Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 919

The dark-skinned teenager named by Li Xin was taken aback for a moment, then walked upright, bowed and saluted Lin Yuan and Li Xin, and slowly joined himself before the Bright Gown Guard. The thing is said.

The two tigers were beaten up that day, and all the things they had received were snatched away by the ruffian. They lay on the ground unable to move even a little bit, and fainted until the night. I was awakened by a heavy rain. At that time, my body was so sore and the clothes on my body were thin. When I was exposed to the heavy rain, I felt all the clothes stuck to my body. I was trembling with the cold, but I felt that my face was warm, as if I was familiar. .

At that time, he realized that he was afraid that he was going to get gonorrhea by the rain…

The life of the refugees is one thing. The congee and noodles served by Aristocratic Family, but it is to cushion the stomach. There is absolutely no way to eat, and there is no longer anything to eat. It is obviously unrealistic to see a doctor and treat injuries.

Erhu had one idea at the time-he was afraid that he was going to die.

But the moment this idea came up, Erhu didn’t know where his strength came from, so he staggered to get up, dragging his wounds to catch up and not going too far. A group of refugees who do not avoid rain

There is a black liquid Dragon King Temple nearby, but after all, it can’t accommodate a huge troop of refugees. Those who can enter the temple to hide from the rain are almost all strong young adults, mostly local rascals, and the rest. Weak refugees can only shrink under the eaves outside the temple to avoid rain as much as possible, or use branches and leaves to build temporary sheds to avoid the rain. Anyway, there was a flurry of jumping and no one noticed. The two tigers, who were already dead, returned. In the ranks of refugees.

The kid thought he was dead, and he was still ill-tempered. Thinking that he could not be cheap, he picked up a sharp stone from outside the temple, and walked in staggeringly. In the temple, a few rascals wanted to drive him out, but were frightened back by his eyes that had to drag him into the water before he died, so they entered the temple smoothly.

Then he saw the ruffian who beat him up.

Because he robbed him of food, the scumbag had a good meal with a few friends who were drinking and meat. He found a place to take a nap in the temple. He just carried the stone and left step by step. In the past…

There were still many people in the temple who were sober, but they just looked at him. No one thought of nosy. The temple and the guards in the temple also looked at them with complicated expressions. Tiger, no one said anything either.

Then Erhu grabbed the stone and smashed it down, once, twice, three times…

The lobby was quickly stained with blood. A drunkard friend also woke up, looked at the crazy two tigers but did not dare to say anything. He whispered a few words such as’bad luck’, foul-mouthed and stepped aside, looking at the man who had been brothers and sisters with them not long ago. The ground ruffian was pounded into a ball of rotten meat by the second tiger one after another.

After the revenge was avenged, the two tigers felt relieved and went into a coma.

When he woke up again, he was already lying in the office of the Bright Gown Guard. Medicines for treating trauma and wind and cold were all ready, and some doctors nearby came to the two tigers. The fate was pulled back from the gates of hell.

Then the boy gave his life to Li Xin.

“No matter the troubled times or the flourishing times, there is actually no difference. Only the real fierce person can survive. Although this kid looks thin and weak, he can drag his body to catch up with injuries. The ranks of the people and their enemies are all good seedlings no matter how you look at them. I like this kind of people who make a living for themselves, those who wait for others to pity and give alms, but only want to have a good life. They love to die.

Most of these teenagers came from this way. Either they were good seedlings of cultivation, and they encountered natural and man-made disasters, I included them in the Bright Gown Guard. Anyway, there is a shortage of manpower. After several decades, I can’t watch the Bright Gown Guard die and lose one, right?

So I’ve been showing kindness recently, and I keep picking up seedlings from the refugees. Training, and then let go for experience. It won’t take long for these guys to become talents. When the time comes, they can’t keep up with the old team of Bright Gown Guard except for the cultivation base, but they do things more ruthlessly and I use them more. Take advantage of it.”

Li Xin said with a smile, seeming to be very satisfied with this young man named Erhu.

Lin Yuan is also silent.

In this matter, Li Xin was very evil, but I have to say that the facts are so cruel.

Regardless of the prosperous times or the chaotic times, those who can survive are fierce persons, but the so-called ruthlessness is not a fierce-looking person who feels uncomfortable when speaking without dirty words, and will fight with people at every turn. Kind of, that is a fool, not a fierce person.

In Lin Yuan’s view, life is always the most precious thing. It’s not that you can’t bet as a bargaining chip. It’s just that even if you place a bet, you have to bet in a game where you can completely turn around once you win a bet. On the other hand, this kind of person is cruel to himself first, and then to others. No matter how they look on the face, if you really run into this kind of person, most people really can’t stand it.

Most of the rich people on the rich list in the past are of this type. They all look very beautiful, but they owe much more debts than their own assets, but they still dominate the market. Even if they know that they make a wrong decision sometimes, they may not have the chance to stand up in their lives. Family breakage is the basic state, but in the final analysis, who can despise the energy of these rich men? People start True Fire, It is also a ruthless character who can hold opponents perish together!

“Your kindness, I have seen it.”

Lin Yuan teased, and immediately looked solemnly, said solemnly: “Say, you let me come over, it’s not always In order to show me off, did you pick such a bunch of bad guys as the team?”

“Someone hired it. It’s not easy to tell who is the specific one, but things in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range are really strange. “

Li Xin waved his hand, and the shirtless youngsters stopped training and retired and left. The next thing was to go to the back dormitory to take a shower, and then change to Bright Gown Guard. Go out in uniform and add some blood to Shun Ning City.

“Oh? So, who is the traitor?”

Lin Yuan gave a meaningful “oh”, then stared at Li Xin intently, and asked with a smile.

Li Xin was silent for a moment, then slowly said: “There are no traitors, at first I also thought there were…After all, our people entering the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range are dead or alive, but those caravans are unimpeded. Although there is no memory in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, no matter whether it is the goods or the income, it is always brought out safely. I checked this matter and finally found that the problem was internal to us. “

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