Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 914

“You mean, apart from the inner ghost we found out, there are people in the northern border who have contact with Luo Xu?”

Lin Yuan looked at Li Letter, slightly hesitated for a moment, then slowly said: “I know what you want to do, but you have to think about it clearly. Once you do this, you will never turn back. You will either become the next Luo Xu, or Dying in the revenge of some people, Yu Gong, I support you, but Yu Shi, if I am nodded, your brother will resent me.”

“This is my own choice, he What is there to resent?”

Li Xin took a deep breath, his chest was slightly ups and downs, and categorically said: “A person should have some value in a lifetime. I have traveled and studied for so many years in the northern border. For a while, I saw the word’fairness’, so I planned to stay in the north, show what I learned, and then talk about retreat. The Dragon King laughed, and from the moment I stood here and asked you for authority, I was There is no retreat. I want to retreat. My stupid brother will take it for me, won’t he?”

The voice fell, Lin Yuan and Li Zhong both lowered their heads, seeming to be thinking what.

In fact, the two people’s thinking at this moment is rare.


What is fairness?

These two words simply don’t exist, even Lin Yuan has to admit it.

For example, maybe the aptitude of two people is not much different, but the difference in family background is two completely different lives, but can you blame others for this?

Other people’s ancestors have accumulated the family business of Nuoda, which belongs to the descendants of Good Fortune. Why don’t you let it be used by others?

Just because you don’t have such a family background?

That kind of fairness is the real unfairness!

So although the Northern Territory is not interested in the background of wealth, it is only relatively speaking. The person who can really climb to the top of the Northern Territory is actually from the Aristocratic Family background, because both parties have the resources in their hands. Different, the cultivation technique of each cultivation is different, and the personal trainer invited is also different. Even the foundation laid in childhood is like worlds apart, even if the aptitude is equal, under the blessing of these foreign objects, the gap in cultivation progress is also the difference between Heaven and Earth.

The’fairness’ pursued by the Northern Territory is just to get rid of the real dudes among a group of dudes, leaving behind what can be made, and then these barely salvageable parts, together with those aptitudes are so good The grassroots who can bridge some foreign object gaps will be trained together. After graduation, they will be placed in different positions according to different abilities and behaviors, that’s all.

This is really not a thing to praise.

Because in the final analysis, Lin Yuan doesn’t seem to have changed anything. Should the Aristocratic Family be in the upper position or in the upper position, it’s just that the capable Aristocratic Family’s children have replaced those who are just bloodline close to the main line. That’s all .

Now that Li Xin is so praised, both Lin Yuan and Li Zhong feel a little embarrassed on their faces.

Of course, when he said this remark, Li Xin’s eyes were a little erratic, obviously insincere.

Anyway, the concept of “the capable, the equal, the mediocre” in the North is true. You can engage in any industry in the North, whether it’s upright or insidious, as long as you can do it. Good thing, there is enough ability to deal with any emergencies, and over time, you can successfully climb to a high position, which is much better than other dynasties that fight family lineage, fight for communication and have qualifications.

For someone like the Li Family Brother who has enough abilities and self-confidence, the Northern Territory is undoubtedly a fatal attraction.

It’s just that these words are not easy to say that’s all. After all, if this is said, everyone in the world says that those with high positions in the North are outstanding people, but he is thinking about it again, does that mean, The rest of the people in the north are all mediocre and mediocre?

“It may not sound good to say so, but I hope you can replace Luo Xu and become the craziest dog in the north, and the fastest knife in the north. Before something unfavorable, you have to react immediately. You can choose the specific scale yourself. My personal opinion is-Bright Gown Guard will either not come out. If you want to come out, you will ransack your family and exterminate the family.”

Lin Yuan twisted his body together and staggered Li Xin’s open-eyed talk of nonsense. Said solemnly: “Of course, if you don’t want to, don’t think about Bright Gown Guard, but it’s okay to act as the president of the Monster Emperor. , It’s just that the authority will be much less. This is a question left to his successors when Shi Dong and Luo Xu fought. Who made Shi Dong lose, right?”


After 5 minutes.

A team of Bright Gown Guard flags dressed in black armor and white robes led their powerful men out from the northern palace, silent but dragon walk, tiger steps, and walk. At the same time, he put his right hand on the handle of the knife at his waist, looking murderous-looking.

Shun Ning City was the most prosperous city in the northern border of the god Martial Dynasty earlier, and it was also the last line of defense for the god Martial Dynasty against Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. After being taken down by Lin Yuan, it has always been used as It was used by the northern capital, and now occupies the entire northern territory of the god Martial Dynasty. Shun Ning City does not need to continue to be the first front line of the external dilemma, naturally it becomes more and more prosperous.

It is said that after Lin Yuan has eaten the northern territory, Shun Ning City has become the sweet pastry in the eyes of the large northerners.

In this year and month, I can buy a house in Shun Ning City. In addition to the first batch of people who immigrated to the north, it is one of the very best large Aristocratic families in northern cities. Yes, even though this big Aristocratic Family refers to those after being cleansed, if it is pushed forward five years, these big Aristocratic families may not even have the qualifications to run errands for those true family members, and they can be regarded as Lin Yuan’s vested interests after independence. The person.

After these Aristocratic families moved to Shun Ning City, they still follow the original old habit to manage the branch offices, but because the special system of the northern border is located here, they have always had better results, and some have even tried harder. It also attracted the attention of Bright Gown Guard fiercely, and many people broke their homes for this reason.

After the billowing waves washing the sand, what is left is that they can be said to be as timid as a mouse, or they can be said to be calm and steady, but they all have one thing in common-well-informed!

The existence of the suspected dragon king returned to the north, and even the king of the north was recalled from the front line. This kind of news was already aroused before Li Zhong met Lin Yuan, and there were some small waves in the city. , But in general, everyone is still waiting for news.

But now…

Things did not exceed their expectations.

The dragon Lord Wang is afraid that he has found out who has touched the bottom line. Anyway, according to past experience, every time the Northern Palace makes some big moves, basically many people die. Sometimes it is the King of the North who died, but more often, it was the Aristocratic Family of the North.

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