Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 934

But Zhao Old Master, carrying such an injury, stood up from the ruins again, did not even use astral qi to suppress the knife marks, but took out his own fame Golden knife.


all around There was a sudden sound of cold breath.

This Zhao Old Master, I am afraid that he will be desperate!

Dragging such an injury to fight, even if you win the’Empress’?

“Little girl, you are right, the heart is really important, the cultivator is so, and the Martial Artist is even more so.”

Zhao Fuhai stood staggeringly straight The body carried the nine-foot sword that looked like a gold cast on his shoulders, and stared at Lin Yuan said with a malicious smile: “If a doll like you can pass this level, it will become a climate in the future. In that case. , The old man is dead, and I can’t keep you alive in this world!”

“I remember it!”

An onlooker Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivator suddenly slapped his head. Said solemnly: “Zhao Ke, the owner of Lijianzhuang, is the only son of Zhao Old Master. In the previous turmoil that swept the southern green forest, Lijianzhuang was extinguished sect by the’female emperor’, and even the infant baby was not released. However, Zhao Family has always been lineage single pass, and Zhao Old Master has been beaten by this’female emperor’…Lin Yuan:…

Certainly, it’s no wonder this is no one else!”

Lin Yuan:…

The Old Master is desperate.

Although the cultivator does not value family affection, at least it is the continuation of its own bloodline, and will take care of it more or less. Even though the young Masters and Young Ladies who died of those lush and large Aristocratic families will retaliate , But if things cannot be done, they will still choose to stop.

But this Zhao Fuhai is no different from being extinguished sect by himself…

Mad, these so-called green forest heroes are all this kind of stuff?

As long as the benefits are in place or the eye is red, do you ignore it when you start?

The relationship between Li Jianzhuang Zhao Ke and Zhao Fuhai is mostly not a secret. It is difficult to be extinguished so easily by a force that is weaker than demonic beast in the green forest. They are prey to the strong The place is in the middle of nowhere, not to mention that Li Jianzhuang has some reputation. Most of it is the shade left in the green forest after this Zhao Old Master’s golden basin washed his hands.

Does this horse dare to kill?

Did these people have their heads broken?

Under the gaze of everyone, Zhao Fuhai held the hilt of the golden knife with both hands, closed his eyes and brewed for a while, suddenly let out a low growl, and slammed the knife down, in a trance, blade glow The knot, like mountains bursting and ground splitting, moved towards Lin Yuan, and the power of terrifying matchless fell. Even onlookers who stayed out of the matter couldn’t help but shrink their necks.

The Southern Green Forest knows that the “Golden Sword Dragon King” Zhao Fuhai has two special skills, one is the overlord sword, and the other is the blood dragon. The biggest commonality between the two is that they are domineering and unparalleled. Weiran smashed down in a big way. There is no such thing as one who can’t avoid him. Either he insists on this blade or he is dead. There is never a third choice, so Zhao Fuhai has never been willing to use a knife when discussing with others, because A knife fell, even if he himself couldn’t take it back, it hurt people because of the big situation!

Zhao Fuhai’s blood dragon is also Martial Dao Great Sect’s use of the power of qi and blood, combining a rich and majestic blood energy data together, as if it can really manifest a demonic beast. Blood dragon-like, can attack, retreat and defend. If the cultivation base is less than a certain point, the blood dragon will be crushed into a mass of flesh if you shake it hard!

It’s just that blood dragon…

Before it had time to succeed, it was cut to pieces by the’female emperor’. Of course, if it wasn’t for the blood dragon body protection, Zhao At this moment, the sea has also been divided into two pieces by that knife.

“If Zhao Old Senior does not underestimate the enemy, it will be fine to draw the golden sword first.”

Someone sighed.

Faced with the big sword that crashed down, Lin Yuan only slightly narrowed his eyes and stood still motionless, looking like he was frightened by the sword.

If the general Martial Artist is here, most of them think so.

But Zhao Fuhai shook the head, and bitterly laughed helplessly. The knife marks on his chest expanded again, and a large amount of blood mingled with organs fell to the ground. The whole person’s vitality was in this brief moment. Cut it all off.

Even the powerhouse of the empty underworld, under this almost hollowed out injury, there is absolutely no probability of surviving!

Except for Zhao Fuhai, only three other powerhouses in the sky and underworld know that what he smiles bitterly is not that he can’t see the picture of Guan Zhaoxin beheaded with a knife, but that he is desperate. Most of the time, you can’t do meritorious work even with a single cut.

Because at the moment Lin Yuan squinted, they could perceive keenly that a sword momentum that was not weaker than Zhao Fuhai’s sword momentum rose from Guan Zhao’s mind and body, although it was still Did not make a move, but there is still a situation of calm as water and high as a moutain between the two swords.


Liu Jingsheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and said vaguely: “How old is this little girl? She has already reached the point of being able to compete with Old Zhao. The point where brother is shoulder-to-shoulder? Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!”

“It is not shoulder-to-shoulder, but…crushed.”

Xu Huchan shook the head, dismissing Liu Jingsheng’s statement. said solemnly: “Zhao Fuhai’s this blade is indeed terrifying, but the little monk dare not say that he can take it, but don’t forget, Zhao Fuhai retired from the rivers and lakes only to realize this blade. Today’s this blade, but the “female emperor” is not prepared at all. She has devoted her life to follow her hand with a knife and split the balance. How big is the knife path difference between the two? It’s all about this time, and she won’t let me. Is it interesting to deceive yourself and others when you get out of your body?”

Neither Liu Jingsheng nor Li Ran spoke, but their expressions were a little unswerving.

Even a cultivator who escapes extremely fast, it is impossible to get to know someone deeply because of some rumors. When Guan Zhaoxin appeared last time, it was merely a trifling Imperial Sky Realm Peak cultivation base, even if it was a genius. Now, it is the limit to reach the mid-to-late stage of Heavenly Dipper Realm.

So when I learned that someone was trying to punish Guan Zhaoxin, except for Xu Huchan, who was really close, the other three came here deliberately with stars and moons, in order to get ahead of the others. Kill Guan Zhaoxin.

Once the matter is done, it will show up in the eyes of the Southern cultivator Leader in the future.

Secondly, the empress arsenal left by Guan Zhaoxin is rich enough to move any First Rate Influence, but because of the face, they are not good to take that’s all by accident, but they have no sect background now. Loose Cultivator has no pressure to do such a thing. As long as you can get the Empress’s arsenal, it is still a great achievement. After touching the meat, your hands will always be stained with oil. By then, you will choose a few from the Empress’s arsenal and have not been killed. The pre-determined cultivation technique and martial arts are taken away, and it is a treasure that can be inherited from the family!

But who would have thought that Guan Zhaoxin’s current cultivation base has become so tyrannical?

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