In Tianwu world, some unpopular secret techniques and highly toxic medicine pill can also easily do this, so Luo Xu is not loyal to Lei Fanzhong. But if Lei Fan needs it, Luo Xu will definitely become the most obedient existence under his men.

Lei Fan is dead, and Luo Xu is a good knife in Lin Yuan’s hand to counterbalance Shidong and deter various factions. , The use is satisfactory.

But if Lei Fan is not dead, Luo Xu has great abilities, and Lin Yuan will not entrust him with important tasks.

It’s just Lin Yuan. Thousands of calculations never expected that Xu Yan, or the person behind Xu Yan, had such a great ability to snatch Lei Fan from the gates of hell, and transformed it into Undead, and used it to counter Luo Xu, planting a bomb called Fubeihui next to him.

But what Lin Yuan did not expect was……

Luo Xu The ability is actually so strong.

In addition to not being in the organization, and alone under the command of Lin Yuan, the Monster Emperor Club, Bright Gown Guard, and MI7 are now collectively referred to as intelligence Three Divisions, except for the Monster Emperor Club with mixed personnel, Lin Yuan actually has absolute strength control over the Bright Gown Guard and over 80% of the people in MI7.

But Luo Xu, however, was able to play various intelligence agencies between the palms of his hands in such an environment, and even issued instructions one by one through the means of splitting, so that the institutions that were originally loyal to Lin Yuan made them completely detrimental to Lin Yuan. Before Luo Xu revealed himself, he directly concealed various intelligence agencies, and even Lin Yuan had not suspected it.

“After Luo Xu revealed the identity of the inner ghost, he used assassination and anti-tracking methods to deal with a batch of spies. Since then, we have completely lost news about Luo Xu. Here, without Luo Xu’s asylum umbrella, we quickly found the remaining people in that umbrella and pulled them up by the roots, even some people who were not sure whether to participate but belonged to the Luo Xu faction. , At this moment, I was arrested in the Bright Gown Guard imprisonment to strictly screen whether there is any connection.

On the bad side, the intelligence agencies in the entire Northern Territory, and even my stupid brother, were all caught Luo Xu slapped his face, and it can even be said that he was played between the palms of his hands. If this matter is spread, for a long time in the future, the northern intelligence agency, which should have been the only one in the world, will recognize the jokes of others after dinner.

But on the bright side, our gains are also huge. We have suffered a loss this time. With precautions, we won’t be caught by the same routine plot against next time. Stop the loss in time. By the way, I also thoroughly inspected the Northern Territory and cleared out a large number of hidden spies and redundant officials. The atmosphere in the entire Northern Territory is very serious. From a long-term perspective, this is excellent.”

Li Xin stood up straight at this moment, said with a sneer: “So now, as long as we find Luo Xu, we will be able to know who is guiding everything behind the scenes. I already have an eye for this matter. It just needs authority, enough authority, because to do this, a large number of people may have to be killed!”

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