Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 931

After a while, after confirming that Lin Yuan had gone far, Cyan Shuangjian slowly straightened up, revealing an expression of avoided a catastrophe.

Seeing all around, when the onlookers cast their curious, suspicious, and contemptuous gazes, he didn’t stop the old face from flushing, and groaned: “What are you staying here for? From now on, the whole city? Martial law, everyone has to cooperate with the investigation, there is no token of the Hongchen Society, and those who leave the city privately die!”

After roaring this sentence, those eyes have not disappeared, and the Cyan Frost Sword took a deep breath, Shy face and said: “You know what a fart, the Lei Qiuming protected by He Daoist was crushed by her top of the head. Looking at the entire southern cultivation world, I can take the “Emperor” and a palm of Undead, I am Qingshuang. The sword is also the only one!”

Although this is boasting, it does make sense.

Lin Yuan just arrived at that meeting, everything went wrong, and there was hostility in his heart, combined with the girl’s long-cherished wish before her death, naturally there would be no room for hands-on. Anything that angered him and stayed A whole corpse is considered a good end. Naturally, there will be no one who will take him a chapter of the undead. It is just the palm that just teaches the subordinate that’s all, and naturally will not smash his head in the street.

It’s like a stalk like’don’t talk about martial arts’.

Speaking of which is such a thing, but it sounds like everyone knows how to smile.

Suddenly, all around bystanders laughed heartily, and the air is full of joyful atmosphere.

Cyan Frost Sword didn’t care, but when he turned his head and looked at the silhouette that was drifting away, he couldn’t help being faintly sighed.

When we met last time, Guan Zhaoxin was still the Imperial Sky Realm Peak cultivation base. She barely had a bit of weight, but she was still not enough. If it were not for the help of the Aether Society behind her, the Southern Green Forest didn’t have a lot of them. She takes it seriously.

But after this retreat, he could no longer see through Guan Zhaoxin’s cultivation base.

Although there are not many similar feelings, the people who can give him this feeling in the past are the real bosses of the empty world!

Today’s Guan Zhaoxin is already the existence he needs to look up to!

Many years later, the dead, old and old, who knew the truth about this matter, were never mentioned again. A certain southern green forest giant who was washing his hands with a golden basin had a relationship with his grandson. The heir laughed and said that when he was young, he had fought against the “female emperor” whose name shakes the whole world. In the end, he only lost a hand and jokingly called the “female emperor, not bad” before retreating all over, attracting the worship of countless descendants.

Of course, that’s something to be said.


At the same time.

Lin Yuan was walking on the long street, all around the passing cultivator and Martial Artist looked around, and no one dared to set his sights on him.

After all, I slapped Cyan Frost Sword in the street and claimed that the rule of “two kills and two deaths” was set by myself, so the identity of this white clothed woman is naturally needless to say, as long as I have a bit of insight Everyone knows that the person who can’t afford to offend the most in the City of Deer is the one who retreats to cultivation after leaving the’Emperor’s arsenal’ and does not care about the world’s affairs of the’Emperor’ Guan Zhaoxin!

After Lei Qiuming’s death, the southern regime collapsed. The Great City government was originally weak, and now even the authority to participate in the conversation is gone. Let those Aristocratic families and sect stand on their own feet. They exist. The meaning is the existence of’furnishings’ and’mascots’. Gradually, some people began to rumors that Guan Zhaoxin killed King Tsingpeng and that he should take over the southern power according to the rules, but they have not been able to find where Guan Zhaoxin is, but this The title of’Empress’ has gradually spread.

After all, Guan Zhaoxin is not to be trifled with. Behind her is the Ether Club. As long as she doesn’t really come out to take over the southern power, she must step on the Aristocratic Family and sect to establish a new order. They actually do I didn’t bother to care about this, letting the title of’female emperor’ spread, but thought in my heart, it was just the last struggle that the lackeys who once attached to Lei Qiusheng were unwilling to lose power, that’s all, even Guan Zhaoxin didn’t bother to care about them.

even more how Nowadays the situation in the South is unstable, the Aristocratic Family and sect are attacking each other, and there is still Demon Sect left behind. Especially recently, Heavenly Demon has gradually shifted its power to the South. The annexation of the southern territories has caused many people to be devastated.

This time…Lin Yuan is back.

“It seems that the trouble will be found continuously.”

Lin Yuan sits in the lobby of the Hongchen Inn, and after inquiring about the situation in the south from the shopkeeper, he sighed quietly. .

He wants to go to the endless sea as soon as possible to solve the Four Seas Dragon Palace teamed up with the sea monster guild to set himself up, but now the situation in the south, I am afraid it will be difficult to go, and he can’t directly enter from the city. Endless Sea, when the time comes, he still has to borrow the way. If he doesn’t solve these troubles, he estimates that he is impossible to move a single step, except for the city.

“It’s easy to solve it.”

shopkeeper laughed, leaning on the counter and said: “They are just afraid that you will take over the southern power, and the united ether will establish a new power and then Suppress them that’s all, so you can say it or not. In the last few days, the news of your return has spread, and those guys will naturally come to your door to show your muscles to deter you, kill a batch, hit a batch, let They are scared, and the trouble will naturally disappear.”

“But what I lack most now is time. When I let them acquiesce in my existence, the ghost knows how long it will take.”

Lin Yuan sighed again, shook the head with some annoyance.

“Seven or eight days, it’s okay to go north. After all, it’s relatively close to heavenly demon. Even if you have any ideas, you won’t be in trouble now. The nearby cities know your reputation and won’t do it. This kind of thing that offends you, even if it comes, is two or three big cats and kittens. They just want to fight a famous trash fish. If you act harder, they will not dare to continue, mainly those who go south…”

When talking about this, shopkeeper paused, and the smile disappeared gradually. Said solemnly: “The most troublesome thing is that they will not be targeted by heavenly demon in a short time, although they are raged by Demon Sect. I have passed, but almost all of the Demon Sect apprenticeships over there have been exposed. I cleaned it up and it was immediately clean. It is currently the safest place. People naturally want to find things when they are idle. I have heard that there is no Shaocheng took the opportunity to have a relationship with Outer-Sea Demon Beast. When the time comes, it’s not just the cultivator from the South. The probability of asking demonic beasts to help punches is not small!”

“Outer-Sea Demon Beast?”

Hearing this, Lin Yuan’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Yes, I almost forgot this before.

The turmoil of the endless sea and the deep sea was so loud before. Although Outer-Sea Demon Beast is not a question, it will not be a fool. It is estimated that at that time, it has been in contact with the cities on the southern coast. If the Sea Demon Beast did not resist, they would immediately land or dive into the Weishui River to avoid disasters. No one would wait to die, and it was not only the four Sea Dragon Races that had a long mind.

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