Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 926

“Why is this again?”

Sellers slightly startled, and his face suddenly wrinkled.

Compared with the ones it thought at the beginning, this is simply the best way to break the situation. Not to mention the benefits, you can also watch the four Sea Dragon Race and the sea monster guild directly turn their faces!

This is a simple truth.

Once the sea monster guild and the four Sea Dragon Race play True Fire, the strength of both parties will be lost. In the case of strength and great injury, they will lose a group of capable people, and we must guard against Outer-Sea. The huge monster gradually formed by Demon Beast, when the time comes, he must have no time to take care of him, then the gray-scale flood dragons standing on this ship will rise quickly and become the Great Influence of Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light in the endless sea , It is even possible to dominate the endless sea!

“That’s why I said, you are a second-rate wise man.”

Lin Yuan muttered in a low voice without expression, and then explained: “Facing crafty plots and machinations No matter how good the prospect is, it is also a trap. You only see what we have gained, why not see what we have lost?”


Sellers lowered his head and chewed these words silently. After a while, his eyes suddenly became gloomy.

The four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds will enter the game. There will definitely be two tigers competing, but it is impossible for one of them to completely kill the other. For them, but It is because of the old grievances that I have done a game, no matter who wins or loses, he will directly clear the grievances, and look at the future.

But no matter how strong the two are, they are not the existence that grayscale flood dragons can catch up with in a short time.

But on the other hand, if the gray-scale flood dragon nodded this head, it would have lost half of their profits and attracted two tigers on the side of their couch. When Lin Yuan would be lurking in After the aberrations in the endless sea cleaned almost, the two should directly destroy the entire grayscale flood dragon, and even Lin Yuan should not even want to escape the endless sea.

By then, the connections of the sea monster guild, the technologies of the four Sea Dragon Races, and the reputation accumulated in the City of Trade will be completely impossible to collapse.

They can still continue to do this business, and they are missing the threatening thorns of Lin Yuan and the gray scale flood dragon!

I…want to accept nodded?

What’s the difference between this riding horse and someone digging a hole, jumping into it, and then waiting for others to fill it in?

Is this a fool? Isn’t this?

I… Am I a fool on horseback?

Sellers fell into self-doubt instantly.


Lin Yuan cleared his throat and called Cyrus’ soul back again, said with a sneer: “Then the problem returns to the root, if they take action The purpose is not because of greed, but because of fear of me? Then, how should this game be broken?”


What are you afraid of?

Sellers fell into contemplation again.

While the flood dragon who has been watching’immortal fights’ next to him reached out his hand and patted his forehead, he suddenly realized: “I understand, what the Dragon King actually means is that the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds are actually We are all afraid of us and do not want us to stay in the endless sea, so we have set up such a game to test us. If we choose the previous strategy to break the game, it is bring about one’s own destruction, so we have to…”

Flood dragon hadn’t finished saying a word, he saw Lin Yuan cast an appreciative look.

Well, it’s still not a deadwood, this head will still turn.

Sure enough, my family is different from the human beings created by Nuwa.

Humans are also a very terrifying thing. It took them countless years to finally let all the characteristics of the’wild beast’ disappear, and then evolved an almost invincible’ The brain replaces those minions. It is precisely because of this difference that human beings have completely defeated the wild beast and become the king who claims to be the primal leader of all things.

But the terrifying point is not that humans have an invincible’brain’, but that humans have such useful things, but most humans still choose to use’fists’ To solve the problem…

“So as long as we withdraw from the endless sea, this game will naturally be broken!”

Flood dragon finally said the rest.

Lin Yuan:…


The air quieted down in an instant.

The entire great hall is suddenly flooded with solemn killing aura.

“Why…what’s wrong?”

The flood dragon shivered subconsciously, and stammered a question.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath and suppressed the idea of ​​killing this guy.

“This question is difficult to solve, but it is actually very easy to solve. If we choose the previous breaking strategy, we are leading the wolf into the room, but if we have to solve it by ourselves, they will continuously attract tricky The enemy dealt with us until we couldn’t hold it, either using other methods to break the game, or bowing their heads, and then withdrawing from the endless sea.”

Lin Yuan turned his gaze back to Sellers’ face again. He smiled and said: “So, I choose the third way. In my hometown, there has always been a sentence, I think it makes sense-the wicked, the wicked are tortured.”

Although I didn’t understand Lin Yuan meant it, but Cyrus shivered subconsciously.

The four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds have played off this time…

“Dragon King, you order, I will do it.” Sellers also shivered. “You let me go south and I will never go north.”

The cold glow in Lin Yuan’s eyes flashed and passed away, said with a sneer: “They don’t want me to choose between rolling the bed and guiding the wolf into the room. ?? Then I will hit the bar with them, I will choose to lead the wolf into the room, and see if they can’t catch the wolf!”

Flood dragon glanced at Sellers, carefully After thinking about Lin Yuan’s words, he suddenly said in unison: “Outer-Sea!”

If you lead a wolf into the room, there is indeed no more suitable wolf than Outer-Sea Demon Beast.

Even if the flood dragon’s brain is not easy to use, Lin Yuan will not feel that Lin Yuan is going to be like the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds at this moment.

The deep sea area is much larger than the open sea area, and it is also much richer. It used to be the residence of the whale clan, but now it is dominated by the Four Sea Dragon Races, but the demonic beast, which is not strong enough and has no dragon blood, is all Driven by the Four Sea Dragon Races to the open sea area, after so many years of development, Outer-Sea Demon Beast is also gradually giving birth to its own power and civilization, and also derived out powerhouses that are not inferior to the deep sea monsters.

Heavenly Martial Continent is equally delicious, but after all there is a Guardian of Tianmen. Even the Four Seas Dragon Palace in the Peak period don’t dare provoke, let alone the Outer-Sea Demon Beast that big cat and kitten. Only?

But the forces have developed to this step, it is obviously impossible not to expand, so the relationship between Sea Demon Beast and Outer-Sea Demon Beast is getting tense day by day, I don’t know when it will Full-scale war.

At this time, if a small fire star falls on the fuse…


The entire endless sea will be blown up!

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