Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 915

Shun Ning City, in the Zhao Family mansion.

Bright Gown Guard Xiaoqi shook the gray cloak behind him, and sat on a chair that his subordinates found out where he was found. Then he wiped the blood on the blade with a piece of yellow silk cloth. Looking at Old Zhao who was kneeling three meters in front of him with cold eyes, he smiled and said, “Before I get to the point, I have to wipe the knife. The Bright Gown Guard knife is tight in hand, it’s sharp, fast, and not too heavy, but It’s just that the blood trough is not carved. If the blood on the knife is not cleaned, it will return to the sheath. If you get up tomorrow morning, the rust will be so rusty that you can’t pull it out.”

Old Zhao Both eyes are spiritless, The body was still trembling slightly, not knowing what to do for a while, and I couldn’t even tell whether this Bright Gown Guard flag was threatening himself, or was he simply trying to complain after killing someone, and waiting for one. Will re-enter the topic.

“This…this…sir, I don’t know what my Zhao Family has done wrong, why…it caused such a catastrophe!”

Old Zhao Without speaking, the second young master Zhao Family, who was also kneeling on the side, couldn’t help but opened his mouth, his eyes full of irritation.

Zhao Family has been living steadily since it returned to the Northern Territory. The family slaves will cultivate the land and occasionally follow the Northern Caravan and take a trip to the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. SynTao uses this to make a quick cash or two to maintain the family business. Life is not as easy and comfortable as before, but income has increased more than ten times. Zhao Family has more than 300 mouths, which is quite satisfactory. Zhao Family. There are seven sons in one generation, and even two sons have entered the Northern Academy. If nothing happens, they will all be able to honor their ancestors in the future.

But now…impossible.

The Zhao Family is almost gone…

Pu chi!

The cold glow flashed and passed away.

Bright Gown Guard flag frowns, dropped the blood-stained silk cloth, beckoned, and his subordinates handed it over again, and he concentrated on wiping the long knife in his hand again, as if he had just cut it casually. The dead are pigs and sheep, not the real Zhao Family.

Zhao Family broke the door at night, the servants of Jiading were killed and wounded, and the second son died just now. Old Zhao lifted the head, his lips opened and closed, but he didn’t know if he was frightened or mentally and physically exhausted. But it seemed a little weak, and there was no sound at all.

The Bright Gown Guard flag lifts the head and grinned at Old Zhao laughed: “Not long ago, Bright Gown Guard changed a commander. Today I will wait out, just call you Hello, after all, the days to get along will be long. Besides, before I agree with you, who dares to open his mouth and say a word, I want his head!”

The sound is like thunder, shocking a group of people. Zhao Family bloodline’s face was white and white.

There are not many people in the North who don’t know Luo Xu. When the vicious and merciless, violent and brutal Bright Gown Guard commander was the most arrogant, although he did something similar, it was also The evidence is solid, and only when some Aristocratic families are found guilty did they dare to act so arrogantly.

But this new commander who replaced Luo Xu…

Just saying hello, so many people were killed?

And it seems that bad luck is not only as simple as Zhao Family!


Zhao Family bloodline is a hidden action sucked in a cold breath. For a while, it is impossible to describe the new commander, how cruel and cunning the new commander is.

After putting the cleaned saber into the sheath, the Bright Gown Guard flag stood up and reached out to Patted Old Zhao’s face. The sullen smile on his face gradually faded, replaced by a serious look. With a serious look, he even hugged cup one fist in the other hand and said: “It is said that Li commanded him to order, and you and other merchants would not listen to dissuasion and respect the law. Commerce registered, but followed the caravan of Chamber of Commerce in the north, and then took a few trips to Breaking Horizon Mountain Range to take a large amount of wealth into the hands. Bright Gown Guard doesn’t know about these things, but it’s just too lazy to care about that’s all. , But Bright Gown Guard now wants to care about you again!”

Speaking of which, he extended the hand and pinched Old Zhao’s chin, icily said: “Give you one last chance, will All of your trips will tell you one after another, otherwise, copy! Home! Destroy! Clan!”

“If you go back to the adults, we really don’t know about this.”

Zhao Family Fourth Young Master squinted his eyes and said solemnly: “I am the dísciple of the North Border College. We have studied before and wanted to know what the opponent did. Actually, we can accurately distinguish the difference between the caravan and the spy. What method has been used to make those who have experienced Breaking Horizon Mountain Range become amnesiars with no difference in their souls and minds. What happened in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is also something we have always wanted to know, you Ask us now, we can’t answer!” When talking about this remark, the fourth young master of Zhao Family obviously thought about it, because he didn’t hear the Bright Gown Guard flag calling him to speak. , So when he first opened his mouth, he revealed his identity as a student of the Northern Academy, hoping that the other party would be afraid of this identity and dare not start.



The cold blade glow flashed, and when the Bright Gown Guard flag began to wipe the blade again, the headless body of the Zhao Family’s Fourth Master slowly lay in the corner.

Obviously, the identity of the dísciple of the North Border Academy is not very useful for these Bright Gown Guards.

Bright Gown Guard has the privilege of cutting first and then playing. Bright Gown Guard is anxious. Unless you have good strength, let alone a student of the academy, even if it is a teaching or a student of the academy After the Heaven’s Chosen dísciple on the XX list, Bright Gown Guard is also killing with a knife!

If you have even this bit of courage, what use is the Bright Gown Guard’s privilege of cutting first and playing later?

“I have said that before I allow you to speak, whoever speaks, I will take the head of the person!”

Bright Gown Guard Xiaoqi’s eyes skyrocketed fiercely and fiercely. Said: “Master Old Zhao, our commander said, if you really don’t want to tell us what happened, it doesn’t matter, as long as you borrow the heads of the whole family and use them to deter those who know how to speak. Just cooperate with us, then, I will definitely return my head to you.”

Master Old Zhao:…

God stepping on the horse to return his head to us!

You cut this thing down and sew it back when it is used up. Can we survive or how to drop it?

The Bright Gown Guard flag finished wiping the blade this time, and did not rush to close the knife, but said slowly: “Old Zhao, what do you think?”


Things similar to Zhao Family Mansion are everywhere in Shun Ning City at this moment.

Shortly after Lin Yuan’s return, Shun Ning City, which had been flat for a long time, was once again full of bloody smell of choking nose.

A headless body was dragged out and burned, one after another head was hung on a flagpole and was carried around.

From this moment on, everyone realizes that the new commander of Bright Gown Guard is no less brutal than Luo Xu, and he is even more terrifying in some details, as if he had never thought about it. Thoughts like’being a man and staying a thread’.

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