Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 927

Endless overseas sea areas, such as deep sea areas, are divided into different Sea Territory. Each Sea Territory has a powerful demonic beast, but there are also differences.

The deep sea area has all influence, but it used to be ordered by the four Sea Dragon Races, just like Lin Yuan’s previous history of Zhou dynasty is almost exhausted, princes from all over the world have risen up vie for supremacy of the world, Four Sea Dragon Race Although it barely has an “orthodox” title, its prestige and strength are weaker than ever. Without the Lord of ZTE or other opportunities, the title of Infinite Sea Lord will sooner or later fall to others. On the head of the ethnic group.

Although the outer sea area is also all influence stand in great numbers, it is full of vigor, similar to the situation presented in the unrecognized history of Lin Yuan’s previous life, where tribes were divided and ruled, but There is no nominal co-owner, all tribes moved towards unity and work hard.

Compared to those in the deep sea area, the overall strength of Outer-Sea Demon Beast is actually not weak. The only thing missing is those powerhouses in the Ancestral Demon Realm, which are regarded as the foundation. But I didn’t see a few of them. Even if they existed, they were the ancient gods who slept in the Sea Territory countless years ago that’s all, and they have nothing to do with most Outer-Sea Demon Beasts.

In the open sea area, the most prominent person is an alien.

Somewhat similar to Ning Tiansheng, he was born with a vision. Even when he was a mere infant, he could control the flow of water. The Qingjiang Imperial Family regarded it as a demonic beast bloodline and was banished to the endless sea. As this stranger survived a catastrophe, and gradually made his name in the open sea, the demonic beast of the endless sea gradually affirmed that there is no demonic beast bloodline on this stranger, and he is an ordinary human.

This is ironic.

Human bloodline, who is obviously an extraordinary natural talent and good at controlling water, was banished to the endless sea as a demonic beast bloodline.

Ning Tiansheng, who can be transformed into a demonic beast, was accepted by the Qingjiang Dynasty and became a hidden son of the Four Sea Dragon Races nailed to the Qingjiang Dynasty.

It is said that this stranger has something to do with the Guardian of Tianmen, and the probability is very high. After all, the method of demonic beast cannot be cultivated by humans, and the method of human cultivation cannot be arbitrarily created, so this The stranger who is now the base of Supreme Realm cultivation, most likely is really the dísciple of a great character in the Guardian of Heavenly Gate, but the two have no clear relationship that’s all.

How to do…

Lin Yuan looked down slightly, thinking carefully.

“Introducing Outer-Sea Demon Beast into the game, this idea is feasible, beating somebody at their own game preserves our foundation in the endless sea, but also allows the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds to suffer a dumb loss At that time, the aberrations have not been cleaned up, and they will not directly attack us. They have to deal with the offensive of Outer-Sea Demon Beast. Seize the opportunity and we can take advantage of the situation!”

Luss slightly nodded, affirmed Lin Yuan’s thoughts, but the conversation changed, said with a bitter smile: “It’s just that we are all trapped in the Liushi Sea Territory now and can’t get out at all.”

If similar problems occur after the successful establishment of the City of Commerce, they can still rely on the spread out Transmission Formation to leave, but now that the City of Commerce is not built, the formation of Transmission Formation is naturally not sent out. And the “Shen Jiao” is blocked outside, no one except Lin Yuan is sure to kill it, even Cyrus, not the Monster King who is known for military force, and the three Monster Kings of the brave crab clan are also impossible. The more than 20 Monster Kings who have survived the “Sinking Reef” have little hope of breaking out, and will cause the Liushi Sea Territory’s defense to fail.

“I will be responsible for contacting Outer-Sea Demon Beast, but I haven’t figured out what reasons should be used to bring them into the game…”

Lin Yuan shook the head, his eyes are a bit solemn.

The outer sea area is now a situation where the lords are fighting for hegemony. Although they are greedy for the deep sea area, they are also afraid of the strength of the Sea Demon Beast. When they move their mouths, they will come in desperately, and the Great Principle Golden Immortal will have to come. be snubbed!

After all, if the strength of Deep Sea Demon Beast is still strong, not only will they not get the slightest benefit, they will also have to lose their troops, or even lose their own territory.

“Time…it takes time…”

Lin Yuan lightly murmured.

After a while, Lin Yuan slowly raised his head and looked at Sellers, saying solemnly: “With the current situation of Liushi Sea Territory, how long can I hold them?”

Although Liushi Sea Territory’s construction project was planned by the divine sense clone, and the construction progress is also being supervised by the divine sense clone, the problems will certainly still exist. The specific conception and improvement are determined by Sellers and the flood dragon. I am responsible. I am afraid that no one is more familiar with the recent situation of Liu Shi Sea Territory than Sellers.

“If there is such a stalemate, Liushi Sea Territory’s materials can last for about three months. If the’Sinking Reef’ launches a strong attack, then I cannot guarantee the specific time. In general As long as they are not reckless and insist on pulling us perish together, we can hold on half a month.”

Sellers thought for a moment, and compared the previously recorded defense situation with The material storage said, and after comparing the battle strength of the two sides, he came up with such an answer.

After all, Monster King Realm is not comparable, unless it is Lin Yuan that cannot be understood by common sense, there are three or five hundred wild monsters, and they may not be able to defeat a Monster. King, it’s hard to say whether he can beat him or not, but if the Monster King wants to go, he can definitely go. When the time comes, it’s the real trouble to walk while harassing him.

The previous seven dragons and nine sons joined forces to destroy the former Liushi Sea Territory. Of course, this is due to the weakness of the former Liushi Sea Territory, but now look again, even if there are four Monsters. King sits in town, if Lin Yuan does not take action, it will not be a big problem to repel the seven dragon nine sons, but Liu Shi Sea Territory will still strengthen great injury, just like the desolate monster, the gap between Kong Ming and the previous realm is like a heavenly sting. The same is true for Monster King and Supreme Realm. If you go to a higher level, it can be called the difference between a god and a mortal!

“So, we still have three months to go.”

Lin Yuan whispered.

Although the’Shen Jiao’ is burned, killed and looted in the Sea Territory in the vicinity, everyone knows that they are targeting the Liushi Sea Territory, but this kind of siege instead of attack may not really want to be in the Liushi Sea Territory. Stone Sea Territory lost too many manpower, but the four Sea Dragon Race and sea monster guilds wanted to put pressure on Lin Yuan that’s all.

This kind of small method, Early-Stage is definitely not effective. The longer you surround it, the more you can see the effect, especially when the materials stored in the Liushi Sea Territory are almost exhausted, Lin Yuan I have to risk charge ahead and seek help. When the time comes, he will inevitably fight fiercely, and then find the weak spot deliberately sold by Shen Jiao, so that he can get away, so as to complete the introduction of the wolf into the room or bow his head to admit his mistake. step.

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