Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 917

We chatted with Li Zhong one after another, watching a Bright Gown Guard continue to lead or return.

The sentient beings suddenly changed after the other end of the connection.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the black flood dragon coming back?”

This voice belongs to Luo Xu, compared to the state of being tortured by Purgatory Fire in the northern border. At this time, Luo Xu was obviously full of anger, and seemed to have solved the Purgatory Fire that was pestering him.

It also seems that after finishing a series of arrangements in the northern border, certain constraints between Luo Xu and Lei Fan disappeared. At this moment, when Luo Xu and Lei Fan spoke, there was a clear tone in his tone. Sub-questioning.

Lei Fan’s slightly lazy voice then sounded: “I just told you, what can you do? Ha! Luo Xu, you have been in the North for such a long time. It’s not naive to think that those who can make a name for themselves in the north are the easy guys, right?”

There was a moment of silence between the two, and Lei Fan said slowly: “I know you are I felt sorry for the game I had so hard to set up. I was almost smoothed out by the new Bright Gown Guard commander before I fully exerted my strength. But the problem is that when you escaped, you never thought that you would come sooner or later. Is it? Or, you know it in advance. If you are not ready, you are not ready. They can’t hide it. What if you can plan again? The black flood dragon is on this road, crushing you and me. Grinding clay chickens and pottery dogs is generally useless. You might as well think about what to do next. Anyway, in my opinion, the Northern Territory may have no place for you. Then Li Family brother, but It’s not a good match.”


“I will think about it again.”

Luo Xu obviously knows this too. Inadequately said: “I just don’t understand. After I worked so hard, I set up that many smoke screens. How did the kid named Li Xin get so fast and let his eyes fall on my dark children.”

After that, Luo Xu got up and said goodbye, and there was no next move.

Lin Yuan pondered for a moment, and then suddenly said: “Li Zhong, have you ever thought that your brother’s ability is a bit…”

Luo Xu’s question is indeed It is worth thinking about.

It is not surprising that he secretly made some small actions while Lin Yuan was not in the north, but this action satisfies the intelligence agencies of the entire north, and then he created a’civil remedy’ Although such a smoke screen is nothing in the overall situation, I think carefully, I am afraid that it can hold the person who took over the matter for a period of time. When the umbrella is found on the protective umbrella, there may be some other means that Luo Xu arranged before. It also began to play a role, and it was necessary to cause Li Zhong to be overwhelmed.

However, Li Xin, who returned from studying in other places, showed extremely tough methods and extraordinary vision on this matter. With Li Zhong’s energy in the north, he mobilized those who are ready to invest everywhere. The staff of the third division investigated the matter, and even before Lin Yuan realized these things, they had already checked the truth almost, and even made preparations in advance, but they didn’t tell Li Zhong at all, and seemed to be waiting for Lin. Yuan came back to mention the matter in general.

Furthermore, how did Li Xin know the secrets hidden under the terms of the North Border Intelligence Agency?

There are hidden spies in various gathering places, but most of them are members of the Monster Emperor’s Association. If they are not summoned, they will not be different from ordinary northern cultivators. Some of them are hidden. Contact points and outposts do not have certain permissions, simply impossible to know.

It is in the internal system of Bright Gown Guard. If you want to know these things, you have to put the title of a thousand households.

Li Xin can use Li Zhong’s energy to check these things, but if he wants to integrate them in such a short period of time, and use all the power to the right, even Shi Dong and Luo Xu may not He could do it, and he used Li Zhong’s intelligence when he checked these things. Even if the person who manages these things doesn’t stop him, he should tell Li Zhongtong afterwards, but now…Li Zhong is still dealing with Li Zhong. Xin was trembling with anger during the previous operation, apparently he did not pass the wind with Li Xin in advance.

Li Zhong frowned slightly, and replied: “In this case, my brother does have some problems, but…for now, it’s still good. Now that’s the matter, I will talk to Ye The chiefs are staring at this kid together. If he does something sorry for the Northern Territory, or wants to be the second Luo Xu, I will personally send him on the road.”


Lin Yuan complied faintly.

He is actually not very interested in the so-called tactics. Whether it’s the promotion of singing and dancing in the North, or the faction stand in great numbers, this is something that no power can avoid.

For him, the Northern Territory was just a place to live before. He was impossible to deal with everything. Besides, in the future, he would have to dormant for a while before returning to the world where he was in his previous life. No matter how the world cultivation or Martial Dao declines, Lin Yuan does not believe that a world that even Hongjun can hide from is really as simple as it seems.

It is great to rely on military force to solve the problem, but it is the best solution to solve the problem without military force.

Lin Yuan’s current power can easily crush his enemy’s whole family, but that doesn’t make sense. He prefers that there are a large number of outstanding talents around him and destroy them in a relatively’soft’ way Everything about that person, watching him become more and more haggard and depression, until his life is not as good as his death, he is worthy of the Heart Demon who is now entangled with him.

For Lin Yuan, the former Northern Territory was a tool for revenge. Today, for Lin Yuan, the Northern Territory will gradually bear the role of supplying incense. Totem of the ancient gods is not necessary for him, but the weight is still larger.

Regardless of which aspect is considered, Lin Yuan hopes that the Northern Territory can be in peace for a long time, destroying the unification of Heavenly Martial Continent of other dynasties, and finally hitting the gates of heaven, sweeping Great Desolate and previous lives, that would be even better.

However, some taboos must be stated in advance.

Because he knew that people like Luo Xu were not easy to use before, and still entrusted them with a heavy responsibility. Now that Luo Xu bites him back, he has nothing to say, not because he knows people and doesn’t know anything. But he didn’t expect Lei Fan to be able to’resurrect from the dead’ that’s all.

Nowadays, while reusing Li Xin, I am also mentioning some of Li Zhong’s not-so-good probability. Otherwise, if the ugly thing is not mentioned in the front, it will be difficult for anyone to step down if something happens in the back.

“Let’s do this first. In addition, grab some Undeads for me and come back. The older the better, the first ones are best. I have a hunch that I can solve some doubts from them. “

Lin Yuan patted the back of Li Zhong’s hand with the tip of his tail, said with a smile.

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