Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 918

Bright Gown Guard’s massacre of the Aristocratic Family in the North continued for seven days. Those who did not open their eyes died extremely miserably.

But what’s interesting is that the students and teachers of Beijing Academy are all looking indifferently at their “stupid” family members seeking death. There are even temperament and cool people who personally took part in the treatment. The suppression of people.

Although Li Zhong laughed dumbfounded, he felt no exception in his heart.

Even if the officials in the Northern Territory had no good background, they were probably the children of a large Aristocratic family like Qiao Family. Normally, opened mouth and closed mouth are the policy of governing the world, but they really do it. When I get up, there are indeed few good ones.

Today’s Northern Border System is here. Whether you want to be in the upper ranks or make a fortune, you have to rely on your own ability to fight.

So, all the real powers in the Northern Territory are capable and practical, regardless of their origins. Coupled with the special rotation system, each official can only stay in one place for three years. For four years that’s all, there is no way to form a party for private business, nor to become a climate. I can only make myself work hard to adapt to the different cultural customs of the northern border and think carefully about every problem I encounter.

This time when Bright Gown Guard was killing people, some people were making noise, and some people saw that someone was doing the game behind them.

It’s hard to say whether the Commander Li sincerely asked what happened in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, but what is certain is that he is undoubtedly taking this opportunity to beat the North Aristocratic Family. This is What he meant was also the meaning of the Dragon King. It’s hard to say that the Northern King, but he would never fight his immediate superiors and compatriots for some outsiders, so most of them were tacitly approved.

Intelligence, decision-making, and the theocracy above the king’s power, the integration of the three, is the general trend in the north.

Anyone with a little bit of knowledge knows that the general trend is irreversible.

Whoever wants to stop the atrocities of Bright Gown Guard is trying to stop a chariot in mantis, and they have to be cleaned up one by one.

These good officials with good abilities in all aspects have seen this point even earlier, and if they can make sense, they will just say, and if they don’t make sense, they will be killed directly, lest they not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, run out and cause disaster to the family!

Most of these officials are taught by Beijing Academy, or learned about the same knowledge from the Academy, but I still don’t dare to say that they will learn and use them thoroughly. They are just internships in various offices. Of students.

The attitudes of these people are gathered together, which can be said to be the attitude of the Beijing official or the attitude of the Beijing Academy.

So, the last flag of the Aristocratic Family door put up a desperate struggle also fell, and not only fell, but also killed a lot of Aristocratic Family!

No one dares to say how his children are in the Northern Academy, nor do they dare to say how their children are in the Northern Officialdom.

These words are of no use to Bright Gown Guard, but will make them die faster.

Under such high pressure, some people soon shaken up, and things are slowly moving towards the direction conceived by Lin Yuan and Li Family brother at first. From time to time, I can see some Aristocratic Family patriarch’s hesitant appearance, seems to want to say, and seems to have scruples.


The afternoon of the eighth day.

Lin Yuan curled up on a cushion, held by a guard of the palace, and walked into the headquarters of Bright Gown Guard in Ning City, Shun.

Li Xinzheng watched the training of a group of shirtless teenagers meaningfully.

These teenagers were retrieved by Li Xin from all over the northern border. Regardless of their family background, they entered the Bright Gown Guard’s yamen and became tools with only codes. During this time, Yu Shun Most of the people who kill evil in Ning City are young people like this. The old people in the Bright Gown Guard are not saying that they are lacking in spirit, but that they have official status after all, and they have some scruples in doing things. They usually call the door and kill some family members. In the nursing home, occasionally killed a few eyesless Aristocratic Family children, then threatened a few more and went to the next one, which caused panic and uneasy psychological pressure on the Aristocratic Family in the north.

But these youngsters Li Xin found back were unscrupulous. They slammed into the door. No matter who was blocking them, they were all hacked and killed. They often helped people change their patriarch and encountered strong resistance, even It was the extinguishing sect on the spot. These Bright Gown Guard reserves are now in the north, like walking Demon God, which is daunting.

“These children…”

A cold glow flashed in Lin Yuan’s eyes, and Li Xin’s attention was attracted by his opening.

“Recovered from various disaster-stricken areas in the Northern Territory, they basically have blood feuds with their counterparts in the Northern Territory. There are Shuangjian Barbarians, Heavenly Demons, and Undead damages more. Home breakage and death are basic Operation, following a team of survivors kept wandering, wanting to beg for their lives, so I brought them back.

At first, it’s kind, whether it’s in Ning City or other cities. In fact, the population is in a saturated state. Even if some refugees can be accommodated, it is impossible to refuse those who come. If there are no distant relatives and old friends to take in, they can only get mixed in the team and move to the next gathering place.

People sent them food, bedding, and clothing. I certainly won’t send it to those who are physically strong at first. After all, although Bright Gown Guard is rich, I can’t spend all the funds at will. I can pay for it myself. I can’t support so many people, so I can only pick some people who need help to help.

However, you also know that human nature is evil, and the things I post simply don’t fall into their hands. People are very hungry and cold, they will grab them. For this, a lot of lives have been killed. Some people even advised me not to do good things like this anymore, or just give out some food and wait for those people to eat before leaving.”

When it came to this, Li Xin sneered with a sneer, jokingly: “Why? I’m not their father and mother. It’s good to be kind, they can’t keep things. I deserve it. If I am bullied, I am bullied. I will live like this for the rest of my life.”


Lin Yuan was silent for a moment and asked again.

“So I will continue to do my good deeds. I paid a salary in advance and bought all kinds of daily necessities. A lot of them are still distributed to those in need. I leave it alone, I want to see how things develop later.”

Li Xin suddenly raised his hand and pointed to a dark-skinned teenager, said with a smile: “That kid looks thin and weak. Yes, it’s cruel. One day, after receiving my food, I wanted to hide some, but I was found by a ruffian and beat him up. Such injuries, coupled with the unhealthy living environment of the refugees, most of the time. I’m going to die, it turns out…” When he said this, he paused, beckoned to the dark-skinned boy, and said loudly: “Two tigers, come over and tell the dragon Lord Wang , How did you get accepted into Bright Gown Guard.”

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